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Thomas Løfgren
"I used to be a dreamer just like you, but then my pockets told me what to do"
"I used to be a dreamer just like you, but then my pockets told me what to do"

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Great piece. As many others have stated, I've made quite similar drawings myself when trying to explain creativty and productivity, but find this to be very concise and nicely summarized. I will definitely refer people to this page :-)

To the peeps who asked how 10 attempts at 4/5 chance of failure can yeild a 89% chance of being successful:

4/5  ^ 10 =
0,1073 =
10.73% chance of NOT getting any success.

As chance of not getting any succes at all and chance of getting (any amount of) succes must add up to 100%, then it follows 

100 - 10.73 = 89.27% chance of getting one or more succeses.

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What kind of freak buys toys for himself on his daughters birthday?

War Galley has been downloaded over 1.000 times so far. Blown away by the reception. It now has its own page on "The Geek", and a fan has translated it to Spanish.

Thinking about making an expansion with the best rule suggestions and a few campaign missions.

Thanks to all who shared the game!

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Purchased the Max & the Magic Marker game soundtrack, by ossum Danish polkatronica band Analogik. Just 40 (around 7 bucks)

Edit: War Galley now has its own page on BoardGameGeek:
I designed a free boardgame called "War Galley", which you can build and play using only matchboxes and matches.
Check it out here, and please share to any fellow boardgame geekz:

Dropbox: (prettiest version)
Google Docs:

"Plus Minus" Chrome extension let's you select which circles are shown in your default Google+ stream (I'm totally dumbfounded as to why this wasn't a launch feature)

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Thomas Løfgren changed his profile photo.

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Test dig selv: Tænder du på følgende billede?
+1 for at blive tilføjet til min "board gamers" circle og mere socialt pap-lir...


Personality test: Does the following photo excite you?
+1 to get added to my "board gamers" circle for more of all that cardboard-jazz...

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