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Social Media Venn


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for me it's rather nothing and nothing fot twitter/fb, and in another hand web, internet or g+ for ideas, people and events.
No 4chan? What is this? I don't even.....
Great Venn! Is it possible to add Pinterest/Pictures as social objects?
I said "for me" , I have no twitter and no fb account.
I'm not sure how Twitter is great for ideas. 140 characters are too few for the truly good ideas that need lots of explaining.
For me, since there is a huge void in interaction on anything relevant on FB and Twitter this graph does not truly depict reality.
Sorry, there is no circle for thoughts... ;-)

I'm a little meh on it actually. How do you think twitter is not about people? And what is a "Thing"? Will think about this a little more. Venn diagrams can be great thought organizers.
A "Thing" == College football team, Coke, Jimmy Choo shoes, etc.
I think linkedin should replace twitter! Far better for reaching people with your ideas, in my humble op.
LinkedIn.. hmm.. I feel that people try to play it too safe on LinkedIn. The people I know seem to see LinkedIn as a place to put their resume online and, as such, don't go tossing around ideas especially if they're afraid they might be seen as controversial.
+Julian Lycett I tried to keep it to three and these three are ahead atm. (IMO) But sure, I know what you mean.
+Dirk Talamasca guarantee that 90% of people reading this post don't use those. Got to keep things relevant. If I posted this in China, now that's different.
Oh, now Quora really seems to be shaping up as People + Ideas!
I think Cat Gifs should be at the center.
Seems like a good representation to me.
+Thomas Morffew Actually, I'm not sure. But I have found some very interesting threads there and it seems to have got the attention of some influential people. No idea if it will (has) taken off.

I'm trying to cut down my social media time. :)
+Thomas Morffew Guess first we need to validate there are actually a billion people. Right now ignoring them has not impacted anything I am doing which would indicate strongly that there really is not that many Real People over there..may 1 billion profiles but they are just blank faces in a house of cards.
+Scot Duke I hear you and agree, but we have to look at things objectively. You and I may not find value in FB, but some people do.
+Thomas Morffew I agree..just saying the graph does not depict reality..the space for Facebook and Twitter need to be there since for businesses they have to be on those platforms for validation purposes, but visually that space where they intersect in the circles should be very small.
+YouTube / +Search / +Earth / +Maps / +Chrome / +Cloud / +Music / +Sky / +Android / +Docs / +Picasa / +Mail / +Calendar / +Transalte / +News / +Analytics / +API so on and on....
the logic does not seem to be alright! web consists of twitter,facebook and googleplus,,, is it not? is this diagram right?
Where's Pinterest?:) haha:) Rock On!:)
Conclusion: the more you know about web, the riskier your privacy will be lol
No, don't see any room there for 'thoughts'
this is the most biased picture i hav seen. :/
How about google calendar integrating with G+ in some way so that people in your circles can promote events that may interest you? Hang on, the "may" sounds too FB!
RSS feed aspect could be added, maybe
ooh and Google+ human contribution... DMOZ directory replaced by +1 ?
And Pinterest? ;)

I like Venn diagrams. You almost need 3D ones to make them accurate though. I enjoyed this! Thanks.
the next one should be facebook i garentee you dat
Nah facebook is about to change in the direction of suck. This is my Nostradamus-like prediction. I have... Dicted this pre..emptively. Raises eyebrow
+Steve Robey ah Dr Evil I presume? ;-) ...or whatever the bad guy was called from the Austin Powers films
no no no and no facebook aint gonna suck u are wrong
I think that's pretty spot on. I remember a quote from years ago, but can't remember who said it: "Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about events. Great minds talk about ideas." I relate that to small minds = Facebook, average minds = Twitter, great minds = Google+. This is exactly why love Google+ and absolutely hate Facebook.
. I have friends on FB that are scientists at Yale and we have as vigorous discussions as occur here. There is inane on Plus as well, proportionately every bit as much as FB. We really need to get past the Google Plus is wonderful and everything else is second rate at some point. 
+James Barraford I have the same types of friends that have very intellectual discussions on Facebook. The main problem I have is 1) those instances are generally the exception and not the rule, and 2)it's hard to have a similar discussion on Facebook without someone interjecting unrelated tangents or without offending someone. For "smart" conversation, I still prefer G+. Although, it could just be my choice of friends more than anything else. :-)
It's like Nikon vs. canon
Apple vs. PC
Ferrari vs. Fiat (just kidding!)
Cecil, I value all the wonderful people on Plus that make my days here better. I agree it's often what we make of it in regards to who we circle. Re: FB, lists serve same purpose of keeping my discussions on track, but circles are much easier to handle many people. 
I would use Google Calendar for events/things because it doesn't require a facebook account :P (so it emails the invites to confirm).
still facebook is da best i know by experience
The People circle is too general and the there is no numeric radial scale or colors. Web is a NA not meaningful, poorly defined label. Are there people on Facebook people not on the web for example.
u see people on facbook all the time what are you talking about
That's actually not bad. But Twitter is pretty restricted on the ideas front, pretty much URLs only (to "Web", which presumably would be much larger).
+john g I don't think any really sophisticated idea can be crammed into a tweet. Almost always it's formatted "three word intro" + URL + #hashtag
Nice +Thomas Morffew !
Regarding the number of social networks that can coexist, it really depends on their focus and degree of interoperability. I personally see a healthy future for Linkedin, Quora. Regarding twitter, I am worried. Facebook also is interestingly in a tricky position long term.
+Antoine Carriere I feel that LinkedIn may have peaked. Google+ has proved (for me anyway) a much better environment for networking.
I see very little to no future for Linkedin and it is a miracle that twitter is still alive independently at least. Facebook and Twitter seem to have some kind of cozy relationship in progress if high end event ads are any indication. Jeez, all these web and social tech companies are so closely located in Palo Alto CA, that cozy business relationships and what a social net really is takes on new levels of meaning.
+Thomas Morffew I would not be surprised if you were in the business of helping with online advertising loosely defined. For this G+ is a great place to network.
+Thomas Morffew No question I think that the overall Google environment is more full featured, well integrated, engineered, tech savvy, etc. as a free set of web services. Still much of it is NA for both serious business work and for doing social things like connecting with my parents and their friends. Examples are MS Excel for doing full power spreadsheets and FB for social. Somehow people find FB easier to use and the connections are already there with friends, kids, etc. I'm not sure what pay for Google, pro market specific Google tools and apps (like controversial G for pharmacies), Celeb red carpet, influencers, peddlers and pooh bahs, and more look like or work like. It is a safe bet that nothing major they have rivals the financial content and tools on pro Bloomberg, Reuters direct news, etc. Just what Google does have, wants to have, will have, are good questions to speculate on of course. For sure Google app kit and relationship manager for China did not get off to a good start.
LinkedIn is focusing on a very lucrative market: career mgt (on the other side it is called recruiting). If you think about the monetization potential per profile, placement fees trump advertising by an order of magnitude :). And this money is actually being spent today by a large industry ripe for disruption.
The real question for LinkedIn is will they be able to capture a meaningful share of that industry. The good news is that they have developed great monetization operations. That is why I am bullish :).
We need to be careful not to use the same metrics to assess the success of different platforms. While LinkedIn has an engagement problem, do they really need engagement? I would venture that it is a nice to have for them. The real asset is "up to date and rich professional profiles, with ability to check references" :)
i still dont understand how you cant like facebook as much as me 0.o
+Antoine Carriere I make it a point to only put jokes and very general information at best on Linkedin. I don't see any of my higher ups doing anything there so I guess they are happy where they are. I have occasional general discussions there but for serious stuff they can't replace a headhunter and have not dealt with major things like education verification, posting of credentials, transcripts, backgrounds, etc. or even shown any notion that this might be important. Things like this should be no brainers. They want you just to buy a pro account for what? You could do better just using the vast numbers reach of FB or the smarts of G+.
Outliers are what premium head hunting and recruiting is all about. They don't tend to think in terms of brain teasers I can tell you that. We tried those despite my objections and got the kinds of people who like to solve brain teasers. The best ones correlated well with a basic test we gave but that was deemed cruel and unusual so it was scrapped in favor of a mish mash of brain teaser and will the person fit in bs. Another best hire did not speak English well enough to give a brain teaser question to but we knew from the headhunter and some Russian guy from back home that he was a genius++ and started doing database work out of frustration with theoretical physics at some secret lab for Russian genius guys. Maybe he found another job on Linked in and save the headhunter fee for all I know. Probably not.
I am not sure I understand the reference to brainteasers.
I believe most LinkedIn profiles to be accurate and putting jokes on LinkedIn to be an outlier case.
I also believe that LinkedIn is a very effective platform for professional recruiters, be they internal staffers or external headhunters. In some cases, LinkedIn can in fact fully displace headhunters. In others, it is complementary. In any case, it leads to significant cost savings.
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