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Got the more storage. No GDrive yet... unless that is it.
They just need to roll that Gdrive out already.
Its running. Great solution and a big step forward for the Cloud based Business solution Google Apps.
I got it by changing from Norwegian to English (US) language.
Others say any upload triggers it.
I got the 5Gigs too. I keep my Google services on English (US) so these things tend to come through quickly.

I have Insync installed so I suppose I now have a 5GB GDrive anyway. (Insync syncs my chosen folders with Google Docs)
I was 1GB this morning and now 5GB, so it changed for me today.
I wrote a blog post on the "imminent" arrival of GDrive in Dec. 2007 (as did the Wall Street Journal). I got the 5 GB on my personal account, but my Google Apps account is still at 1GB. I've learned to not be too impatient on announcements from Google.
It is not the 5GB at all, it is the usage. You can now easy upload files and work with them in the cloud. No need of extern tools...
Yep, from Spain but always with US language to get soon the new things...
At first it said 1Gb, then I changed from English UK to English US, and it updated to 5Gb.

Then changed back to English UK and it asked me if I was a monarchist.

No it didn't really ask me that, I was just joking. :-D
My 20GB (I bought extra storage) has jumped to 25 :)
+Ayoub Khote Has the pricing changed? It's now showing the 20 GB for $5 a year. I'm thinking the prices have shifted down, too.
+Richard Posey - Nope, I paid $5 for the 20 at around Christmas time... It's the cheapest around.
But old accounts are grandfathered... Which means I keep the same deal until I feel the need for an upgrade in storage, +Richard Posey :)
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