This shot was taken on the 08th of April 2012 during a short but intensive photowalk with +Dominik Reinhold in the city of Plauen (

The photo shows the stairways of a look-out made from the viewing platform. This photo made me sweat, because I have no hand band for my cam and I needed it to be held very far over the handrail to make a picture in the middle. Hanging there over the railing, holding the camera freehand and doing an 3 exposure shot...challenging! But at the end no camera, equipment or photographer was harmed :D Hope you like the outcome too :)

Camera: Samsung WB5500
Mode: User1, multi-shot, AEB -1, 0, +1
Processing: Corel +AfterShot Pro for +Linux: b/w adjustments
Tonemapping: Luminance HDR for +Linux: mantiuk
Postprocessing: +GIMP for +Linux: sharpening
Copyright: +Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Because I started with Photography at the end of 2011 feel free to comment and criticize.
Thank you very much!

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