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The +SmugMug +Blurb Books Photography Project giveaway!!!!

On Wednesday Night's +Photo Talk Plus show we announced a +SmugMug +Blurb Books giveway that works like this.  One photographer will win a free 1-year +SmugMug Pro account ($150 value) as well as one free Blurb book up to $19.95 USD (does not cover shipping or taxes).

In order to win you must circle both +SmugMug and +Blurb Books and write up a post about what photography project you'd use your site and book for, include the hashtags #PhotoTalkPlus #SmugMug and #Blurb .

On next week's show we will highlight your project live on air and announce the winner as determined by +Lotus Carroll, myself +Blurb Books and +SmugMug.

This is a great opportunity for you to promote your new project and get a lot of visibility.
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I wasn't that keen on SmugMug when they couldn't print in the UK +Thomas Hawk so I went with Zenfolio. Zenfolio where not the droids the droids I was looking for, and I paid for a year and am no longer using the service. I left them a note to tell them why I left
I have joined SmugMug now, and I am really, really pleased with the service, and the actual printing. The whole package is brilliant. Good luck to the winner. I'm well pleased with SmugMug.
Ili BG
Wow Amazing without the person it's like a down stairs!! It's a Escher Stairs
Wooww!! I loved!!! <3
It looks like she put a mirror down at the bottom of the stairs and than took a picture.I am not hating,I love this!
Love this photo - reminiscent of a shell. 
Pa Kr
id like to see another photo that this lady take it ;)
Chao ban!
Ban la nha nhiep anh a? Duoc di nhieu vung dep ghe ha! Cuoc song phong khoang the moi thich day!
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