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Thomas Hunsaker
Father, Husband, Programmer, Gamer.
Father, Husband, Programmer, Gamer.

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Some of my favorite podcasts: Android All The Time! - cc @pocketcasts

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My wallet is not ready: "Google will introduce...home Wi-Fi router. Oct 4" - #allthethings

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ROGUE ONE!!! Looking great! - @starwars

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Spoon 3.1 is out! Add check-ins to timeline, themes & more! Keep exploring! #Swarm #pebble #foursquare

Words to live by: "If it's not moldy it's fine." #lifeHack

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Exciting new updates headed to Spoon. #soon Check-in on @SwarmApp from your wrist!

Went for a walk this morning to find some Pokémon. All we saw was a guy smoking. You could say that we found a...


Okay Google, what are boogers made of? #ew

C: "When I grow up my phone is just going to have a calculator and games."
Me: "Why?"
C: "So I can calculate and play games." #fivelife
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