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VisualArts themselves publishing Tomoyo After on Steam Oo
Is the VN Industry finally starting to offer their stuff in the west without middlemen?

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Wui, Rewrite Anime next Summer :D

Hopefully they don't just do 13eps.

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Hu, the start of S2 of SAO reminded me of this one ^^

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Chips. Check.
Coke. Check.  (no beer, have to work tomorrow)
TV HD Stream. Check.

Football World Championship can start ^^

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Okay, I guess you can discuss the speakers, but the rest...

Get's 5 of 5 nekos for the look alone ^^

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sigh why do nice pics rarely have my screen resolution?
Rewatching Aria atm, that show deserves regular rewatches ^^

帰りの道 | 優子さん~@仕事募集中#pixiv

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Lol, this one is great :D


Removing/Keeping people in circles who haven't posted anything for years...

On the one hand it's just work getting through profiles to see with whom I had contact/who have posted stuff in - let's say - the last two years, on the other hand it would be nice to keep it clean...

Or just move them all to an archive circle?

Woah, with the speed they're doing the Mahouka Story they'll finish Volume 2 in Episode 6.

If they keep that up they'll end at Vol. 8 with the finish of the anime. Seems pretty fast for a Light Novel Adaption, even if Mahouka is a gold medal favorite for being an Infodump.


That would mean 4 arcs incl. Reminiscence. Quite a lot of stuff...
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