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Thomas Ledbetter

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My son's essay on why education is important to him. I am so proud of how hard he works and how far he has come!
There are many different reasons my education is very important to me. Most people think that education would help me get a job in the real world, but for me, it is different. I have so many different reasons that the number is almost stratospheric. Despite this, I will share the three most important reasons to me: I want to expand my horizons as a person, I want to gain knowledge that will help me in my life, and I want to teach people more about Autism and help them understand it more, because believe it or not, I am autistic myself.
The first big reason is that I would like to become more open-minded and be able to expand the abilities that I have, not just intellectually, but also emotionally. Being educated with other students gives me opportunities to talk and become friends with people and expands my horizons. Talking with people also has helped me see how people view the world and how they think about things, which helps me understand people better and I have come to realize that the more people I talk with, the happier and more complete my life is.
The second big reason is that throughout my life, I have always had a hunger for knowledge. The majority of this is due to my father, who was able to get me into a general education classroom instead of being in a Special Education class. By the time I entered Kindergarten, I had over a 1000 word vocabulary because of him teaching me so much. Thus, I have always been curious about things and like to learn things, and school is practically my haven for that. I have always thought that the material I learned was useful and interesting, and I enjoy almost every minute of it.
            The third reason that education is important is because of my dream of becoming a neurophysiologist. I have in the past few years read many articles on people with Autism being bullied, and I have been disgusted by the things that have happened to some of these kids. Thus, I started to research more about what Autism actually was, and through that, I got to be very interested in my Autism, and thus, I wanted to know how the symptoms of Autism occur and what factors cause the different types of Autism to be different. Ever since, I have aspired to help people with Autism in my own unique way: by becoming a neurophysiologist and discovering more about Autism. In order to reach that however, I have to go to college and get a degree, which means going to school. I have to be educated. It’s just as simple as that.
In conclusion, I feel that without education, I would never be where I am today. All I hope is that one day, everyone will realize why education is so important, and that without it, we wouldn’t have the great things that we have today. 
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Thomas Ledbetter

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 A positive perfect storm is brewing for advancing connected learning principles and STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, mathematics).
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Thomas Ledbetter

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I tried editing once.  It was tedious.
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I just found out that our overall participation rate is only 60%!
NEWARK — What if every child attending any Newark school could get a free lunch every day?No need to fill out the paperwork for free and reduced-cost lunches, no payment options, no cashier needed, no parental requirements to disclose sensitive financial information, no stigma attached … every kid, a free lunch, every school day.That’s a subject that’s likely to come up in a Newark Board of Education meeting in October after board member Tom Ledb...
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Thomas Ledbetter

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There are a lot of patients who could potentially benefit from this new therapy.
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Thomas Ledbetter

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More free technology for teachers. We need a lot of FREE and a lot of Technology.
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This is going to get more and more common.
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That's disgusting.... Things have gotten bad in the US... 
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This is so sad but so true. My wife and I have been taking care or our grandson for 15 months now with no help from his mother. She seldom even calls.
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Thank you.
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Slowly moving from working within the system to building a new, better system, Education Technology Consultant, Business Owner, Social Media Marketing Consultant, B to B Market Researcher
  • Power-I Technology Research
    Chief Executive Officer, 2012 - present
  • Futures Unlimited Connections
    1986 - 2013
  • AS400 List
    President, 2002 - 2011
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True character is revealed when you come face to face with adversity. I want to learn, share thoughts and ideas with intelligent people and to grow intellectually. Hopefully I can use what I learn to help me understand our crazy world, and yes, maybe to have a small part in helping make our world a better place. What I look for here are interesting people and discussions that I can learn from and enjoy. My focus is mostly on education, education technology, e-learning, and social media and how we can integrate and incorporate all of that to help my, and other, children succeed in a VERY unpredictable future. With all the cuts to education and the problems that New York and the rest of the US are having it is critical that we find outstanding solutions to sometimes overwhelming situations. I truly believe that our children’s future, the future of our nation and our world rest not in the hands of our governments but in the hands of the people reading this today here on Google Plus.
I have been a member of the Newark Board of Education since 2005. I am known for my steadfast dedication to Special Education and Education Technology. I believe that education is the key to solving our problems and I am a firm believer in and strong advocate of technology integration in education.  I believe that Virtual or Online or e-learning is the only way to bring high quality classes and programs to students in poor or remote school districts. I belong to every technology, distance learning, and education group I can find and I am always looking for other like minded individuals and groups.
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Seven Children, Member of Newark Board of Education, A pain in the xxx to many of my other board members, Business/25 years.
  • Lifelong Learner
    Forever and a Day, 1955 - 2055
  • Open Courseware MIT & Harvard +
    Computer Science and Education, 2001 - 2011
  • UNC, Heidelberg University, BRTI, and MIT
    Science, Business, History, Social and Political Science, 1974 - 1976
  • East Henderson High School, Dana and Etowah Elementary Schools - The Henderson County North Carolina School System
    Science, Math, History, 1966 - 1973
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