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2,000 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ Wrap Up Post

Over the course of the past year I’ve immensely enjoyed the photographic community on Google+. As I’ve met new photographers and new members I’ve maintained a circle with some of the photographers that I’ve most enjoyed following. When you make a circle or a list like this you always leave some people out. This is the downside to sharing a circle like this. For the 2,000 that you include, there are 50,000 that you exclude. Hopefully some of these people will be folks that I can reshare when this circle hits 2,500.  

Over the course of the last week I've been sharing a different circle a day and wanted to do a recap post with all of the circles in it in one place to link out to other places outside of Google+

The photography community is thriving at Google+. It is a vibrant active place where photographers interact and share their work on a daily basis. Thank you to Google for giving us such a wonderful new platform and such a beautiful and exciting new way to share our work with the world.  Thank you to all photographers on G+, whether on this list or not, for making this place such an exciting place for photography!

Part 1 of 4 (Photographers A-Ev):
Part 2 of 4 (Photographers Ev-La):
Part 3 of 4 (Photographers La-Ro):
Part 4 of 4 (Photographers Ro-Z):
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thanks again for including me in the circle +Thomas Hawk, hope to do a hangout with you sometime or better yet, you should come down to Orlando
Thanks for the include, Thomas. Very, very much appreciated.
it's a great series of circles +Thomas Hawk, it brings a lot of wonderful photographers to my stream to meet and interact :) many thanks for the great work!
Thanks for sharing my profile, and I'll happily re-post; I know a number of your circle community and there's much excellence in photography represented!  

Might I recommend +Darryl Van Gaal for  number 2,001?  He's a most excellent photog who specializes in night celestial photos, and has taught me a great deal about post processing my astro-images.
sadly i couldn't add these wonderful people to my circles due to a $%/  "you've reached the daily limit for adding to your circles" ...
Dear +Google fix it please !
Great. Thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for more inspiration. Guess I have to be more active on G+ ;)
I am truly honored to be one of the 2000 you follow, my friend and look forward to many more days of G+ photography to grow with! Always a pleasure, Thomas!
Since I'm new here I hope I will make a cut next time .It is a great place to get inspiration from amazing photographers from all over the world.Thank you +Thomas Hawk 
I'm honored to be included, +Thomas Hawk! This inspires me to get to work and improve my craft. I had the privilege of learning from some friends of yours last week (+Colby Brown  and +Michael Bonocore ). Hopefully we can hang out sometime. Cheers!
Thanks again, +Thomas Hawk, for sharing the circle and including me in it. With so many people checking in on me and adding me to their circles I need to work a little harder to make sure I stay in your circle and to be worthy of all the new attention I now have.
You're always on big numbers +Thomas Hawk! 1.000.000 photographs, a 2500 circle. That's good, I like it.
I will not be featured in your circle (i have watermarks), but I've gladly added everyone to my main photography circle. Thanks!
Once again, I appreciate the inclusion and thanks for liking my stuff! Have a great weekend :)
out to shoot more Chicago.  :)
 WHOA How many people have you in circles?
Great to have a large collection like this +Thomas Hawk; do you think you could also share with us maybe your top 20 or 50? 
Thankyou so much for including me +Thomas Hawk I am truly honered, appreciative and more inspired than ever! You made my day! :)
Thanks for the include +Thomas Hawk, I too have loved the community here on Google +.  It has given me opportunity to meet and work with photographers of all styles and skill levels.  I have improved more in the last year with Google+ than anything else I have done in my career. 
Thank you for the inclusion +Thomas Hawk !  I can't believe it.  I'm lucky enough to be in Austin with the amazing +Lotus Carroll and +Juan Gonzalez and G+ has been a blast (or a severe addiction...) meeting/seeing all kinds of fabulous photographers.  Thanks all for making it such a fun and inclusive community.
Booooom, how am I supposed to follow them all :D? Will take me month to check their portfolios! Thanks for the list Mr. Hawk!
Ke Zeng
I am honored to be included in this circle. Thank you +Thomas Hawk ! I also included all members into my circles. I really enjoy being in G+ photographers community. It's great sharing and learning experience!
Thanks for your hard work and for including me. And for being a creative and organizing presence here in this wonderful community, +Thomas Hawk !
Although I use Watermark (And seperately I would love to learn more about why you don't, still learning here) I would love to be included in this wonderful list - I have about 90% included in my circles, and many have me.

I post only in here and my Gallery is in Google - I don't post clutter, and I consider myself a "G" person through and through (Read your rules)
Marvin was sure an easy block, nice when they present themselves that way to the community of "G"
Where's Michael Breitung?..great list by the way
I'm stoked to follow some great photographers. I love the organization with the circles... if I feel like just a ton of great photography I can just click that tab and enjoy. Thanks for sharing this!
Thank you for the effort and the work that you have invested in this list.
Thanks +Thomas Hawk for putting this all together!!
And of course for including me ;)
Robert Scoble is a professional photographer?
So honored to be among so many great photographers!  Thank you for all your work.  
Great ! I just started getting into photography. This is helpful!
Thanks for the add, the share, your kind words about this community and non the less, your BIG effort on sweeping G+  for those photogs in thise O Thanks! +Thomas Hawk  (^_^( 
YAY FOR CIRCLE SHARING :) that is all.
Sweet! I made the main photo +Thomas Hawk. Bonus that +Ricardo Lagos has to look up at me like Jan Brady looked up to Bobby Brady in the Brady Bunch squares. BOOM!

Greetings from Argentina Sir Hawk! 
Awww +Sly Vegas  You're making me get all teary eyed.  But you're right - I'm a terribly shy person and I never would have broken into a building with you if it wasn't for +Thomas Hawk   : )
Not that we did that.  Hypothetically speaking ....
Whatever it is +Sly Vegas  ... dont kill the black guy first.... that happens enough in movies already.
+Billy Wilson Right. Czech Republic and Slovak Republic now. Both in EU. Czechs did not switch to EURO yet. Sucks having to change EUROs for Czech crowns every time I go there (about twice a year).
all i know is that the mexican guy better have a good role in that flick -- he is a professional.
Right +Sly Vegas I totally agree with you.... I think you should produce a film... I for sure will be the black guy ... I will be badass (without being ghetto or gangster), I will not speak with that fricking SLANG, I will have an accent and I will not die at the beginning.  Lets do this... I am pumped now.... 
Ok... wait one second +Sly Vegas ..... ok, I wont rap... but Opera?? Cant I be a Jazz player or something or enjoy old school jamz... or sing like Brian Mcknight music (the music of sex love?? Really?? Opera??
+Sly Vegas +Billy Wilson 
In the last ten years, I've been named many things:
1. a James Bond girl (cause I drive stick shift and then pick up my phone and start speaking some obscure language)
2. a spy (+Trey Ratcliff seems to think that)
3. a mail-order bride of some sort (people sometimes politely (but extremely condescendingly) ask how I came to this country and found my man. I was once offered "to make some money" watching kids of a lady that I bumped up into at a social gathering. I think she thought I was poor.)
4. a Eurotrash (a kid once told me this at an amusement park)
5. a Slovenian (some people who don't know the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia but remember I'm from one or the other)
6. a Russian (I get this all the time. Sometimes Russians start speaking to me in Russian and I just stare at them.)
7. a French (a teller once asked this)
8. a Mexican (someone asked me this and I almost collapsed)
+Petra Cross+Trey Ratcliff seems to think I'm a German swinger so what does he know, haha. 

A Mexican, that made me laugh hysterically. Next you will probably have people wondering if you are a Korean or something. 
Well.... that sounds good... I will have to practice my Euro accent... because my accent is very (nobody knows to make where it is from) so it is very from that place.  ......  but as an actor and you a producer +Sly Vegas we have more to discuss... I need a woman or two... of the caliber of +Charli Blake or +Petra Cross ... and I need some kind of Badassness.... I am too classy.... I can also drive Stick... and speak Spanish... and Portuguese.... but I will not be a drug dealer... 
I have a caucasian friend who thought she was Korean until she was about 10 years old. Her adopted sisters are Korean and she was attending Korean summer camps. She said it felt horrible when she found out she was not Korean.
Bull Fighter.... man... a black guy champion bull fighter??.. I surely hope this movie doesnt turn out like Will Smith's - Wild Wild West..... Oh and about the Extra balanced out Asian Bombshell +Sly Vegas dont worry.... I can handle it.... the #DarkChocolate  thing is for real!!
+Petra Cross you sound like a person filled with fabulous stories! I enjoyed hearing about the etymology of the word "bublibish". 
I take the Impala and the Hummer... and add some Jazz to my music Flow.....  I am sad I cant play Notorious BIG or the Music from Soul Train.... and Mr. +Ricardo Lagos needs to operate with me a few times.... not as a side kick... because he is a Professional.
Great job, +Thomas Hawk. Maybe someday I'll be also included in your '2.000 circle'. :)
Honored to be among so many outstanding photographers; thanks for the inclusion +Thomas Hawk!  Look me up if you ever want to chase some WV waterfalls!  Thanks again . . .
include me... lol :P
+Thomas Hawk Adding them ALL now .. just in case i missed a few along way, thank you very much Thomas. Google Plus would not have been the same for me without you being here. x Heidi 
I too love the great photographers here on G+!  It's an amazing place!
Woot! Made the listing. Always nice to see others that appreciate your work.
Thank s +Thomas Hawk  for the inclusion and all the hard work you have done putting this together
This is a great bunch of circles. Many I knew well already, and surprisingly, quite a few that I didn't. Thanks for introducing me to so many new people, and a big thanks for adding me!
Usually I don't analyze my follower counter but it was impressive how many people added me to their circles during the last week ;) Thanks for including me +Thomas Hawk 
Thank you for giving me the power to reache so many new people ;)
+Thomas Hawk I appreciate the circle, the effort behind it, and that you included me in it too. A real surprise this was.
Thank you +Thomas Hawk for including me.  It's a pleasure to know you and I appreciate all you do for the photographic community :)
I may not be in the circle, but I gain inspiration and knowledge from many people on this list as I continue to learn and grow as a photographer.  Thanks for sharing +Thomas Hawk. :)
Thanks VERY much for including me in this circle of such wonderful talented folks! 
Thank you for including me again - It is an amazing list and I feel lucky to be sharing space with all these great people!
On my trip right now... When I get home and load my pictures on here, could you possibly give tips on them? I want to be a photographer when I'm older... My Dad is literally a professional photographer. He doesn't think he is but his work is amazing. I wish to follow on his footsteps.
I'd love to be part of your exclusive circles +Thomas Hawk! Great selection by the way. Greetings from Vienna.
+Thomas Hawk, I wish you could have added me to the kick ass circles. I'm retiring this week and will have lots of time to post and comment and 1+ everyone's photos. And general be more involved in g+
+Thomas Hawk I would appreciate it if you would check out my photos to see if I might be included in your next update.  Thanks for your consideration.
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