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My Blinders -- Miami, FL
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Powerful leading lines and contrast. The timing of the light is superb. Nice work!
I am tempted to use this as my cover photo on here.
Between CSI and your great photo here, I'm starting to think that Miami actually has those colors in the sky.
perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome !!!!!
may i know in which camera you clicked this pic ?
Wonderful colors off the nature and the bridges.
can someone tell me where this awesome scene is ?
+Thomas Hawk
Seems like you're up early, on East Coast time a lot. Do people in CA have to live by east coast time (especially if working in the financial markets?). 
Beautiful colors in the sky in this! And the perspective is great too!
Ilove this perspective, its really exhilarating. Reminds me of escape or freedom...
yuppi...................... like =)
sometimes i lay under the bp bridge and just watch the cars go across it.. its fun and scarey at the same time
+Thomas Hawk Hi Thomas. Thanks for posting great pics in my stream. I really love your pics. There are a group of photographers who love taking this sort of photographs in Japan and we use the hashtag #elevatedexpressways . It'd be really terrific if you could use this hashtag when you upload this sort of photograph. I know you're a big guy and probably can't care less about such activities but we'd be really appreciate it if you check out the pics related to this hashtag. Best.
I Love Florida. I am Crazy about Florida
the perfect sunset or rise beautifu l!!!!
The sky is often very colorful after the rain. I missed an op yesterday being busy in my studio.
Interesting and very very beautiful good picture man i like. Regars from Lima - Perú
Liz Lui
Nice composition!
it is sooooo.............outstanding....beautiful.......!!!!!!
The sky is really nice. Did any trolls get to you from under the bridge?
That's the colours! You capture that moment at the right time and the right place!
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