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City Wakes Up -- Miami, FL
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Beautiful shot! Miami always looks so cool.
Whats with UFO in the photo?
That actually looks a lot like the Seattle skyline... sans Space Needle ;)
+Thomas Hawk Wow, I have never seen this sight of Miami before...this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
I like those sharp bright lights and the beaming water reflections... Cool!
That nice +Thomas Hawk I particularly like the way you have managed to capture the helicopter - action in the sleeping city.
My home town and it is paradise. Beautiful pic...
Amazing love it. I think I have a great poem that would fit this perfectly if I find it could I use it & share it here?
+Thomas Hawk , this is from the vantage point of the children's museum, right?
beautiful to behold, fhoto is beautiful and amazing man.....
سبحان الله االرحمن الخالق الكريم
Great! Love that whole side of the building catching the first rays.
Wow, what a dramatic sky! Looks like you may have caught Iron Man flying by in the photo as well.
K Davis
Wow, the colors are so rich and the so many shades of blue. The lights of the city just sparkle.
Never that before.
that cool!
Thành phố về đêm thật là đẹp
so beautiful....nd hw romantic
ha que c'est joli..cela fait rêver.
deep what happend dear why r u feeling boring yr
lu Sun
Beautiful color
It's still on our earth? extremely cool!! loved the athmosphere..
looks better from south beach around 10 am to 12 noon when the ladies are out for lunch
H Khan
wow..... very very nice !!!
Win Kyi
wishing reach there at someday i wish i can be there in that very wonderful place...:)
Thomas, excuse-me, I think it is too dark. Just a bit light it would be OK, excuse my sincerity
though it is a bit dark but it is pretty
so beautiful!!!i want to be there ..
bch 12
Love the blue and purple tones.
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