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This shot was taken on the 08th of April 2012 during a short but intensive photowalk with +Dominik Reinhold in the city of Plauen (

The photo shows the stairways of a look-out made from the viewing platform. This photo made me sweat, because I have no hand band for my cam and I needed it to be held very far over the handrail to make a picture in the middle. Hanging there over the railing, holding the camera freehand and doing an 3 exposure shot...challenging! But at the end no camera, equipment or photographer was harmed :D Hope you like the outcome too :)

Camera: Samsung WB5500
Mode: User1, multi-shot, AEB -1, 0, +1
Processing: Corel +AfterShot Pro for +Linux: b/w adjustments
Tonemapping: Luminance HDR for +Linux: mantiuk
Postprocessing: +GIMP for +Linux: sharpening
Copyright: +Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Because I started with Photography at the end of 2011 feel free to comment and criticize.
Thank you very much!

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Wow, great perspective!

I would like to thank you for contributing to the Monochrome Monday theme!
Thank you, +Manuel Votta. And to get the perspective I needed to be very brave and forget my fear :D
Photography is challenging, that's one lesson I've learned and sometimes the results are very nice. Thanks again for your very kind words, +Manuel Votta :)
Unter Einsatz deines Lebens! Sehr gutes Foto!
Under employment of your life! Very good photo!
Ä bissl kannschs do ooch! Zur Kontrolle gibts dann noch BabelFish.
Danke fuer deine aufbauenden Worte und Anregungen, +Jochen Schweizer ! Da habe ich wieder was gelernt von dir und probiere das beim naechsten Versuch mit einzubeziehen. :) Dankeschoen!
You should add, +Dominic Rodriguez . Your creative knowledge and opinion is always very welcome :)

Unfortunately I am not a native English speaker and I am not sure how you mean that focus around the middle. Could you please explain it a bit more detailled for me? Thanks mate!
This is exactly what I thought when I was running the 7 floors upstairs to reach the platform, +Christoph Korn *LOL*

Ah, ok! Got it, +Dominic Rodriguez :) I guess this fuzzy effect comes from freehand HDR shooting, because you can't hold still in this position for 3 shots in series :)
You dir, for sure :) now help me find a way to get the cam mounted safely and solid over a stairway. That's what makes my brain work hard at the moment, +Dominic Rodriguez
But then you still have up and down movement what changes the focus?
No, I have no idea :) that's why I was asking you, +Dominic Rodriguez :)

In my opinion it is not possible to get the cam mounted perfectly without a special construction.
Tolles Motiv und tolle Berbeitung in sw!
Great shot, great location. And nice to see someone using something exotic like that WB5500 instead of always a Nikon. ;-) I use the WB5000.
I really like the Samsung, but unfortunately it can not shoot in series with RAW and the manual focus is ridiculous :)

Thank you very much for your kind words, +Wim Bergs :) appreciate it!
Gran y vertiginosa fotografía. Excelente disparo.
da kann man echt drin versinken.... immer weiter runter... und runter... und runter und runt.... ahhhhhh
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