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Hey Team +Jason Howell - I really think it would be great if you would follow-up on the rising Android-storm caused by the new Sony line up for 2015 (4K). The sony community is flooded with very unhappy customers that have bought into the dream of Android on TV with Sony only to find a product line haunted with flaws - in effect jeopardizing the whole Android push for TV.

You can read more her: 

LOVE you show - and please keep you being so fantastic to listen to!

Have Nine installed for my exchange calendar but in solcalendar each entry is read only. I think about adding the calendar in solcalendar but when I press exchange option under account nothing happens... Any hints you can share? 

Hi all.. Been searching high and low on a little more info on the new browser added to the android TV update for the Sony models released a week back - but not having much luck. Does anyone have any information to share? 

A little off topic: But +Gina Trapani s laughter is so dearly missed from the "regular episodes" now. Listening to 216 just makes me realise how fantastic she is. That laugh is a day and a week saver. Thanks!

Quick question: In Episode 216 at one point there was talk about a "Program killer" for handling rogue apps on Lollipop - but I cannot remember the name - can you help?

Hey +CyanogenMod​ this is for you.. You inability to deliver cm12s is a horrendous undertaking making you no better than a regular startup...

With the exception that most startups actually care enough about their user base to at least try and serve them.

You have done no such thing and by that proven that you are not to be trusted with the confidence you have been shown. Shame on you for not even communicating about what is going on. Extremely disappointed 😞 
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