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So apparently Google tells us how many +1s we have made. I just checked and I've made 45,721. How many have you done? you can check here:
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61072! I should probably spend more clicking time behind the camera! ;-P
12,425 (although it certainly felt like more!)
I'm a slacker, only 16,810. ;)
+Thomas Hawk mine's 50,437. I've known about this thing for a while, but I'm uncertain as to what exactly it shows.
Looks like I better start catching up...
Really appreciate you posting this. Just went through everything. Also, 45,000 +1s? Holy moly.
I have made only 17,000....guess I need to get clicken'!!!
833.... hahah only about 50 times more than me!
I tend to comment more than +1. Maybe I should switch it around. 
+Ron Bearry - I tend to comment quite a bit more than +1 things (sometimes a combo if I remember to click the +1 after commenting, hah). I tend to agree with +Thomas Tenkely . But there also is a great satisfaction in +1ing things!

Perfect example: I just commented on this post twice and still haven't remembered to +1 it too. :)
I'm fairly apathetic... 434..
really though I seldom +1 something unless it really catches me. I'd rather say something nice. Maybe I should to both.
5,687 for me. Thought it may be higher than that but am pleasantly surprised it's not lower. LOL
3048 I'm not as prolific as you are! :)
43 - If I +1 it, this means I really like it...
Maybe I need "the shirt". It would provide me with extra +1 mojo. 
447.... I'm particular on what I +
Only 709. I've actually been wondering recently on the point of +1ing pages, it's not like it appears in people's streams like on Facebook?
25.251 also there you lead Thomas but I will catch you :))
40,541 not bad

there is a LOT of info there!! cool! thanks Thomas!
56215!! Perhaps I need to get out more. hahaha!
I have 2113. But how do know if that's good or bad? I can share this with you however, as a result of +Thomas Hawk adding me into his 1500 'Kick-Ass Photographers of Google Plus', my numbers are climbing AND the number of plus ones I'm happy to be giving out are also climbing.
So, that's good, right?
26 Apparently I never +1 anything
The amount of information would had scared me a couple of years ago but strangely not so much now ...
Andy Q.
Ha, cool, thanks Thomas! 21k + so far.
Oh that is cool! 7700+ for me! Does anyone know what all it takes? Surely I've not +1'd so many photos/posts, May be it takes comments +1's also.

+Kerry Murphy 56000 :O
+Sandra Parlow I thought you'd have more than 40k ;)
I'm such a slacker. Only 1,990 +1s so far.
Oh my! Do you ever leave your computer +Thomas Hawk? I thought I had done a lot since July but I've got only about 7800.
7655 I consider that good for forgetting to +1 when I comment half the time ! Neat post.
46,196 and counting. Tick, Tick, Tick....
What I would like is a page or something that can show me all the posts/pictures that I have +1'ed, so that I can revisit them if I want to.
I think you all are setting a fine example...I'm sure taking notes!
Y'all just need to learn to spread yourself around a little more. ;)
My "Profile" +1s are the same as my "Google +" +1s - It would be good to actually track ALL the +1s I've added to wider web.
I'm lost guys... who's who as who?!?!?
+Mark Esguerra Ahh, that explains how +Billy Wilson shows up as being in almost every single hangout in the G+ universe. :)
thank you so much I'm no longer confused... what was it your name was again???
1211 - which I thought was actually a pretty good number (considering I haven't been on here that long), until looking at the rest of you guys' numbers. I need to pick up the pace!
728... I would have guessed around 20, surprised its that high. 
LOL ...I was thinking I need to get a life when I saw my 15,812 pluses... then I read the comments here!! ;)
My 2000 pluses happened over my first six weeks. What time frame are the rest of you using?
Hmm... my 3,167 are very weak compared to your Plus-Fu!
Brit B.
I feel small with my 335. Guess I need to get "plussing".
Wow, that is some pretty serious clickage. As of January 25th there have been 211 days or 6 months and 28 days since the Google+ field testing launched. So for you +Thomas Hawk that is (45721 / 211 = 216.687204) 216 +1s each and every day (on average) since the launch. That is some serious work. +Kev Isabeth, you on the other hand have a daily average of 5314 clicks per day; a monumental feat. Again the math assumes both of you joined Google+ on the first day of the limited field test and have clicked +1s non-stop ever since.
+Robert Scoble You've done a daily average of (13782 / 211 = 65.3175355) an impressive 65 +1s per day since the start of the limited field test.
+Kev Isabeth that link is not working. Do you feel like you +1 5,000 things a day. That number just seems astronomically high to me.
+Kev Isabeth ahhhhh ok, that makes more sense. up above you said 1,121,455 but the number is actually 112,161. That's still incredibly impressive and sort of makes you the +Billy Wilson of Google+ now. I did not think it would have been possible to do over a million. :)
1188 (in about a month of active google+'ing) Interesting to see this dashboard - I didn't know it existed! Thanks for sharing!
+Thomas Hawk I like that I can see how many +1s I have given out. How do I see the +1s that I have given to photos on G+ ? Sort of like how Flickr does Favorites.
+Kev Isabeth You're the Man, Kev! G+ is lucky to have you, spreading the love... in this case, spreading the +1's! :D
+Thomas Hawk Will be regularly posting a "leaderboard" for this? Haha? just kidding. I know it'll be a lot of work to do so. :D
Well I just added about 20 plus1s to my measly 4 figure amount from +1ing things in this post alone. I've got some catching up to do.

But I will probably remain very stingy with +1s on pictures so they remain a big statement.
Now next let's count informative number of posts written :)
Yikes. I haven't done many at all. 595. That is awful. I'm going to try and improve that in the New Year.
I try to +1 every day - so 2000 odd - far more interesting (disturbing) number is.....Gmail - Inbox 1600 conversations - Spam 6000 conversations - thanks you Gmail crew from saving from 6000 Spams :-)
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