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Ladybugs in the Wild -- Oakland, CA
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that's a lot of ladybugs
cool picture
Very cool shot, but looking at it gives me the itch!
Great................i slut u sir..........!
Much better than Ladybugs in the Home.
what animal or animals that includes the steps
the one at the bottom right had corner stands out more
I think it's because of the angle of the lighting on it's spotless shell
look at me, getting all technical
my kids would be sooooo happy to see that many of them...:)
awww i like these insect but when it's have his normal color which is RED what's the hell ?!!!!!
but really nice shot :)
good,but,isn't seven star insect,it's run?haha,2012 come。
CeCe M
love this.....

Spring must be close, as I've seen a few of them recently!
A loveliness of ladybirds. That must be the best collective noun ever.
Great picture :)
Alas, they're the stinky Asian kind rather than the natives we sang about as children.
im pretty sure those are the asian lady beetles and not the common ladybug. theses are the pest ones that overwinter in houses and compete w/ native lady bugs. the size of the dots and the color of the ladybug as well as a set number of dots differentiate between the 2 . and lately asian is common bug found as they over take the natural species. but i am no entomologist. they also live for up to 3 years and over winter in houses.
i love it . this picture very beautiful. i hope you have other picture more interesting
where we are, the past few summers have been so messed up, we get swarms of ladybugs, but I have never seen THIS many at the same time.
It's strange to see that all of them don't have the same number of dots ! It varies a lot ... unless someone has played with photoshop.
hmmm i like to play with them in my childhood :)
Amazing, what camera do you use? any filters?
+Harry Wilson The unlucky lady bug: multi-colored Asian lady beetles damage grapes and wine.
ڪنت ولآزلت آحلم بآن آڪون ...!
شخصآ طيفي آلآثر ...
آريد آن آكون مثل آلطيف في : حيآة آلآخرييين
شيء خفيف ... يمر بـ سهوله !
دون آن يترك آثرآ بآلغلآ
+John Simmons I care; besides being accurate about the subject, it changes the interpretation of the image. Ladybugs are beneficial insects, whereas ladybeetles are destructive pests. If this were a picture of a swarm of ladybugs, it would describe a scene of agricultural abundance. As it stands, this describes a situation of decay and pestilence, similar to images of locust swarms. "All that crappy information" allows people to think something deeper than "Whoa, cool." and actually take meaning from an artist's work.
oh sweet, my favorite...lady bugs
en sevdiğim böcek çok güzellll...
You should come to our house, Wisconsin is infested with these.
Thought we are inundated with Ladybirds in Llanarth,Monmouthshire,
Oakland sure beats that!
Ahhhhhhh I LOVE lady Bugs..!!! That is my nickname from my grandmother
dont be hatin on the cute adorable sweet little lady bugs
"Excuse me, Ladies ... pardon me, just trying to get through"
where did you find all of them?
Thanks to the winter we had in Alabama, I am expecting a bumper crop of aphids. I could use a couple more colonies of these!
I never knew that these cute lady bugs could bite. My daughter had one land on her arm while at Chilly's waiting outside for a table. When she went to try to pass the lady bug from arm to her hand, she felt a sting and she then knocked it off. When I looked there was a red mark where she was bitten. I guess the bug felt threaten and went into defense mode.
Those without dotted are Gentleman Bugs. :-)) never knew that those without dots are male.
ooooowww :) :) Great picture...
Ha Ha
ewww thats nassty but cutie to ?
Awesome :) I didn't know that either....learn somethin' new everyday
I didn't know about the dot thing either, but from this picture it looks like there are a lot more ladybird/bugs with dots, so the males are in for an active night.

They will be smoking and raiding the fridge as we speak.

It time to partaaaay! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOL
i would never eat that
really nice and scary at the same time... as I have tryptophobia =D
very cool... where in oakland did you take that picture?!
That would make a nice neck tie pattern.
That's a way good luck photo.
I heart ladybugs no matter how creepy they are actually when you look at them up super close.
I'm a Norton also. Where are you from girl friend? Sweet home Alabama here !!11
holy shit! This is an awesome find Thomas!!
Quel plaisir ça me rappelle les montagnes des alpes ou je suis né avec ces routes en lacets
Kevin had it right! "Lady bugs" are red and beneficial. these are vermin and the plague! They are a subtle indicator of threat via species overstepping their bounds! Many know of the frog extinctions indicator but this is its opposite- the infiltration / infestation!
not it is not gross. they are really cool. great picture!
Well....... Now that's a lot of ladybugs! Ya think!?
I love lady bugs....ones there's maybe one or two. But picturing all of those crawling around makes me feel queasy. I'm not a bug person.
Thomas what a great shot. I didn't realize that some of these critters don't have spots on them.
wht will happen if bear grylls see it???
Very cool captured image. I do not think they are ladybugs they are red ? I think they are squash bugs.
They're not squashed yet. But yes they are ladybugs/ladybirds.

Much loveliness
... or a lot of Luck? - In Germany we believe that they bring good luck.
Can't place a lotta ladies in one room;)
Beautiful colors!
These are lady bugs. Squash Bugs are quite different. Check Wikipedia.
Those are not lady bugs, they are the Asian lady beetle that have infested the US, they are pests that have an irritating bite. We have them all over our acreage. Also they are more orange than the traditional red lady bugs we saw growing up as kids.
how do you know they are Lady bugs and not Asian Beatles? Did you let one try to bite you?
I'm adding this to my list of things to be acutely depressed about.
Just imagine them walking over your head, in your hair and down your neck.

Imagine them walking down your back and up your trouser legs.

Itchy yet? :0)
WOW some of them didnt have spots ? are they still ladybirds?????
I've seen huge masses of lady bugs many times before while hikeing in the Los Padres forest in SoCal. It very impressive. I was once in a short blizzard of insects that scared the heck out of me. At first I thought it was a swarm of bees, killer bees came to mind. Once I was completely engulfed by the swarm I realized it was all ladybugs. I had hundreds of them landing on me. Kind of creepy feeling.
kheyli khoshgelaaaaaaaaaannnnn
bache bodam asheghe kafsh dozak bodaaam
vary nice
those are asian beetles not lady bugs!
I hope your editing in production.
some of them has no dots? wish i have them in my back yard
I think those are Asian beetles not lady bugs.... Thats why the colour is off.
ladybirs are awsome my dog jack as got a toy Ladybird he loves it
i loved lady bugs but i had a bad luck with one so they gross me out now
(wat is) de fuck iz dad?
lady bugs just don't eat leafs and other plants like people think. lady bugs are meat eaters also. if you like look it up on check your facts.
These bugs in my country are suppose to be good luck.
waaaaaaaw pretty ladybugs & so nice capture
We had a load of these on our pampas grass last week when it was mild - which was unusual (the ladybirds and not it being mild in the UK!)

I just hope they were the native UK ones and not those nasty harlequin ladybird imports
how many lady bugs are there
I really think Thomas should either re-label this photo, or add a disclaimer at the bottom. Those are clearly not ladybugs, and there is a lot of misinformation being spread around on this thread.

I think its great that people are enjoying this picture, but Thomas has a lot of followers and correct information can only benefit people.

Just my two cents.
I wonder what Rush Limbaugh would call that?
i like your picture plus i love ladybugs
Awesome image, Thomas... Did you use any focus-blending software on this?
they look like they taste good........
No wunder its in oakland... TROLOLOLOlolololol
i really dont like bugs ik its gurly but they r gross 2 me
ewwwwwwwwwwwwww there cute but to many yuck
Hi Brooke Wright! No problem here, I just wanted to explain that Mr. Hawk might have picked a better caption for his photo. Feel free to google "Ladybugs" and check the images. I'll let you find the rest of the clues! Cheers.
Wow! Nice shot!
Reminds me of Spring when all the Ladybugs come out from hibernating and cover my house!
I think some of those are Asian Beetles. They're not really that different. Asian Beetles are spotless, bite, and smell bad if they're squished
eww i hate ladybugs ever since i had a dream that i swollowed a huge ladybug blagh
I just had a thought...Are there any "male" ladybugs? And, what are
they called and why do we never hear about them?
Beetles hands down; NOT COOL when you can't get rid of them in your house. signed, a former WA state ladybug fan
hace tanto tiempo que no veo Ladybugs ( mariquitas en mi país )
Love ladybugs; not only are they probably the only cute bug but they are great garden friends; they love to eat aphids and my garden hates aphids.
Thanx 4 that Adam. Made me feel sooo sick! X
Lady들 저렇게 많이 한자리에 모아놓으면 접시깨질텐데 :)
Liz C
Gorgeous! Just finding this now :-)
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