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I'm frustrated with my Google Nexus phone.  I just don't know how to get my photos to work.  I've sent feedback so many times now.  Other than "sending feedback" into a black hole at Google it seems there is just nothing you can do.

It totally sucks not being able to access my photos on my phone.

Why are users just left to twist in the wind?  Why aren't there any help forums or other places you can go for support on your phone?  Why does each and every Android update turn into such a miserable experience.

I'm starting to hate my Android phone.
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mobile sucks.  Maybe I should just give up on accessing the web via a mobile device.
+Thomas Hawk I'm sending you private message. Call me tomorrow and let's see if I can't help you get to the bottom of this.

I'm sorry this has been frustrating for you!
=[ Have you tried a factory reset? I'm sure you have. That helped a couple issues I was having. 
+Majeed Badizadegan it's totally lame that you'd have to do a factory reset after each and every update.  I'd do it if I had any confidence that it would fix my problem, but I don't.

+Vic Gundotra thanks Vic.  
Sorry to hear about the bad experience Thomas.
I don't understand why people get a Google phone. I have had HTC Android phones for three years and I am extremely happy with my current, one year old, HTC Sensation.
Having said that, don't you still have warrenty on the phone? Just have them fix it?
+Thomas Hawk you should of bought a Samsung NOTE. The google phones are just not all that great, sorry to say. I have never had a problem
Call "The Tech Guy" AKA +Leo Laporte    :)   
Sorry you are having problems... surely there is an android geek around here that can offer a suggestion!!  

Calling all Android Geeks...
+Josh Armour I've sent feedback probably 40 times.  My gallery crashes 100% of the time I try to access my G+ photos in Gallery.  It worked fine before Android 4.04 update and now I just don't know what to do.  I've cleared data on Gallery.  I've cleared data on the G+ app.  I'm willing to try anything if it can work.
What is the problem? Photos to work in what app? What are you trying to do with these photos?
What about responses to the "send feedback" for the normal users?

In my g+ app, i can't open profiles or see some photos... and I never got an answer :S
Bummer +Thomas Hawk

I know you love that thing, so I hope things start working for the better.

(says the iPhone user)
So many companies are being built with a denial of service model for support. And customers seem to be accepting of it. Until they need help.

People don't want support until they need it. And often they find they have a lot invested before they realize how little support they have available.
+Ezequiel Calderara that's part of the problem with send feedback.  So often it feels like it just goes into a black hole and you feel foolish wasting the time to send it in.  If you could go to your feedback and see that it was on a path where a human being was looking at it.  Even if they said, oh well, your problem is low priority, at least if you knew someone actually looked at it and considered it then you'd feel less foolish submitting it.  It feels like Google stresses sending in feedback -- but how do we know anyone even looks at it?
That's a bummer. Hopefully, Vic or someone else can get things resolved for you.
TH, I really believe that the custom spin each service provider puts on their version of Android phone (aka layer of filth) is the primary cause of broken phones after updates. It's also the cause of unprofessionally slow releases.
Not sure what you're talking about. I just connect my Android phone to my PC (Windows 7) and it appears as a removable storage device. I can view photos, add, delete or edit.
On my Phone they appear as a photo-album. I even have photoshop mobile version (free) to edit or view.
That sucks.  I haven't had any update issues ever.  My current phone is ICS 4.03 and was upgraded to that last month without any issues.  Along with that came a favorable update to G+ that makes the photo's even better in G+.   Hope you get it resolved.
+Trevor Carpenter that's EXACTLY why I avoid the custom spin by going with the purest version of Android I can get, the Google phone.  I don't know of a purer way to avoid the pollution of the carriers.  
+Thomas Hawk it would be great to have a link, a number, a code, a mail saying "we have received your feedback" and then get some kind of response, at least some links with some "probably helpful" links or something like that it would be easier...
I didn't like my android either +Thomas Hawk and I eventually got an iphone4. It's so much easier! 
Is this a Nexus issue or ICS upgrade issue?
And just today I was thinking about swapping my Galaxy SII for the Nexus so that I wouldn't have the Samsung overlay over Android, but now I don't know...
All your photo's should be stored on your SD card or internal memory in a folder called DCIM which you should be able to access with a file browser like ASTRO. 

I've had similar problems before and it was due to file corruption from a malfunctioning application. If you hook your SD card up to a PC you can run the check disk tool on the card and that often helps. Sometimes it helps to go through various apps and clear out the cache files as well.   
This is also one of the few areas where Apple gets it right.

AT&T/Verizon/Sprint: "We want to do this one special thing to our version of the iPhone..."

Apple: "Um...bite me."
I got burned bad by buying a Sprint phone with Android as my previous phone.  It was stuck on eclair forever.  Literally users had to sue Samsung and Sprint before they'd offer an upgrade to Froyo.  So I was burned for being dumb.  Now I know the only way to go is to buy the Nexus -- but even the Nexus is so problematic with every update.  
+Trevor Carpenter  but that's the "usual" problem with open source and closed source...

It would be simplier if we could install a "clean" version of android in our cellphones...
You're very right for doing that TH. I had an N1, and have it up when I got an SGSii.
"They" have all learned they can stick it to us with the phones +Thomas Hawk (carriers)
I am on Sprint, still on Gingerbread. But it works.
I just got my Samsung GSII about a week ago and the only problem with it is that G+ force closes a lot. I send feedback but really...who looks at it?
Ezequiel, that's why I run AOSP and/or AOKP on my phones. But regular users shouldn't have to do that, which is clearly TH's point. And I agree.
I just think iPhone gives u more options. Plus so many people recommend it and love it! I'm not saying you have to buy an iPhone I just think its easier.
If you have a corrupt photo or file in any of your pics directories perhaps it's causing the crash every single time. Try removing all your photos off your phone so at least you start with a clean album.  Move them all to your PC first if you like, then put them back in blocks.
+Lisa Borel it's in ICS update issue from 4.03 to 4.04.  But it seems like every time Android does an update I have a problem.  It shouldn't be this bad.  On my Mac I love updating because things work better.  On Android I hate updating because things work worse.
I've heard that Google plans to bring 100% functionality to the G+ mobile app. As an app dev, I'm always thinking mobile first. It MUST work on the small screen above all else. The smartphone is the computer people have on them most of the time, especially as we look to the future.
This everything in beta all the time stuff is starting to get to me. It's getting like a messy room. Forget about mustaches in Hangouts, we need to have the basic features stabilized first!
Who wants to spend as much time troubleshooting phone issues as if it were a PC? 
I never wanted to learn Windows, learned it fairly well over the years by the necessity of troubleshooting. I will NOT do that with a cell phone.
"Easier" rarely means "more options", and definitely doesn't in the iPhone's case. That doesn't mean it's not good, but it doesn't give you more options.
yep get an IPhone, Android sucks.  There's a reason why Apple is on top.
The sad part is how many others have problems like this but can't get the assistance of someone like +Vic Gundotra because they aren't +Thomas Hawk . To be a consumer company selling products to consumers, you need to have true support mechanisms.
+John Curtis the photos aren't on my phone.  I use my G+ gallery for my photos.  I could access it flawlessly in Android 4.03.  Now it crashes 100% of the time.
Quite frankly it seems like Android releases their new versions to all the phone companies and apps at the same time they push it to our phones - so that when we get it - it breaks something until the phone companies can update their code to work with the new "enhancements" of the OS.  I "know" it doesnt work that way - but it sure seems like it does.
I think it's time to upgrade your upgrade Mr. Hawk. :D Team iPhone. Join us. ;)
Maybe there should be an easier way to reject Android updates.  Things were much better on 4.03.
The premise of Android is so cool... c'mon Google! 
Hi +Thomas Hawk, im guessing you have a nexus s? because this phone has been having some trouble with its software etc... A good idea is to talk to your service provider and tell them what is going on and usually phones are actually programmed to stuff up near the end of your contract. So you get a new phone. If your service provider is saying to get a new phone or cannot fix it, i advise that you get a new phone that you can rely on. Some great phones that have minimal problems includes; The HTC One X or S, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S III or II. I recommend not moving onto an Iphone because they bring you the same amount of problems as your current phone! Good luck! :)
+Yadial Ketema I need Google Maps.  I can't see my Google maps on an iphone and also I like 4G.  I just wish I could freeze my Nexus in a stable state and then block any future updates.  Or maybe if there was a way you could test an update and then undo it.  I'm not sure why updating Android is such a miserable experience compared to Apple and the iPhone.  I do like my Android phone more than my previous iPhone but I never had problems when my iPhone updated -- every time I see an Android update I cringe.
This is what I would do. Delete the app and then reboot your phone by removing the battery and holding down the power button for 10 Seconds. Put battery back in and download the application again. Also, Make sure your Android OS is current.
Could you possibly re-install GApps?  If you are rooted and have clockwork it's as simple as installing a downloaded .zip, I imagine they are readily available for the Nexus phones, it has fixed some GMail issues on my Touchpad with CM9.
+Thomas Hawk Sounds like you want to Root your device, this usually prevents future updates from your carrier and offers an excellent array of backup and restore options for when things like what you are describing happen. 

A quick search found these instructions:

I've rooted every one of my Android phones G1 and G2 on T-mobile and though depending on the phone and carrier might be difficult like with my phones, some others are quite easy to root. 
+Thomas Hawk if you have no memory available on your phone, you aren't going to be able to open photos. Can you turn a few apps off and get some more memory available?

Sounds like part of the reason you have not gotten responses is because feedback forms are not setup to get back to customers. Feedback forms generally go into an e-mail address that is used to gather information (how they can improve things for future models, etc.). 
+Keith Gregory I tried to root my last Android phone and it failed.  I'm not the most technical guy in the world and rooting feels complicated to me and I wonder if it just won't make things worse for me.  It seems like a good way to go if you have an advanced technical understanding of phone software, but if you're just a photographer who wants a nice way to show his photos to other people, maybe it creates more problems than it solves.
If you can't delete the app then I would hard reset (wipe all data) your phone and then try it. You should be able to delete applications… If it's from the gallery or was downloaded then you should be able to remove it. If it came preinstalled then no.
+Ron Spilker so if feedback is not used to fix actual problems, where is a user supposed to go to fix problems?
+Thomas Hawk  - Did you try the solutions replied to on your earlier post?  They were much less drastic than reseting your phone (Clearing the app data cache, which I believe is your problem, only takes a few seconds).

For all you Apple fans who are replying here, get over it.  Do you really think the iPhone never has bugs?  Before upgrading to my first Android phone, I had to restart my iPhone every few days (at least) to get rid of some crashing app or other bug.  In the two years I used iPhones (two versions), I had to do multiple factory resets.  While it may be comforting to know you can walk into the Apple store for support, they will only do a full wipe and tell you to use your most recent iTunes backup.  And if you've had the bug for a while, you may just be stuck with a factory reset.  My Galaxy Nexus, on the other hand, has been the most stable smartphone I've owned.  The moral of the story is that EVERY phone has bugs from time to time.  This isn't an Apple vs Android issue.
+Thomas Hawk  Sounds like the issue you are having is with the G+ app performing instant upload though. Maybe uninstall G+ and re-install it. If your SD card has gone bad (I've had this happen) can also cause issues, a way to check is to remove it from the phone and put it in a card reader. If a PC or mac can't read the card or has a hard time reading the card this maybe the cause of your trouble. You should also run a Windows check disk on the card to verify the file tables are intact and nothing has corrupted. Android preforms its own disk check however it may not be as good as the windows check disk program. 
+Chris Stevenson it's sot of BS that a user would have to do a hard reset to get their phone to work after an update.  That's a crappy update in my opinion.

Gallery came preinstalled on my Nexus.
+Thomas Hawk Was it this phone that you tried to root and failed?  I wonder if that may have left it in a strange state?
That is a scary question +Thomas Hawk .
I posted a request for help in the Google Voice forum years ago, it was never answered(even after I forwarded it to +Jonathan Lally  months ago) -  but Voice is free, and there are simple alternatives.
A non-functioning cell phone is non-trivial.
+Thomas Hawk Rootzwiki or  XDA should be in your favorites.  The singular best thing about the Android community (similar to the photography world) is it's developer community.  I can guarantee both of these websites have experienced and overcome any barriers to complete satisfaction.  To me, Android (linux) and Photography are tied together breaking down and improving along the journey.
Jun C
Have you tried using QuickPic as suggested by +Lorne Thomas Leufvén ? Not sure if that will solve ur problem of viewing your photos that are online but it's an awesome app! I never use the stock Gallery app anymore...
regarding auto-updates and notices from carriers, i believe the only solution would be to root your phone and use a custom ROM as +Keith Gregory mentioned... or, instead of using a custom ROM, you can use the previous ROM before the update... 
+Thomas Hawk My first suggestion would be to both clear the Gallery application data and the Google Plus app data.  You have indicated that you have done both, so I am hesitant to suggest it again.

Normally that would clear it up though, specifically the app data for the gallery app.  A quick way to do it is to open the app drawer, then click and hold on the gallery app and drag it to the top of the window and drop it on 'app info'.  Then force stop the app and clear data.  Then reboot and try to launch the gallery again.
Ouch man. That doesn't sound good. 
Also, how many google accounts do you have synching to the phone?  Maybe photo sync is  unchecked in the services listed under the account in 'accounts and sync'?
As an fyi, sending feedback does not generate an email... It generates a crash report which can be seen on the developer console. The developer can see how many reports exist for a particular crash and any notes that go with it, along with logs from the phone which can help debug the issue.
I'm not sure it this will help bit it did help me with Android photos, There is an app called picfolio on Android market, i am pretty sure there its a free trial. i find this the easiest way to sort photos. I am having more problems getting my photos spotted here . Picassa web albums was great for sitting photos but now all my photos go straight to google plus and them i have to scroll through thousands out shots to find the one i was after. maybe i should do some research on how to use g+ photos. .. just add google gets something right they update it and then you have to re learn. i hear you frustration.
+Josh Armour I did clear data on both Gallery and G+ app and it still crashes.  Trying it with the app info, force stop, clear data process again now though.
+Thomas Hawk when you click on that account, is photos checked? (I mean from within settings > accounts and sync)?
Is it syncing Ok to Picasa +Thomas Hawk ? or sre these photo's stored on the phone ? If its syncing to picasa make sure your sync setting are ok in the settings, try disconnecting from your picasa account and then create a new sync it may help I had some probs with my G-Nexus......
+Josh Armour sync Google photos is checked.  it reads 6/10/2012 7:42pm.  Sync Google+ is spinning though, like it's in process still.
I just told that page to sync now.  So I think it's resyncing everything.
Try toggling the Google photos one..
If you're still having trouble, I'd be happy to help you figure it out, +Thomas Hawk. Let me know. :)
did resync all and Google photos is in process -- the arrow wheel is spinning.  Will watch to see when it ends. +Josh Armour 
Google is well known for a lack of customer service. though normally they do have a google group for their products. I think it was one of the major reasons why the Nexus 1 was not a big seller.

IMO customer service and product support is not a priority in Google because they haven't figured out a way to automate and scale it like the other products. My guess is that there is some research department somewhere in Google working on this problem, but no actual human people have been hired as tech support.

I treat Android phones the same way I treat commodity computers - the hardware and the software are simply modular pieces that you can mix and match. Dont like Android or if it doesn't work, use another operating system (I believe Cyanogen is a popular Android clone). If you dont like or dont want to deal with this reality buy a device where the software and the hardware come from the same company and right now the only ones doing that is Apple.

I have a desktop computer at home on which I install, windows, linux and other esoteric software. It's a hobby, and I dont really mind so much if everything does not work. When I am working I use a Mac book pro since fixing computers is not part of my job description. 
Good you found the long list of syncable apps under your main Google account, if your on 4.0.4 its named Google photos I think, untick and tick again it should re sync +Thomas Hawk ;)
+Josh Armour it's still spinning.  I think I'll go to bed and see if ti's resynched in the morning.  thanks for your help. 
I have the same problem with my iPhone, every time there is a new version update, it wipes everything.. I always have to go to the Apple shop to get past factory setting, then go home to reload backup.. 
+Thomas Hawk when you are looking for help on a company website, you will typically want to look for something that says Support, Technical Support (something with support in it, or assistance).  Feedback is you fill out the form and say ya this product sucks, you could make it better by doing A,B,C...

If that Google employee can't help you out tomorrow, the easiest thing to do is to go in to a store and ask them to help you. They don't all have actual technicians in the store now, but there may be someone that can at least take a look for you. Some store employees are worthless, others are people that are actually into the products they sell. If they can't help you, then ask if they know who you can call, or where you can go to find help.
For clarity's sake, +Nikhil Krishna, CyanogenMod is not an Android clone, it is an extension or mod. Some might regard that as semantics, but I can assure them that there is a significant difference. :)

As to Google's customer service, let's be honest. Customer service is a blasted drag on a company. The vast majority of the problems people have are their own fault (have you tried plugging it in first?) and no company really wants to deal with that. Most companies solve this issue by hiring an army of Indians to aggravate you until you give up and fix your own dumb problem. Google went a different route: they have official forums you can visit and search for answers to your questions, ask for answers if you can't find them, and then other users or even Google techs can (and do) post responses on how to solve your problems. That's a much cheaper and, IMHO, much less annoying solution than trying desperately to understand Indians who usually know less about solving problems than I do. But then, I usually have tried plugging it in first...

And finally, remember that Android is an open source project, and Google doesn't actually own it. They're just the top contributor, and do quite a bit of support for it. How they do that support is up to them. Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes it's awesome. :)
Two years ago, I remember +Brian Rose helped you switch over from an iPhone to android on google buzz. :)

+Thomas Hawk have you tried re-syncing your google account in the settings? If that doesn't do it, try clearing the cache for the gallery app by going to settings > apps> running apps > gallery > clear cache / defaults > power on and off the phone.

Let me know if this helps solve the issue. It looks like a lot of people already reached out to you. Good luck. 
+Thomas Hawk the same history with me and the last version of the G+ app for iOS.
 i lost the option to see and to upload my iPhone images to the stream. The solution was very simple - i just find two small icons of "camera" and "picture with mountain" on the top-right when i at the "Photos" page... i really don't know why we need the empty "From your phone" section :-)) i hope that they will fix it in the next version and will add another bug for our fun as usual :-)
 hope this work
+Thomas Hawk I understand how you feel. I'm really annoyed that the 4.0.4 update silenced the camera shutter.  I'd like to know who thought that would be a good idea.  There isn't even an option to turn it on.  Because the camera is so fast its sometimes difficult to know if a picture has been taken. Little changes like these and the failure to  address them is what makes it difficult sometimes.
+Thomas Hawk I dont know if someone has mentioned it before but you can always go back to your previous version by just flashing the earlier firmware using Odin. For firmwares, please get it from
And factory resetting always plays the role of a magicwond. Try it before flashing the firmware. If it doesn't works, then go ahead and flash the firmware. Hope this helps you out. :-)
ahem! cough! cough! cough! iphone, cough! Gosh I remember the days of factory restting, having to start all over every week.  Don't miss that one bit! As a former T-Mobile employee I feel you pain, but by all means keep your Android cause its better ;-)
Sometimes i get the impression Google branded phones are a little too much on the bleeding edge of things. I guess other phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have a stricter QC routine to follow hence their slower but more stable updates.
What about the rest of us lesser mortals? Do we get a direct message from Vic as well? Seriously though, Android support is turning out to be a VVIP only service.
There's a all new Google's service: Introducing Google Wormhole!!!
It would appear that "Smart Phones" ain't really all that smart.
What seems to be the problem? Perhaps I can guide you through some easy steps Thomas :)
After updating have you tried to turn off the phone and remove battery? If not please do so. Leave it out for a while, then reinsert it and boot again.
If the problem is not fixed, you can try clearing your cache through recovery. You can download for free Rom Manager from GooglePlay and let the app install a custom advanced recovery. After that perform a full device backup, boot into recovery and clear cache. This usually will solve problems after firmware updates.
This is why I stay away from Android - all I hear about it through social media is complaints. No one ever seems to complain about iOS devices though.
+Thomas Hawk bad to hear, never had such issues with my updates so far (nexus and prime). Maybe it gets a bit in trouble with resyncing the large amount of pictures? Hopefully +Vic Gundotra can help you.

+Daniel Hunt They also have their problems when you look into the forums. There are still a few who have the battery issues with latest iphones and it also like to make troubles after updates. Starting from the scratch instead using updates is on ios sometimes necessary too. It's Technology... For every thousands it runs perfect there are always some who have issues. Nothing is perfect.
This rather puzzles me, I've had my Galaxy Nexus since the day of release in the UK. That's 22nd Nov 2011. And I've never had a fact I'm still in love with it. I considered an S3.

But then I slipped off the gaudy case that keeps my phone safe from harm and...I felt guilty that I had forgotten how beautiful it was and how much I love it. It's camera suffers from poor exposure in low light but otherwise...a fantastic phone.

I could ramble forever, but in summation. Galaxy Nexus = awesome, Android = fantastic, Google = Godly...and Nothing = perfect
+Josh Armour Google Photos and Google both successfully synced to my Android device under the only account linked to it and when I try and click on posts -- thomashawk in gallery it still crashes 100% of the time.
It sucks that the common response regarding Android support is 'ask your friends.' I'm glad you've made your issue so visible and public - hopefully Google is embarrassed by it and commits to some rudimentary level of customer support (not just VIP support from Vic). I think the lack of customer-friendliness is a real downside to making the leap to Android (and this is coming from a galaxy nexus owning, self-proclaimed Google fanboy). I hope you get your issue resolved quickly, but thank you for bringing to light the struggles of the average Android user. Google, please pay attention!
+Nicholas Tino Gallery comes on the phone, there is no way to uninstall and reinstall it that I'm aware of.
+Milind Shrivastava it started crashing the first time I tried to access it after the 4.04 update and has crashed 100% of the time since then.
before 4.04 it was working just fine.
Hmmm I have fend report the same on 4.0.4, haven't figured out a solution yet :-(
Sorry to hear of your hassles +Thomas Hawk ! Talk about frustrating. I have been considering Android / 4G for my next phone, and I was planning on a similar strategy - to avoid the carrier pollution / extreme slowness in supporting newer updates. So far I have yet to see any value added by the crap Carriers put onto perfectly good phones / Google software, and I suspect I never will. Hope this ends soon for you!
+Thomas Hawk hmm, interesting.  I guess coming from an rooted Original Droid and now a rooted Galaxy Nexus I never realized.
+Thomas Hawk , I don't quite understand your frustration but anyway are you talking about accessing your G+ photos on your phone because all my G+ photos are automatically in my gallery app once uploaded, if they're not the go to accounts and sync and then sign in with the G account you use on here if you haven't already and turn on picassa sync and all you G+ photos should come on to your device.
+Thomas Hawk if you can help get more attention to stability on the "Pure Google Device" I'd be forever grateful.  I made the plunge on the Galaxy Nexus and have had less than perfect experience - especially surrounding the camera.

+Vic Gundotra you are the man for pouncing on this even though it's probably unrelated to your swim lane.  In my opinion this phone should get as much attention from Google as the iPhone does from Apple.  Right now I suspect it's at about .09% of the attention.

I'm a heavy Mac user that chooses to not use an iPhone.  Pretty sure that makes me an exception to the rule.  This decision won't persist forever though, not with worse performance.
+Mathew Hanley I'm talking about accessing the posts -- thomashawk album in gallery, it crashes 100% of the time if I try to access that album.  It also frequently crashes just opening gallery and not selecting any album.

It is working for you.  all of your G+ photos are automatically in your gallery app once uploaded.  It is not working for me.  I have already sync'd my phone with my G+ account.  Sync Picasa is not an option in my sync menu.  Only Sync google photos and sync G+, both of which are showing sync'd.
Oh yea looking at sync menu it's changed to Google Photos yea. Okay +Thomas Hawk  go to apps in settings then swipe to all apps and find the gallery app clear data and cache, then reboot your phone this does not delete any photos at all, re-boot your phone re-sync and try it then. I know sometimes cache's can cause issues, then come back to me. Feel free to PM me if you'll find it easier. Also do the same for your G+ app, you'll have to reconnect the G+ app
Hi +Thomas Hawk, I'm the Android Community Manager for Google. I'm sorry to hear your Gallery app has been crashing after your phone was upgraded to Android 4.0.4. I haven't encountered others reporting similar problems, but I'd like to try and help get to the bottom of this.

Regarding a question you had earlier in this thread, we don't respond automated crash reports. Those reports are anonymous and help us gather feedback about problems and trends. For example, if we saw a sudden spike of reports similar to yours right after 4.0.4 rolled out, that would be a pretty clear indication to us that there's an issue that we need to investigate.

You also asked about other ways to send feedback. I do monitor Google+, of course. In addition we have a forum at!forum/mobile where you can also leave feedback. I participate in both of those places, and I also generally monitor the web for Android discussions.

As for your specific problem, be on the lookout for a private post from me where we can do some detailed troubleshooting.
+Thomas Hawk - Just out of curiosity, have you tried the 'Uninstall updates' option for the Google+ app (in Settings->Apps), then reinstalling the latest update? This helped me with a problem in Google Maps a while back.
While I'd love to say go to iPhone, that doesn't really solve it.  That is the concern I've had with Android phones though, is the release schedule/updates.  Even with the Galaxy Nexus, Google did do some kowtowing to the carriers and it has their "optimizations" on it - just not like you'd get with a GSII (or now III) or HTC One.  I think that if this issue was resolved AND if Android wasn't treated like other Google products (i.e. tossing stuff out there and seeing how it does in the real world as a version of mass product betas), it may help the product.  
Ideally Android would update seamlessly just like iOS does and then the phone companies and/or carriers could do their updates through a version of an app update.  Maybe that's unrealistic though with all the different flavors of devices and manufacturers out there.
With regards to rooting, I wouldn't do it.  I've got a friend who has an HTC Rezound and he's gone through 3 phones now because he roots and messes it up.  I've jailbroken my iPhone before and while it was more custom, it was also buggier.  For 99% of users, the stock experience is best.
Best of luck!  Having your phone not work properly is one of the most frustrating things I can think of.
Google+ please fix this problem!!, anything that may prevent +Thomas Hawk to share his awesome pictures must be a TOP PRIORITY
Well now I went and did something super stupid. I decided to try and uninstall g+ updates and then reupdate a factory copy by updating afterwards from the play store and now not only is gallery inoperable, but g+ freezes up now too and the only way to get it functional again is to reboot the phone. I'm in an even worse situation now than I was before. The thing is when android updates screwed me up before I've done this and I should know by now that uninstalling updates and starting over is just a recipe for disaster.
+Thomas Hawk That really sucks. It wasn't stupid of you to try and fix your phone. What's stupid is that it doesn't just work right. A product of that expense should just work right Shouldn't it? I think it's really nice that all these kind people have left so many comments trying to tell you all these things to do to fix your phone, but the thing that strikes me is that all this stuff you're supposed to try sounds complicated and annoying... and shouldn't your damn phone just work right and not have to have a complicated and annoying way to be fixed that you have to figure out? 

Btw, I found a great app called My Places that lets me see my Google Maps on my iPhone. I had considered changing over from the iPhone on my next phone update, which will be soon, but honestly, I think I'm going to go for the 5. I expect 4G and the harmony with my other Apple products is nice.

I know you love your Nexus, so I really hope it works out for you. It shouldn't be so damn hard.
May I suggest clearing the data and cache for Gallery and Google+ from Settings/Applications? Afterwards If you have a file manager like Astro (a file explorer is always a good idea), try deleting(to be on the safe side moving is a better idea) /sdcard/Android/data/ afterwards. Hope problem gets fixed before you get more frustrated. 
I'd just like to add this: other phones (Windows phone, iPhone) end up with problems too. They DO have more hands on support than the nexus phones, but they just end up wiping the phone for you to see if it helps... Either way you get your phone wiped when there's a problem :-)
Is it time to wipe the phone and start over?  If you're backed up, that's what I'd do at this point.  A restore to factory settings and reloading software may solve it.  Of course, it may cause more problems, but that seems like the next level I'd take it to.
+Thomas Hawk, did you ever get this worked out? Your last comment on here doesn't look encouraging, and I've still got a few ideas you can try, but I don't really care to make shots in the dark; I'd rather get more info first.
still no gallery for me.  :(
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