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Google Search Ranking Factors 2012 ( infographic )

There is a lot of discussion around about Google’s search ranking factors. Sometimes these factors are described as a list. They try to rank the factors by importance. The Google algorithm gets more and more complicated. The main question is not, which signals are ranking-factors, but how they're connected and related.

Visit this link for an expanded version:

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Is there a simple version for Blondes? :-)
Awesome, that makes SEO look so much more complicated! Good for selling your services. Joking aside, that's actually a great info graphic.
Interesting: "I think the main concept of Google+ is – up to now – the verification of social-users. This is important to get an idea of the power of other social signals. In my eyes Google+ has no effect for Google’s search results."
Author verification (between Google+ and your web site) makes an image and a Google profile link appear in search results. That will certainly help to get attention for your listing, even if the actual ranking remains unchanged.
What I think is unusual is they are giving tweets more emphasis than what we post here.
Thanks! This is something I try to explane folks daily.
+Rob Gordon I think the author is wrong in dismissing the effect of G+ on search results. I keep seeing g+ being indexed and turning up in results and that's without even mentioning SPYW.
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