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Red Skies at Night -- Oakland, CA
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i love the colors... :)
Looks like the sunrise we had this morning down her in Australia..
Gorgeous glowing shot!
so so so beautiful! I like it so much~
This is a beautiful picture! I love the deep red color. Magnificent!!
Awesome pic.... God is gr8.....
hi frnd,
this is good img's
gud day
So nice, I like it!
I saw an old sci-fi movie where the Van Allen Belt caught fire -- it was in black and white -- but if it had been in color, it would have looked like this!
Swee Oh
wow never seen the sky so red before especially Oakland!
Splendid! I wish ! I could be a part of this.
Lin Mi
beautiful scenery!i enjoyed!
Absolutely stunning and beautiful pic! Postcard perfect!
Hello Thomas, you are so adorable ...sweet pics my name is Shannon I live in Redding California home of the 2 volcanos...maybe you will come up and shoot some footage...
Wow the bay looks so beautiful !!!!!
Ai Ying
it was so.... AWESOME!!!
like it.....................:)
what amazing sense of color ....... Is it truly possible to visualize such shots before the shoot
i love the bold red sky !
that is gorgeous...makes me miss home. I grew up in San Jose...
Smog makes for a beautiful sunset in Cali... lol
‎" I'm selfish, impatient and a little
insecure. I make mistakes,
I am out of control and at times
hard to handle.
But if you can't handle me at my
worst, then you sure as hell don't
deserve me at my best. "
looks as if it was dipped into deep red..i like the details of the bridge and the broad red areas in contrast to it, +Thomas Hawk
Red sky at night, a sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Beautiful pic, reminded me of navy days
Yes, what he said~
You Rock Thomas! Amazing capture bub!
Le an
i like this one so much.
great one Thomas)
its cool man so sweet & i like it................!
Jack Li
So beautiful!
The today's whole world covered under blood
That picture is breathtaking it is so beautiful whoever took it has an eye for beauty.
Amazing picture...but even more amazing is the painter who created it. God is so creative and he's blessed so many, like you, with His creativity. Awesome!
Almost has a Lensbaby effect to it. Very awesome shot!
Magical! Such a fabulous colors! Very beautiful!
There no beautiful in fornt of god creation
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