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I See Faces in the Back of My Mind -- Oakland, CA
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very cool colors and symmetry. I think anything with bilateral symmetry is prone to cause "face seeing" in the human brain since we have so many neurons dedicated to face recognition
nice symmetry pic you have, like it
great creative use of HDR...not just creating a cartoon world...super!
Cool image... scary thought ;)
ah, damn! this pic is too good.
Liz C
Wow. BART station, yes?
I'm fine :)
just online my channel at youtube.. :)
supersymmetry returned....
I think Jim Morrison may have said something similar;) Awesome black leading lines
You know,if you stare at a brick long enough,you start to understand the oragine,lol,(i know I just murdered that word)of history.gotta love the prisom,prison,system.
Great shot +Thomas Hawk would love to see the original shot. I would guess a lot of your work is about processing. You are amazingly creative. Do you normally previsualize the final picture when you're taking the shot? Or do you then experiment in the PS. anyway it doesn't really matter when the final picture looks like this!
Val p.c
can i draw this???
how did u do that its amazing
I think your right if you look at it long enough you can make out faces !
+Thomas Hawk Another fantastic combination of great color and composition! I also enjoy the minimalist approach in this image.
So cool - I really like your style. I have put your link on my blog along with a photo.....
careful about them :) , just like doing the same for those in the front
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