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What a TOTAL BLAST!  I think of all of the albums from this round of +Chrysta Rae's scavenger hunt this was my favorite!  Congrats to everyone who participated and to the other AWESOME judges +Lotus Carroll +Lee Daniels +Gilmar Smith and +Alan Shapiro.
Well This is it...
our LAST ALBUM from the Anniversary Round of the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt.

I can't believe how fast that went!!

For anyone who has been following over the past 10 days, you know what this is all about. 
I give 10 items to 500 photographers of every level,
I give them a month to shoot their take of the item
I collect all images, make them anonymous and have them judged.
I then present each album to the world! (or... my G+ piece of it anyway!)

If you would like to sign up for the next round
Be online at 12 noon (mountain time zone) on Saturday, November 3rd and watch my profile page.
There are 250 spots open 
Spots go FAST (pre-sign for the next round was filled up within 30 minutes) so make SURE you are ready at your keyboard!!

The next round will be a HOLIDAY SPECIAL ROUND!
I'm so excited about the list! And pretty pumped about the judges for the next round!

And I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to my Anniversary Scavengers. I cannot believe I have been hosting this for a year now! Time flies. You all fill up my world with such bright light. You are creative and generous and goofy and I love all of you so much!

And with that...
Here is the LAST album of the round.
I proudly present to you: BLACK AND WHITE
I item - seen 367 different ways.

hugs self and grins
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I think this share will help raise the post's "hotness" a bit!
Great having you judge Thomas!  I can't wait to see the winners later :)
black and white  phoyography is great to see making a come back verse color.
Lindas fotos de blancos y negros,pero me fije esta foto de la copa a rayas parece la copa cebra es muy bonita.
Thanks so much for judging +Thomas Hawk! This was my first time around with the hunt, and I'm definitely hooked!
Thank you for beeing part of this!
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