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Accept All You See -- Toronto, Canada
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Love the clean lines and composition. Great perspective.
Balance top light:)nice
that photo is epic!! i love it, i would buy it!!
architectural photos! with all their perspectives and lines and skylines &... are really great! urban photos may be ... i don't know what u call them. after all they're perfect!
actuly the bilding may not be large its just the perspective that you are seeing
OOOh it's soo beautiful :D
very good my friend,but I think that someone will drop some gift from the top of the right building,so I'll wait here .
en,not bad, maybe if there was a plane,it will be better
Xoxo muah morning sunshine, kissing the sky right now happy Sunday hehe :) have a wonderful day
Ian Hex
I totally dig the lines on this. Almost hypnotic.
elle est dingue ++++ absolument greate ++
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