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Pain -- Miami, FL
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gives me the feeling i got while reading the divine comedy
Reminds me of Harry Potter
You're very good at this. /me awe.
Hai saifou r u online ?
My prrreeeccciiiooouuusss... At first glance I thought it was Gollum!
Nate - I was thinking the same thing. Gollum
What did Thomas shoot this on, anyone know?
Really like the image.
I look like that when it's 11pm and I don't have an image for my 366 project. :)
omg that looks so realistic thats so cool
Nami Fe
excellent working...
eeew!!! that thing scared me when i opened my page lmao
excellent photo really extraordinary art made by man, great job congratulations
Disturbing... but I can't help glancing back at it.
it looks discusting in a lot of ways but at the same time, its really cool
Well done! A true capture of desolate agony.
Nice, that's also how I felt in Miami 
nice shot on taking that picture how did you do it so good to capture that
a lot of people are commenting on this photo... it must be very popular! lmao
aaaaaa reminds me of the weeping angels from dr. who O__O
Imagine if the weeping angels turned someone into this pose in Doctor who...
astonishing ,incredible and so inspirative.
I like it. Not exactly sure why, but it's very interesting. I could look at that all day.
That's either the harbinger of the Zombie Apocolypse or a memorial to any movie-goer that paid to see +Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill.
wow great angle :) i might get to c it tomorrow and get inspired :D
o.0 did his family die or something?
like realy wats with is facial expression
that looks like a walker or a night-seeker. it isn't creepy.
Yikes! I thought I was having a bad day.
Can we say Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter one more time?
You know whats awesome abt posting this pic to googleplus .... nothing at all looks like gullom from lord of the rings lost his lotion and his ring... cept for gullom has better hair haha
its absoulutly frighting but entrancing at the same time
Oh my, I love this photo so much, I can't stop staring at it.
Wow -look it is Creed's new album cover man!
There something wierdly beautiful about this pic, i feel the pain
Striking image. Reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
MK Goh
Terrific . One word to describe .. AWESOME !! Thanks man
I don't know why but I think this is a beautiful picture.
wow thats very sad because I see a regular guy and he has everything but then a valcano erupts and covers him and he was hold up his arm for someone to help him but I love it
This may sound bad, but I totally thought of Gollum when I saw this.
I might be wrong but the picture is really define what you want to from it.For me it looks like someone down trodden but has not given up hope. Beckoning for help and being hopeful it would come.It also reminds me of the art work scream.
+Autumn McDonnell - Wow! Pompeii was my first thought too!

I assume that this is a sculpture. He looks too frail to be alive.
He looks like we're all gonna look if the powers that be keep flirtin' with nuclear disaster!
Great picture! I can see the pain.
UMMmmmm i really hope im not the only one that thought this was a sculpture of that little dude from harry potter.
looks like a real person... incredible...]
Everyone's saying Harry Potter. I'm thinking more of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.
es genial esa fotografia!!!... ;)
great art :) ,, i can fell it
Mar g
Wow that is kind of scary...:O
it captures the very being of my soul like the real me trying and screaming to get out. being held inside begging for freedom
looks like me after an eczema attack. It'll take ages for him to clear up. Nice picture though.
Pain, we all are pain, just take care yourself.
Gosh, i can almost feel the pain, very expressive.
this picture reminds me of a homeless person on the streat begging for food, warmth, and shelter. amazing picture though
It looks so rear and terrifying...
It is an amazing thing when art can capture a state of mind and emotion.
beautifull. Thx you mr. +Thomas Hawk This is so different than anything I have ever seen on Google plus: borderline, dark, marginal. Congratulations on a beautiful photo! You did it what few succeed: to discuss the art on the two opposite ways. Normally comments are always pro. But here I see the comments for and against. Once again, congratulations
That pic is ugly and scary i don't like it at all.
creepy kewl! What's it made of? Who does this resemble, if anyone at all?
Guys covered in porridge........
Looks something like Golem from LoTR.
What type of pain? this doesn't look like any pain to me at all, but a desperate act of impotence, to see something being removed and unable to do anything about it. cool anyway.
No its not from Pompeii, its a holocaust memorial in Miami FL, it clearly says Miami, FL on the picture..
This piece is amazing. And the photography is amazing...I like the lens angle and the black and white; it gives it the feel of the age. Impressive all the way around.
First thing I thought of was Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. No clue how people saw Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings with this. And I'm a fan of both.
"POMPEII SUCKS!" were Claudius last words.
Dont do it master I did not know..forgive me. This Sir, is an awesome piece
Looks like a leftover from a Metallica video
where was this taken? Is that a real person? I agree with mattie;great art.
Isn't this a detail of a Holocaust memorial?
apa .,.foto alienkah ini tapi aku suka .
What an artist, and a great capture. Very expressive.
The entire Holocaust memorial is brilliant. We should never forget the atrocities that occurred then. "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
- Winston Churchill
Actually, that quote came from Winston Churchill
Fixed that - copied too much and forgot to check for edits
Nice picture. But didn't give me good feeling...
+Maria Turner, you were actually correct. The original quote came from George Santanaya :) (he used word past instead if history)
song xu
Looks almost like something from a tool video
after nuclear shock......well expressed...
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm every nice
flight from a ironing floor..............
When I saw this picture my gut reaction was "grab him in a hug and then take him away from... whatever is there". But by brain told me that it makes no difference because this man isn't real. And then my heart broke because this is really happening all around the world.
Awesome I feel when hit with an RA flare up .... thanks for sharing
Nice photograph

and also

Good moral message send to all
When in Germany I went to Dachau concentration camp and this photo has just as much of an impact as first this powerful piece....once again thanks for sharing.
koji ocaj jebatga, takav je u ljudima
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cool as all get out love it, so much meaning, great job,tag it to me if you would please.
there wer similar sand soldiers in `Conan the Barbarian (2011)`
anybody watched :D
It is a strange and watchable photo because the reaction in the face gives pain in my heart and it expresses the originality.
Is it original person or it is a statue .................... ?
Why is Google+'s what's hot section filled with art? I'm not complaining I just find it #unusual .
That's what happens to people when the go burn in Hell. That's what going to happen 2 everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus and doesn't try to live a better life..
horific bt awesome. I think its Just imagination,dont tel me its real
what will you do when u wake up on the morning only 2 find out that he slept with u the previos night
Calin J
Asta e bun de afis pentru electoralele din 2012: Alegator indreptandu-se in pas vioi spre cabina de votare!
The photo is beautiful, artfully shot, but as for pain... something is missing. I can't put my finger on exactly what, but I was not touched. Weird.
African art descriping something about our culture,nice 
What's this? Is it real?
He should not have looked at medussa straight at her face
this is what poor people will look llike after a century
So frightening to look at initially. Thankfully it is not real.
hello my dear all friends. how are you ?
Amazing expression. If this is a part of a memorial, it captures the very soul of those who inspired the artist.
this would take at least 15minutes of my time just to discover something which am still on
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