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Google+ blends both community and social networking together.

"As users look for consolidation of their social presence in addition to increased value/return, and advertisers look to increasingly segment and target the pro-sumers, Google+ becomes a very attractive offering."

From the below article by +Tarquin Clark


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Exactly. It's an hybrid and that's why it's so interesting.
The potential of G+ is exciting IMO. It feels like a fresh way of doing the "Social Media" thing, but keeping the necessary Community aspects intact.
This hits it right on the head! Right now I feel the community is ahead of social on G+, but as interest in the community aspects grows, the social wave will follow.
I don't know of any user numbers I'm on, but the pod I'm a member of (the official pod, as far as I know) is growing daily.
People seem to forget that it's also a search engine. Try it - search for your favourite things, such as "star trek" or "pink floyd" or "assassin's creed" - you'll get all the latest posts, news from the web, pages and so much more... And you can save your search for future reference to get all the latest news on the subject that interests you. Facebook doesn't do that, I don't think twitter does either.
we are tired TO USE social network & community...BUT TRUTH IS technology never stop...
It has something like Wikipedia? I never knew that, how do you use it ?
you mean that G+ f**ed them all?
+Maher Soua no, Google took some very good ideas and expanded on them (gave them the Google Treatment). Hopefully G+ will only improve over time. I hope we see some of the features of the late, great Google Wave making an appearance on Plus.
it feels more like facebook+forum-duckface pictures=g+
Well, the good thing about G+ is that it's flexible - it can be anything you want it to be (and the same is true for facebook, I don't know about other community sites/social networks). You could use it for games or to meet people (of the opposite sex?). You can get the latest news about your favourite actors or bands, or you could get the latest global news on politics, economics and so on. You could use it as a communication hub for a group of friends who are scattered around the world or people who live in the same city can organise their meet-ups. It's a way to reconnect with old classmates or college / work buddies. It can even help you find a job!

It's just like the computer itself. It could be a game machine, a media center, a research tool that can easily rival the best libraries in the world or it could be a marvellous instrument that can help you tremendously in your work.

Google+ (and other social networks), just like the computer, depends on the user.

So, if all you see is "duckface pictures", ask yourself - Is the problem with Google Plus or is it you?

No insult intended, I'm just type-thinking.
google + is awareness of internet & web
I find G+ to be an odd mix of Digg, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But it works and I like it!
see A G+ point of G+ most of post are like a group discussion...
I find G+ very confusing. I don't know where the content comes from or why it comes in the way it does. To me in a way it subtracts from social media by adding chaos, even tho some of the posts have been cool i havent' opened up much to circles ...- what is it that i don't get.
very greatttttttttttttt yar
+keyur patel precisely! What's the point of having a forum-like application built into G+ when posts work almost like topics in a forum. That's the Google philosophy (which they applied in Gmail with great success): Search, don't sort!
Yeah it sure does blend .. .. By Trending Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian .. .. I wonder how many people it would take to trend #FuckJBKK
+Adithya Thaduri well, you can create your own categories in the Explore section. Run a search for something like "science fiction" or "rock music" (something more general) and save that search. Presto! Now you have a category.
Hey people, add me to your circles and i will add you.
so G+, a social networking site that gets an average of 3 minutes per month of mindshare per user, somehow outweighs FB, which gets 7+ Hours per month of mindshare per user? That's some funny math, all right.
Interesting that LiveJournal is omitted from the graphic, but, then, if it were included I suspect G+ wouldn't be unique, anymore....

Come to think of it, claiming that LinkedIn is not a Community seems stretching the bounds, too. And the same could probably be said of FB...but I all I know about it is what I hear from my wife....

Silly graphic!
+Vlad Taushanov Stop comparing Facebook and Google .. .. Do you know the difference in number of people online back in 2005 and 2010 ???
I hate when people start talking unnecessary details without any back of Data.
+Vlad Taushanov Regardless of how long they've been around, Facebook never forced anyone to join. G+ did. Millions of them. Big difference.
+Optionsclick Green I don't know about that 3 minute average per month. G+ has better articles posted than my friends on FB who whine about their daily lives every second. Then again guess that's why more people spend time on FB because they want stalk their friends lol.
the graph makes it look simple l: (
While I agree completely with this graphic, the trouble is that the social network side of G+ is still a bit lacking. It's clearly a chicken/egg problem, and I'm evangelizing like crazy, but it's not there yet.

Someday I won't have to sign in to facebook anymore. Someday...
This is a balderdash distinction without a difference. Community is one of the ways that you use a social network. Other ways include family, messaging, work discovery/allocation/delivery, shop/sell, entertainment, education, etc. So long as the software connects people and helps them interact, they are all social networks.
i agree with that phil, its a good point.
google+ is still missing some things that would really improve the experience of the site entirely
+Liam Dorsey What's on your Google+ #wishlist ?
nothing, i just don't add things to it. if i want it i just write it down on my phone
except I suspect fear has kept g++ from interoperating with facebook which imho has slowed down the transition.
Google+ also seems to be a recycling plant of all the other's content
i guess its too late for the phrase "can't beat em', join em'" ?
Google is a famous brand
+John Burak That is not so. more than a small handful of people who use google services, and who never signed up for G+, discovered that they suddenly had their gmail exposed on a G+ profile which they never set up. Google flagrantly assumed every G-service user would want a G+ profile, and required people to turn off their profiles in order to not have one. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
does that mean they violated their privacy policy?
(does that mean we can sue?)
+Marc Jobs You might be right about the quality posts on G+ vs. FB, the data is not entirely clear on that, except to say that with 800+ million people on FB, lots of static is an expected outcome. Even G+, with its pretty big 100+ Million users, has lots of low quality content on it.
Nice one. I barely saw the open discussion like this on FB. FB is really controlling the information, I can say that it is more on private. We have pages for interest and open discussions but we still need to like it to take part.Then once we like it, tons of notifications will come in. It's private but annoying. :D I wonder when I can see my FB friends here and share the same interest and activities. I personally feel comfortable and free to be here.
ya, we should spread the word on this. if we are lucky we could spread this to a point where a huge blog could be writen!!! >:D
... what? it was just an idea
your welcome Amparo
thanks for the offer
Given that I am such a (un)social animal, I suppose I (almost) fit in. (Psych)
Google+ now has piknic tools, so it's has better filters than instagram.
we only need people! MORE!!!!!
especially ones i know personally
Hey +Thomas Morffew what differentiates a community from a network? Is it just the specificity? Perhaps you could elucidate me.
ya but my google tool bar is acting funny so i can't find my notifications fast =[
And publishing! It's a blogging platform.
One has to do with a community of people living together, the network is what makes the money off of it, maybe more like an Acarina. Or not!
thats true.. but still people r more active on fb than here!
google plus really pays grade
this guy has his head up his ass. How on earth can G+ bridge this mythical gap when it's about as active as DeadJournal? There aren't enough features in G+'s current form to make it anything more than an alternative for people who's job blocks FB. Honestly the only reason I "upgraded" my account was so that I'd stop getting bugged about it. Now that I'm on I'm surprised at the lack of integration with other google services. Why isn't my youtube account linked to my G+, why can't I integrate my google Calander or create events the way I can in FB? Why can't I prevent people from adding me to their circles? And so on and so on. G+ feel more like a place-holder than a fully integrated "social media community". Wake me when something interesting happens.
language plz! yo young audiance 4 like 7 ppl!
but still i agree, we need more features :)
Sweet spot is well put, I think it offers a nice balance of features in one platform. This balanced product really appeals to creative people who in turn enrich it with their content. Nice work g+.
Since were comparing, I find G+ way more interesting than FB. I am tired of looking at pictures of friends kids or their 150 pictures from their trip to disney. G+ has way more substance.
G+ is not boring...but somehow feels like stuff similar to twitter/fb.
Google:It's pretty much like Samsung, but with software - Can match pretty much everything and everyone
G+, or its users at least, have a bit of a problem combining the social and community aspects. Circles are a great way to provide social content to just your family, just your bike club etc. But if you want to generate a community following based on your analysis of social networking trends then you have to publish it to your family and bike club, even if you know they're not interested. And maybe you don't much want them to know you're interested!
google is cooler than gay porn
G+ is just going to get better and keep on growing. Eventually, it will be the "monster" just like FB is today.
What is missing is the RSS and Sort by Magic component that Google Reader had. Where is the rest of the Web, Google???
Yeah, but nobody is using G+!!!!! We're at the club and it's only 7:30!
i guess g+ still has plenty of things they need to fix, huh?
i have an idea for google to fix:
the chat box thing, i think they should seperate video chat and IM so in case i want to ask a quick question to one person it wont come up as a post
+John Burak Yes, that's also true. And despite its shortcomings, G+ is a pretty cool little tool. All the same, it's hard to improve if you don't what, where and why.
bom dia a todos obrigado pela postagem
Linkedin and Facebook both have groups. G+ just does it better :D
Yeah but nobody uses it, so what =P
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