Considering running a dedicated server from home. I've got a Plesk 12 DS somewhere else, but I can now get 1000/1000 and a fixed IP. Anyone have any links / pricing / how-to? I might move it to a home-based server since it'll be cheaper and a huge hardware/processing/storage boost, broadcasting and more.. Anyone with experiences? Just would like to know.. I've used Plesk since around 2004 or something, but not so much web-virtuoso or as an ISP, just basic management of own domains, maybe apps/cloud-link, more advanced things later (holographic data up/downstream in the AR / VR agenda, ++), cost vs maintainability of local setup, anything..? I have about 10+ sites / projects developing.
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Hi Thomas,
can you please rephrase your questions?
What exactly are your questions?

The first thing I would start thinking about is usually at home connections you will be NAT'ed. So you will need some kind of Port Forwarding.

Next you should not underestimate your power costs when having a server running 24/7. And of course the noise and "heat" in the summer.

Besides that, you should just be able to setup a Server OS, install Plesk an start moving your sites.

Ohh before I forget. Although you get a static IP, it is usually marked as being dynamic. So Mailservices might not work. You should also check if you can setup a PTR Record for your static IP.

Just my two cents
I've run home servers for a while now on 100/100 fiber with a fixed IP but mail proved to be a b***.. Running that on an old Google Apps account, no mail servers to maintain. I've never really calculated the cost of electricity but I bet it beats the crap out of the cost of colocation. Forget about high availability, maybe behind your LAN but if your one line goes down, everything goes down the same goes for electricity, no redundancy, maybe you'll have an APC so you can shut down your machines gracefully on time in case of electricity failure if you happen to be home at that time.


For home use its fine to have a playground to develop some sites or even sysadmin skills.

One tip: virtualize and backup.

I use +Proxmox​​​​ in a three node cluster setup and with version 4 they've dropped OpenVZ in favor of LXC which is more of this time I'd say.

Ow and think of your servers as being a (small chance but) possible fire hazard.
You don't want to stick them under the only stairs/exit in your house while you sleep on the second floor.
Stick them in the attic, worst case your roof will be lost but your lives will be spared.
Hmm, well fire-hazards I don't have to worry about, but why, that is a complex question =) I have one machine running for years with subfrequent restarts, 64GB ram and LGA2011 i7 black edition extreme 4960X, my main workhorse anyway. But setting up another less powerful machine with an i7 3820 and a bit less ram, still with a 500GB SSD and faster ram, and GPU power, my dedicated server has a 64GB I think, not much GPU power at all, and is a Xeon, probably a rackmount. I have good experience both with AIT and theplanet/ev1servers/softlayer before that, but yeah since now using for as much static content as possible, its more the idea of local control and app development, which later would probably be on a more powerful cloud-based system, but for local site-dev and before any bigger project grows from startups / hobby, a local server is cheaper (I can get 1000/1000 fiber for half what I pay for the dedicated server currently, and the hardware here locally is hopefully soon up and running, hence what does a Plesk license for personal home-use / home-server cost? And maybe I don't really need it, but I do like and am used to the Plesk interface that's all. Thanks for your answers =)
Hi again,
well that information is to be found on the Plesk Website:

You will have the option of buying/renting a license either directly from Odin or from any Partner.

What I saw was some offerings attached to options with servers, maybe I just need to find the one that I need where I have the server myself and what I then need is a Plesk license with 20+ domains or what the configuration options are for self hosting. I will have another look, thanks.
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