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Special San Francisco G+ impromptu photo meetup. Come shoot Treasure Island TONIGHT 7PM!

Well we have a few out of towners in town with us tonight and so what better way to celebrate than an impromptu San Francisco G+ meetup! +Marc Evans is up from So Cal and +Ricardo Liberato is in from Europe. +sly vegas will be there (hopefully we can make him bring +Charli Blake). Mayor of Beatty +Luc Asbury will be there.

Who else is up for shooting some of the best views of San Francisco? Sunset is at 7:44 so we will meet at the Bliss sculpture (pictured below) on Treasure Island at 7pm sharp.
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Sounds amazing, wish I could be there!
shoot! short notice! I'd hop over straight away! :D
were is that at? first of all
That will be fun! Does any part of the former military base still exist?
I always try to get half price toll on the Bay Bridge when going to Treasure never works.
Swee Oh
Bummer I wish I could make it...
Thanks +Thomas Hawk - there's a link to a calendar in the About section, we try to add all sorts of walks and events as we find them.
You have no idea ...
I've been actually thinking about it. My biggest disappointment with my SF trip was not having more time on Treasure Island. I can't wait to get back there! +Thomas Hawk
NOOOOOOOO I just made plans for tonight this morning :(
I'll be at the graffiti photowalk next Saturday~
You're a week early for me :-( Treasure Island and that amazing skyline view is very near the top of my "must shoot" list for San Francisco.
nice photo of you I like this!
I fear 7pm would be too early for me to get there.
If there is a miracle I will see you there.
+Ricardo Lagos yeah, it was sort of a last minute thing. +Sam Breach I'm sure we'll be there for a while if you get a chance. Probably go get an adult beverage somewhere later too I'd suspect.

+Tony Wang looking forward to that walk. I'll be on that too.
Any chance of it happening again tomorrow? I might be able to make that one. Unless there's something going on after the seminar.
Wish I heard about this earlier.. Already made plans with the wify for tonight.
cool, i've not shot there before. see you all there.
alex ho
+Thomas Hawk will u guys be "going" into the special structures there?
I don't think I am going to be able to wng it. Have fun everyone
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ooh OK I knew it was somewhere in Florida,San Francisco Or In Hawaii is in San Francisco and I still said that!:)
@ Washilah Ardiati I know it's in San fransisco
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