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Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart -- St. Louis, MO
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go on .....JUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!
OHHHHHHHMY!!!!!!!!!!!! ::lesigh::
an awesome picture...they do not have architecture like this nowadays...
typical but still great
That pretty love that where is that at please tell me
wow.....! how excellent..........! very nice round stay..... uncommon.........!
nice....It has an; elegant appeal, true lovely pattern. You can almost feel yourself walking down these stepz..
Incredibly beautiful and so full of texture! I love the lines and every twist and turn!!
same as the previous concept, but it's excellence
how old is this stairs ? wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
+Thomas Hawk You should make a app called "Stuck on Stairways" You have a knack for finding really cool ones.
When I show this shot all I could thing was wowowowow
That's awesome.....a nice place to work out......
Andy CJ
Wow, it's great!
wow!How to take this photo?
VERTIGO....springs to mind!!! Ahhhh......
if you tilt your head you see a door made of stairs... i'm just saying
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i love your pics...i look forward 2 these 24/7!!!!
wen i fist saw this, my words were,"WOW!!' literally
You must have the largest catalog of spiral staircases ever created
I'm imagining the gymnastics it took to get this wonderful shot. :-)
yeah very very nice it up or down to
nice shoot guys.!
It is seriously awesome
I'lovin it.....
awesome buudy...!!!!
well done and keep it up
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