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Red, or Blue?

"You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes..."

Is there room for more than one Social Network, or is it time to consolidate and Make a Choice?

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I've taken the red pill and enjoyed it. Too bad not many I know have done the same.
They're capsules, open them both, snort the red pill and load the blue pill in your crack pipe and smoke it. Now stick your finger through the rubbery wall.
This would be such a brilliant ad campaign for G+.
I have taken the blue pill first, but it tasted kinda weird, so I spit it out and tried the red one, which was way better :)
If a business is being pragmatic then they have to do both. FB is pretty compelling, especially in the B2C market. G+ can't be ignored if for no other reason than the impact on SERPS.
Never been on facebook and never will either! For me it's G+ all the way!
+Thomas Morffew Really depends on where a business' target market hangs out, so the question is really 'Will G+ replace FB?'

I suspect the answer is no, both companies are too large and committed to their offerings to make either of them disappearing a likely scenario.

Having said that, I do think companies could utilise just one or the other and still be successful, just not as successful as if they were on both.
+Thomas Morffew, you are probably better than anyone else in social media on getting me to click the +1 / Like This button.
To me this seems kinda like choosing between Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Same old, commercial crap. I choose the third pill, green tea (Diaspora*), but thx anyway :-P
For personal use, wear the one that fits and is comfortable, period. There's no basis for argument, it's taste.

My belief is that for business you have to be fully aware of all possible platforms. FB may ebb and fade, especially for business. G+ may never take off, but it's an investment. If G+ gets the traction I think it will, businesses who haven't been watching will be yet another and fall behind in many areas, including Google Search.

You've heard of college professors who have lost their life savings to Nigerian spammer schemes? There are brilliant people in many walks of life who haven't the slightest idea what the difference is between FB, G+ and Twitter. They think SEO is something you have to hire people to get, or a service hosting companies provide as an option. My point is, the great majority of people on line know only what their entourage know. For the majority of people (and business) right now, that's FB. Online life moves quickly. Digg was once a huge destination. Where is it today? Stumble Upon has been around for years - it still is, but how much do you hear about it? Delicious? Magnolia?

Individuals: follow your heart. Businesses: if you need to be online, invest in everything that's getting play now in media.
Depends on the person. I can handle more than one social network. But many other don't want to. They have enough to do. So well, I think we just need to get our friends here by posting important stuff only on G+. So either they miss out, or they participate here.
That's the only way to give a real reason to use another social network.
+Ryo Cook good advice. There are two major currents on G+. One is a FB-like activity that doesn't distinguish it much from the other flavors and one is a more G+ specific thing that's hard to define.
+Randy Resnick There's a huge problem with that kind of live and let live argument, and we see such problems dramatically represented in the environmental case. With regards to the physical environment, we can't just let everyone behave however they want; environmental carelessness has consequences for all of us. So it isn't enough to say "I'll live my life green, but if you want to be wasteful that's your prerogative", because when they damage the environment, it's your environment they are damaging.

Similarly, Facebook is ruining the internet by making it walled, tiered, privately owned, and corporate run. Facebook is deeply engaged in the process of commodifying its users and selling them to the highest bidder. Not only is this dramatically inhumane, it has brutal consequences for the structure, legal framework, and ethos of the internet as a whole.

The more people who continue to use Facebook, the worse the internet is. The surprising thing isn't that this is a fact: we all know Facebook is awful and getting worse by the day, and that young people are leaving the network in droves as it gets populated by mostly clueless over-40s.

Instead, the surprising thing is that despite knowing better and despite the existence of better alternatives, we still nevertheless refuse to collectively change our behavior.

The parallels with the environment are pretty obvious. If we can't consciously and deliberately ween ourselves off Facebook for the sake of fixing the internet, how can we ever expect to deliberately change our consumption behaviors for the sake of fixing the environment?
+Thomas Morffew I do too, but I do not believe a business should choose between the two until they see the comparative engagement is better on one of the other. All platforms are conduits and pretty much of no value in and of themselves until you post something. Then there's the problem of what people do with what you post and what you do with that.
+Randy Resnick I'm not sure it's just about Engagement though. With stuff like Search (Author Rank) being integrated, it's maybe more a matter of straight results.
Thomas, that stuff is way too volatile to get excited about. Yes, it's very important right now, and likely to grow in importance. However, things change, Alta Vista was once the ultimate search engine. Google changes the way the decide priorities all the time, and I'm glad they do.
I can't stop using Facebook until the friends and family I care about come to Google+
I am new to G+ and at this stage I have to say that FB is for family and friends whilst G+ is for learning, photography and generally what I call new experiences.
+Carl Draper Consider the following argument:

"I can't start recycling until the rest of the people on my block do. Otherwise why bother?"

Hopefully the problems with this argument are clear, but it is structurally identical to the argument you are giving. Both arguments are fallacies; they are appeals to the people.

This argument doesn't work in the case of the environment, and it shouldn't work in the case of the internet either.
Incidentally - on topic - no one ever mentions as a social netwrok, yet it's probably as much of one as G+ and in some ways is more compelling. For example, I've seen businesses rock Quora by answering important questions. The result looked way more impressive than Q&A on Linkedin.
Moe Morin
Facebook is like a trashy magazine. I go there and read "trashy" posts from all over the world including from friends, and family. I also do read some relevant material if I can find it inbetween the million updates from friends, and family. Red is the only way to go on stuff that matters and Blue if you want to be part of the gossip.
Haven't been paying close attention to Quora for a long time, but I jumped on it when it was beta like I do almost everything. It's a good idea in a lot of ways and it brings me to a point. This is to the point about business deciding: I think you need to be watching it all as a business. First, you absolutely need to see how your competition is using the tools or one day you'll wake up to an empty order book. Second, what if the mother of all questions about your area of expertise comes up on [Linkedin Quora G+ FB Twitter] and you don't see it? My business got a jump start on a Compuserve expatriates forum in the 90's. Had I not answered one post, our business would be totally different today.
the Red pill is ok....but im soooo use to the Blue one at the moment.
there are some giant flying robot squid monsters what need killin', so pass me the red.
Nice Morpheus (I remembered seen from Matrix movie)
99% of my audience is on Facebook, but I enjoy Google+ because it's so easy to find posts and communities for any subject imaginable. So I guess I am stuck with both for the time being.
HAHA, awesome Matrix reference, but i will have both actually, plus i have had Facebook for two years now and have had G+ for only two days.. i can voice my opinion on both so i will take both pills lol
Tim C
I would love to drop FB if my friends used G+. I don't know anyone on here but I like how it works lol
I think that it shows that the two are completely different, rather then comparing them. Facebook is more about adding your selective audience and keeping it at that. Google+ just keeps going like a never ending chain. I think both are needed, and both work on different ideals and platforms of communication.
What the hell? Are those two dildos?
I have more interaction whit G+ then whit FB I have FB for four years and the move to G+ plus for me is so much better.RED+
Even when you don't choose, you are still chosing.
I take the blue ones and green ones and even some white ones where did you get the reds?!? lol
Red.... The Blue one pollutes people waaaay too much.
I've never touched the blue pill.
Red all the way.
Obviously. :)
i don't use face book so i go with the red one.
I use both! Facebook at home Google+ at school!
I wish breaking free of false choices were easy. I'd like more control and independence but the ability to interact with either audience.
If you chose blue then your obviously on the wrong site!
i kinda liuke them both there gd 4 different things
blue or red..? the answer is obvously...yes
If I had to make a choice I'll delete my FB account. I'm sick of all the <insert bad emotion today> facebook trolling that goes on.
i prefer an overdose of the red pill...........the blue pill has serious side effects
The Red pill or the Blue pill? Another Matrix analogy?

I say wait ten years and see what these things become. I have no use for FB or G+ other than time killers.
I think there's a purpose for both. For example, I'm maxed out of people I have circled. Yet only a handful of them are people I have as friends on FB. Both forms serve different needs for me and that works for me quite well. So far.
yea if Google+ was as easy to navigate as FB it would be a winner
G+ is the main menu, FB is the sideshow for me.
I need to consult with my doctor. :)
I am still in a dilemma, ummm, but I'll go with the red one... nevertheless, red is my favourite color.....:) B)
In my opinion, quoting a facebook status of mine:
"Oh. Mein. Gott.
Google + is simply awesome. I can't even begin to explain how much more "cozy" and "relaxed" it is than facebook. Dude. . . Some of you guys really need to join.
Basically it's like facebook for people who retain some semblance of sanity.

It's Facebook without the:
-Pages that do nothing but spam your newsfeed or turn it into a mini reddit of sorts
-"Oh, hey, lets revamp our website even though everything is perfectly effing fine as it is" mentality
-"Like if you support boobies" "like, and you will save this African girl" "like and I won't kill you" "like and repost or you'll die in seven days lololololololololol"
-Ignorant bastards who love nothing more than to start shit

Seriously. It's got mature, thoughtful, intelligent individuals, who don't go apeshit over stupid things. People are very respectful. It's ACTUALLY RELAXING, whereas facebook mainly gets you addicted to drama and procrastination or shit like that. You can choose WHO views your posts to a very specific and custom degree. (Don't want your parents to see your posts? Make a "parents" circle, and don't add them to those posts).

It has a few small problems, but the main problem is that nobody I know uses it."
If Google Plus has failed why are you still here?
Where's the pill that sends me back to the Matrix with a super hot wife who isn't afraid to share me?
I would love it if more of my friends would use G+ but they don't. I imagine it's because they find it confusing or simply because no one they know is on here and they don't want to wait it out.

Myself, I'm sick of FB, sick of the ads in your face and sick of the dribble that is constantly posted. Yes I could filter people but I prefer the layout and make up of G+.

So with all of that being said, I recently wiped my FB account clean other than a message stating that I can be found on G+. I deleted every single post, comment, like, photo etc. My wall and profile are clean, but I left my account active so that people can find me and so that I can still receive messages and invites to events.
I'll continue to use both. No benefit for me to choose one over the other.
Red Pill... Blue has been taken over by 12 year old kids who just bitch and moan all the time or send everyone requests to play games... G+ is how a social network should be :-) love to all :-)
John O
I brought my own pills. It's OK, I like to share
Yes. The answer is yes, there is room for more than one.
Been on a G+ diet for over five months now. Don't see that ever changing back.
Facebook at school? Shame on you.
I chose the red pill.... I still don't know Kung Fu... :(
I keep an FB account purely because people I know are too lazy or to confused to move over here. But I find that this is an amazing place full of creative and insightful intelligent people. Whereas I mostly unsubscribe to the BS I see from people i know in real life over the other side. I hope FB stays around so the bottom feeding masses can stay and anyone who fancies broadening their minds or having a chuckle without being offensive can do so here. It's like people who shop in Waitrose and people who shop in Tesco, although the two serve the same basic function you rarely get gypsies trying to nick tuna sandwiches in Waitrose.
me too, green and purple please
Both are placebo. Without the individual, there is NO content.
red pill all the way, never had a fb and never will, who cares about how drunk someone was on a night out or their sad lives for that matter. G+ is for the sophisitcated and learned
I don have much friends in either of them :-)
Google+ is a place where people go to get work done. FB is where they can go to avoid work.

It's a purple world.
The red pill. I dont have on friend anyway i keep 2 myself.
That is ridiculous. I have lots of family and old friends on FaceBook and lots of new fascinating friends on GooglePlus. There is no either or situation here. I use both equally every day.
Red pill for me! G+ is about making friends and moving forward.
I like G+ but I will chose facebook cause all of my friends r there ^_^
I keep waiting for interoperability. Right now it's like email circa 1988, back when we had to have separate accounts for GENIE, Compuserve, AOL, and the Internet because none of them could talk to each other.
Isn't twitter one of the choices? Anyway I think G+ hasn't proved to be able to challenge Fb's succes till now. I undestand the reference to The Matrix means that G+ is something for very cool guys, the ones who want to go behind ordinary, the elected ones, but I also think this kind of minority-pride reveals the consciousness that G+ is not going to reach big numbers of users, as Fb did...
I still do both. Don't have enough g+ friends to abandon facebook.
I'm about ready to give up on Facebook, but Twitter on the other hand won't be an easy one to give up.
I'd say they serve different purposes. It's not just a case of one over the other. Facebook, for me friends and family. I use it for very little else. Twitter news updates, the occasional bit of banter with friends. Google Plus I quite like because of the variety of different comment on different topics. I find with Google Plus it's easier to express ideas with a multitude of different people.
i would choose blue cause i got girls..
I have already quit Facebook and deactivated my account, now I only use Google+
er........i'll....................i'll take a purple any??
G+ i still use fb but only because my friend still do
I deactivated and deleted my fb account long ago and only use G+
The truth of it is people complained that Facebook sucked long before Google + launched. And at 190 + comments there's a lot of Red pills happily swallowed.
is it just a coincident that your name is "almost" Morpheus ??
I don't think I'd be interested to know how deep this 'rabbit-hole' goes.
I love reality but I also want to learn kung fu in 5 seconds too...
wouldn't red pill, blue suppository be more accurate?
ni blusz beter
Bleed blueeeeee
Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But, you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind... driving you mad.
Red for sure. Family and friends are gonna have to choose me or Facebook. I'm not very cool, but I'm okay with being alone on G+. It makes my life easier.
I think what we need is an alternative social network that is concerned with how damaged the earth is, how government is so corrupt, how corporations appear to do anything they want, and how we can move from a pathological style of living to one that relies less on consumerism and more on ways people can be human, instead of cogs.
they're just about the same! ALTHOUGH, I think G+ should win cuz evry1 uses google anyway! - Adios!
Red! Go google+! Facebook, you are getting to old! by the way, where is twitter in this? I love tweeting! ( I would still go red though...)
blue is best nd will b d bst forevr.....:)
I chose blue because its my favorite color.
Left Facebook as soon as G+ was in the private beta. At least once every couple months Facebook would do something new and kill my privacy settings.
anything that matches pink:)
+akaz nag Splelling lyk3 yourz is deh reezin adultz wont eat bloo pill.
I don't do pills, so..... ?
-Blue(: Facebook.! I Only Take The Reds When At School.!(:
I've already taken the RED PILL ... I hope you take my meaning
You're selling your soul to the masses - either way...
why choose? Not in this day in age. I choose both or get rid of the one which expects a choice.
if there's no blue pill... how would you know how great the red one is?! hum? :)
Lysa Ho
blue bcse all can understandd easily but red nt easy
Red pill always. Yay G+! :)
People on Social Network A prefer Social Network A over Social Network B. News at 11.
You can do purple by logging into FB via G+. Make your own path.
Definitely blue. Fuck adventure. Want to sleep. ;)
The character of a social network is really the collective character of its users, right? Unfortunately (to me, anyway), G+ is becoming much more like FB as it grows. I felt like G+ early adopters were thoughtful people who understood that anything they posted would be around forever. There now seem to be a lot of people who are a bit, um, more passionate than polite. Which reminds me of FB.
Why should we consolidate? We don't all drive the same make and model car because different cars offer us different packages, different styles, different functions. FaceBook vs. Google+ = different packages, different styles, different functions. Give me choices. I'll take purple.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
the red pill, I love Google+!!!!!
Not shown: MySpace as a bottle of expired cough syrup.
I'm gonna go ask leaning more towards the red, although purple's not all that bad.
Hmm and to think i was just wonder what side to take in the social upcoming Social Network war of 2015
I am in both yet bit pretty soon I need to choose between real life and wonderland :-)
i think that Google could be a little better organized.
Life was so simple before plus showed up and now I am confused again (:-
I believe there is room for both. I have my G+ to follow the things that interest me and to correspond with like minded people.Or to debate with someone who may have a different view in an intelligent manner. I have FB to know when My family is coming over or to watch videos of spiders laying eggs under someones skin or to see Justin Bieber get stabbed.
Blue ain't my favorite color in general
People's minds are pre-occupied by other people's concerns, people would do better to falsify the known phenormenas in the proccess of developing our world than to stick to 'clinches' that brings no change, the world as a society is dynamic so change is necessary. For me facebook for pleasure and google for business. Look i used google to open my facebook account so G+ comes first.
There will always be a next best thing, regardless, you will follow your friends. It's about the people. I like it here, but I also like people there. If I can't entice enough of them to come here.....that doesn't necessary mean the BLUE PILL, but I will have to stay connected to both, until one goes the way of Myspace.
show you how far the rabbit hole goes that sounds discusting
Can I take both of them must I make the choice for one or the other. Is there no other way. :( Help me Help me Help me
Whichever one taste like hot tamales
I can see many red pills here. It is probably easier to ask here because many of you are/were on Facebook before. What if the same question were asked on Facebook? Many Facebook users have probably never even thought of Google plus at all so what would the answer be?
Guess I most be a pill popper because I love them both.
I discussed this post with 6 people in a hangout.
Amaranth, cardinal, crimson, ruby, vermillion, etc.

Basically, red all the way!
It is definitely becoming difficult to double post. I wanted to switch over to G+ completely but no one is following. If I want to stay in contact socially with all my peeps I have to keep posting on FB (unfortunately). It would be great if I could post everything on G+ and it would automatically post on FB. LOL

I do agree, +Gary Thibault , that they are completely different. I do find that I use them differently and for different purposes.
id take the blue one if i cud imagn watevr i wantd ,the wrld wud be sooo much bettr
Both for me, both have uses and strengths. Must say though, I never see a thread like this on FB, or twitter. I like this site but posts like this are more indicative of G+'s niche status than of a network that is strong enough, it can ignore completion and just get on with being a social network.
i can only shou u the door Neo.......its you who have to walk through it
There is not only room for both, but a clear difference in what both are best used for.

Facebook is for keeping in touch with friends and family

Google+ is for following and keeping up to date with things you are interested in.
Red pill. Only reason I haven't vomited the blue is because of a few distant family members who live in other countries
Depends how long it takes for G+ to catch on. I like the idea though. Hopefully G+ will take all that's good about FB and expand on that and learn from FB mistakes and refrain from doing the same (like making changes with no way to revert back).
Blue Pill, it comes with a 4 hour hard on.
hahahaha^ blue cuz hardly anyone is on g+
There happens to be a strange reaction if you take both. Some symptoms may include 1) making jokes that are not funny, at all 2) talking aimlessly 3) convulsing 4) vomiting fecal matter.
The Matrix was on on #AMC last night lol
G+++++++++++++++++:DD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUK FACEBOOK.....""";/
In the words of Oingo Boingo...Ill take the Grey Matter!
I'm taking the red pill. Just wish more of my friends were as amazed with g+ as me.

Still, g+ is all about getting to know new people, it's definitely the best place for that.
Dav Bob
Why? Are you really so narrow minded that it has to be one or the other? I reckon you can't have an android phone if you have an apple computer too? I think rather than time to choose, it is time to grow up.
If social networks are going to be a part of our future, they need to interoperate. If you could only call Verizon phones from your Verizon phone, it would be almost worthless.
I'll take the red pill Morpheus!
I'll take the Red pill any day. Google+ has both (facebook and twitter) Combined together. Time for a CHANGE!!!!!
Red, of course. I only use fb to sign up for betas, because that's the only way many of these start ups allow you to sign up. If they were looking for people who are more involved online, they should go with g+ as well.

Hear that, betas?
i think the red one is an everlasting acid pill. lolz
My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit-hole than I'd intended and, though I dirtied my fluffy white tail, I've emerged...enlightened.
I think facebook is more like hanging out with roommates, and g+ is like going out to a bar. There's room for both, I think.
I am using G+ but I think both are evil when it comes to privacy protection.
Red, I havent experienced blue, but gplus seems to have a nice integration of twitter style posts, I love it so far! Just trying to get more people involved. 
I took the red pill... then wired into the matrix of blue pills
I tried to give up taking blue pills. Loving the turquoise pill(Twitter) and the red one G+. I'm in love with the black one, too. Diaspora*
Sean S
I hope more businesses starts using Google Plus. Some businesses have slowed down using G+. +Starbucks Coffee haven't posted anything since April 3rd.
There is not enough green pills. Green - your life. By bringing together the red green and blue you get white light of transfiguration. According to the color model RGB - R + G + B = White xD
face book needs to be eradicated ! I choose the red pill. choke on your 28B Mark. Die from cocaine psychosis with a male prostitute in your bed . Im not bitter...
Always take the Red Pill!
RED. Never joined Facebook. Too many times have they alienated their user base through questionable, and sometimes sneaky, ToS changes. Not to mention their recent, well-deserved slap by the FTC.
Sean S
I don't use facebook. I love G+ but I get why people would want to stick with facebook. Imagine if another social network came after G+. Would you switch? I would hate to switch social networks ever few years. I want to stick with one.
Overdose of RED pill for the rest of my life!
Today's younger Generation that Lags behind gets no sympathy, First we can't sell poverty, and secondly we can't buy wealth. Today, the over educated are destroying the corporate landscape of capitalism. after decades of watching people destroy America and don't give a damn about helping anyone else, only the profit and loss statement. Thomas Robb
Crushed up the red, then snorted it. Then I got a bottle of Crown Royal and now I am reenacting scenes from Platoon with #charliesheen ...
I nvr took the blue one at all anyway I personally love my google+
I never felt comfortable using FB because of its privacy model, so the question doesn't even come up for me.
It's a false dilemma, one can use both... but an amusing image regardless. :)
I started with the blue pill and am addicted. Then someone introduced me the red pill. We'll see what happens. Intervention anyone?
I'd take the blue pill any day.. I haven't got a clue how to use G+ to the best of it's far what I can see it's a bit pants!
I've already abandoned FB and strictly use G+ :)
Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
I like Google+ over Facebook, .... A person has more control which post you want a person or groups see what you want them to see, On the other hand Facebook is one big post board gamers ( I am a gamer too) post is one post I wish not to see all the time, I not saying gamers post is not alright that are post out there to be seen that I do not get to see most of my other friends post due to the fact they have drop off due to other post.
Gary Thibault, I agree with you 100%
Sometimes i worry if google+ defeats facebook,,then what will stop google lols,,,it will take over the world and opensource android based life forms will enslave humanity :( :P
the red one cause i dont like the blue one its bla
we need a social network that pays it's members a percentage of the revenue that is generated from their divulgence of their personal information. Zuckerburg is making gazillions beacause everyone is giving their information and opinions away for free!
This needs to be shared over on Facebook by someone, if it hasn't already. I'm sure you would get much different responses there. For me, I have chosen the red and deleted my Facebook account.
There's definitely room for more than one social network, especially right now.  Both social networks - FB and G+ - are currently serving different audiences or, at least, different purposes.  Why not use both?  Use Facebook to see funny pictures of cats and read what people had for lunch and G+ for actual social networking and sharing of ideas.
Liz A
Red Pill!
There's room for more than one! .. As it stand now, at least. :)
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