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Kind of Klout for Google+ eh?

(I've got 94.9)

(via +Mari Thomas)
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darn, I'm not even in their database. What a lousy service :-)
Noze P.
94.4 for me....
Noze P.
ahh pffff showoff! I'm just wondering what does that make me exactly +Thomas Morffew lol
Only a poor 85.9! That cannot be correct!
Noze P.
if its only that... well thats fine by me lol
+ Noze P you need to use your ID number. Yours is 105001226804902733960
Did you look at the graph on that page? is yours as absurd as mine is?
Shows I dropped to 0 on the 28th before climbing again and stabilizing at ... 60. hunh?

"The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing etc. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score."
Oh. :-)
+Connie Brand: spamming me to beef up your score :-)
This is cool. I'm surprised, apparently I'm a 90.5 :-)
I'm 94.2. Sounds like an FM radio station.
Noze P.
Im fine i got my score long ago. Question is what the klout i supposed to do with it :) 
73.8. Not horrible, I guess? My real question is why? Need more analysis...
I'm 90.3 - how can that be? I hardly have any followers and don't even post once a day. What's the basis of the measurement? Wonder what, say +bish s is?
bish s
wth is klout?! Oh well, I'll click and checkout the link first. :)
+Fons Tuinstra Understood! :-) but I'm hearing reports about spammers. Of course you can always block me, I won't feel bad!
bish s
I had zero klout on aug 30 and then shot up to 89.8827 yesterday. Right now I am on a cool and comfortable 85.5... what does all this mean anyway?
+Bernard ben Tremblay, it you check the fine print, your PlusClout score is also based on personal strength of character, popularity and how cute you are. These guys are amazing :)
oh oh. Now I'm seeing posts where more people are posting their scores
I don't know... :-/ The site seems to be a "work in progress" and the scores seem a little random, to say the least.
So this could just be some arbitrary number cooked up by some abandoned tombola?
My hypothesis is that it's an indication of how not-Mark-Zuckerberg you are, since his score is 0, it must be the baseline.
Mr. Power - It means your life is pretty much not worth living. Mr. Morffew's too nice to say so.
Dear Connie, at below 40 ... the words stuck in my throat.
Is why I used a 6yr old pic; now I've let hair and beard grow out to hide the prunie face!
Ok, I'll come clean. I am the brains behind Clout. Scores are dispensed based on how nice you are to me. And my mood.
Night all. Leaving work and calling it a day. Hope G+ is as amusing tomorrow.
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