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What IS The Rankings Institute?
In January this year there opened an SEO coaching program that almost no one knew about.
It was a small private group on which doors closed after 10 days. Besides those who got in, barely a word was spoken about it for the next 6 months.
But in that darkness and mystery were borne some of the most dramatic and the most consistent rankings success stories of any program of it's kind, ever.
Now it's about to open again and I think it's time more people know the current SEO system with a higher success rate than any other.
It was called the Rankings Institute and it's from long time affiliate marketing coach Andrew Hansen and his new partner and "SEO Genius" Alex Miller.
Comprised of 8 weeks and 8 Modules, the Rankings Institute takes students step by step through the new, 2014 world of SEO... a world that looks quite different to SEO worlds of years past. It's a world Where old techniques flounder and innovative new approaches win the day.
Thanks to their involvement with multiple SEO companies and their advisory positions to other SEO firms, these two have been able to build an SEO strategy on "what's working now". That's the claim anyway. They say they have access to the testing data from thousands of websites and are constantly watching to see which techniques; which approaches have the greatest results. They're able to compare "what Google says is working" to what's actually working.
The course begins at the foundations of new school keyword research and takes members all the way through to analyzing changes in traffic and adjusting approaches according to what's working best.
The most critical points of understanding they advocate for are
a) Changes to keyword strategy in light of the hummingbird update.
b) Changes to site structure and changes of focus in the realm of "on site optimization" (which doesn't mean what it used to mean)
c) Changes to thinking about link building to reflect how Google really views websites in 2014.
And the students who have made these changes in thinking have seemed to achieve remarkable results.
Andrew & Alex have publicly talked about a student called Franc, who grew his traffic from below 100 to almost 1200 visits per day in a period of 3 months. This was particularly standout because he did it without building any backlinks (a point Andrew and Alex make emphatically within the course)
A student called Ennis who built an amazon affiliate review site from scratch to $3,856 per month, all with free Google traffic. She particularly found success with a backlinking technique from Module 6 in the course that doubled her traffic from 1000 to more than 2000 visits per day, then used the technique again the following month to push her traffic past 3000 visits per day.
A student called Blaine who, from his day job as a welder, grew a $5k/mo income stream from a new affiliate website and some prominent Google rankings.
And these - as Andrew tells me - are just the beginning.
Andrew credits the success of their students to their process of "not just providing the information, but providing the assistance" necessary to achieve rapid success. The Rankings Institute is an intensive 8 week program and Andrew & Alex give personal guidance over multiple mediums to ensure that members don't just know what to do... they do what they know.
To commemorate the new opening of the course, Andrew will be holding a free, live training webinar on September 9th that will be taking people through the case studies of 3 of these students and revealing current techniques that could have anyone dominating page 1 in their market in a short period of time.
Whether or not you're ready to take an intensive course like the Rankings Institute to improve your SEO, you can register for the live training webinar at this link and make a start there.

Sign up for your free webinar today.
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Hello. I just got the Google drive today. I was excited because I want to move away from Microsoft word. However I was quickly disappointed. The new chrome extensions does not correct retain the Word format. However if I convert the document to Google Docs it is fine. Anyone else having the same issues?

Anyone know how to get rid of the google drive start page when you access via the chrome browser? It is just another button I have to click multiple times a day.
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Anyone else having trouble getting your T-Mobile reimbursement via credit cards in the mail?  It is problems with T-Mobile not the mail.
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Is anyone else having problems with google keep. As of yesterday, my desktop and android phone versions no longer have the same notes. Some of my notes disappeared on the desktop version. However, all my notes are still on the android version.

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I my "no picture symbol" finally disappeared . Yea
Anyone know how to eliminate the no picture symbol? I have tried to delete on my business page. I have tried to report it as spam. I have called google local and they have escalated the problem ( I called months ago.) Any way to select another picture or delete would be helpful 
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I just want to say I love the notification by location. it helps to remind me a day or two later to pick up things my wife wants at Walmart

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Anyone know how to eliminate the no picture symbol? I have tried to delete on my business page. I have tried to report it as spam. I have called google local and they have escalated the problem ( I called months ago.) Any way to select another picture or delete would be helpful 

Is there are way to save a note under google keep to a specific folder?  I use goolge drive and would love to save a note in a certain client folder located in google drive. I would even settle for a short (link) to the note.

I like Google Keep. However, when I record a voice note, and access it through a laptop on Chrome, I have to download the voice recording. I wish you would add a play button and let us play the recording in the window just like you have in the Android Keep application. I have windows 8 and when you download the voice recording you have to open it in a new window away from the browser. I can't  easily check the recording against the transcribed note.

Or is there an easier way to play the recording while viewing the note?
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