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I'm thinking I should give #pinterest a go...
Wow! This is so old-school; Could be a CD talking to a DVD.
Did anyone aside from school teachers ever really use a laser disc though?

They were here and gone before anyone else knew it.
That's a save button, right?
+Nestal Wan Don't worry. Save buttons will go the way of the cassette and the floppy disk too. They'll be replaced by submit buttons and sync timers in the cloud.
Pity on these guys.Who are the next in the line? Am no longer the fan of CD and DVD.
It says "I know that feel. Bro." is that supposed to mean "I know how it feels bro."?
+Dontae Franklin Thomas doesn't look old enough in his picture to remember 8-track---- Just because we do doesn't mean that others can remember the 50's 60's and 70's
Cassettes are making a comeback. Many artists are releasing albums on cassette now. Why, I don't know, but it's happening.
time really you're not telling a lie
So, an 8-track, a vhs-tape and a betamax cassette walked into this bar ...
So are vinyl LPs! YEH, I can use my record player again! Remember 45s? I remember putting a stack of 45s on the record player and dancing all the old 50s and 60s and 70s stuff ala American Band Stand with my mom and dad! So fun!
Also before the 8-track, VHS and Betamax there was a recording format analog video 3/4" ... lol
~Na na na na, na na na na, Hey ::::click::::: hey hey, Good bye
omg!!! that's right holy cow and before all of that they actually had to play an instrament and sing!!! lol
I remember our first VHS machine was as big as a microwave.
and how about 45 RPM vinyl ???
Cassette Player,, you should join them too,, so long and thanks for the memories..
+Ann Collins I still have records (all sizes) in my storage I think there are about thirty boxes along with the record players that I bought (they all work)
I have recorded them all to CD's for playing on the modern machines 284 hours of music
Nav M
Seems so long ago but not that far away...
Wow! I still have stacks of cassettes that I need to convert to MP3. I have some floppy disks too, but no way to retrieve the data...
yeah some times for the best and some time for the worst
+Adam Geerdes - Cassettes are making a comeback. Many artists are releasing albums on cassette now. Why, I don't know, but it's happening // It's because compact discs can't register middle tones.
Good riddance to both cassettes and floppy disks. That middle tone thing is bullshit, properly mastered CDs are fine. Vinyl is great still because it does have a warm tone to it and the covers are huge.
Flash and SD are in, CD is out as well.
CDs and DVDs to be added soon.
Sadly though when a record is gone I don't believe it can be replaced. +Carl Draper
The 8 track has to be the president of that club!
Did you know there use to be records fully made of only wax?
Lets add CDs in there within the next year or so..
Funny sad but funny
Future is pure digital content. No material objects to have to spend money to produce. Valve's Steam service, and others are pushing forward with this. Not to mention movie and TV show streaming like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon and many others.
Pure digital content can't exist. There will always be on object to store it. We just make better objects. 
I might need to use this image for my next "Friday 80s Flashback" post.
DVDs and CDs, flash and SD drives, the iPod, hopefully set top boxes.

I wonder how many kids get the HBO snow screen? Or even know about vertical hold?
good one .there should be a renewal pic of a come back record player, call it> second time around :)
I need this on a tshirt with an 8 track tape added in.
on the contrary, i run a label and i still put out cassettes.
in europe tapes are quite popular in the hardcore/screamo scene.

there is still a demand. i still dig them too.

I still have my old tapes, but i threw away all the floppy disks
by 2015 there won't be none of 'em
Awwwww, no one pays them in gum.. :(
wow i like the low lives that just sit on here and call people names. :)
Am i the only one who hasn't fully ditched these guys?
What about the 5.25"?
+Guillermo Diaz {{{ What's an 8 Track? }}}

Garbage that never should have been manufactured. Crappy frequency response and too much wow and flutter. Cassettes were better.

But a single 32 gig USB stick holds the equivalent of 22,000 diskettes.
I believe in my heart that, all good and bad will be accountable in the last day, and we should be very carefully about our thinking,saying planning and our doing.why am i saying all this,because there is final conclusion for everything in this life.
Oh well i'm still using cassete adapter for my car stereo...
world keeps changing.CD takes place of the old one and internet will take place CD.
sure, these friends of us are fading out from our minds.. they saved a lot for us..
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