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And yet it still can't do numbering of headings and subheadings, and trying to do anything with a table is broken-glass-grade pain in the derriere.

But yeah, 450 new fonts ! that's going to help them in their unstoppable march to conquer the enterprise market.
+Will Berard I work at a company with around 3000 employees and we practically breath through Google Docs. Mostly Spreadsheets, though. In relation to the enterprise market the biggest selling point in Google Docs is the collaborative features. 450 new fonts ain't going to change that
All you really need is comic sans, this is total overkill.
+Jannik Lindquist Our company is round 500-strong and have also switched to google apps. Fine for spreadsheets, unless you need advanced math function and graphs, but a big led-down on he word processing front, and it's impossible to issue with the degree of professional-looking layout expected from external documents - still massively useful for internal docs, though.

By the way, I think you missed what I thought was fairly obvious sarcasm when I implied 450 new fonts was going to help them corner that much wanted enterprise market. I think G+ needs one new font (comic sans, obviously) to indicate sarcasm.

The collaborative features are a killer, granted, but the lack of change tracking and in-line comments that even Open-source alternative to office use render it useless for document going through a structured revision process.

I'm not saying it's all rubbish, just that it's based on the axiom, admittedly not far from the truth, that a large proportion of docs generated in companies don't need more than the say, 20% of core features of Office, so if you issue a product that does that, but better, then it's fine. And it's true. Once you go past that 20%, it breaks down.

As much as it kills me to have to admit it, there are figment of truths in the retaliation campaign video made by MS:
I got the sarcasm :-) I hope you make fun as well when you say that Google Docs haven't got change tracking and in-line comments
sorry, I should have said "proper" change tracking :)
Good news. Al least from GD too... ( ;
The US Dept Of Defence is now going to have far more fonts to play with to defend the liberties of the free world.

Can't wait for the docs to be wikileaked to see if they're Helvetica aficionados.
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