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Hips and All That -- Miami, FL
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What is the AIM Of This Photo?
Why did you draw my parents?
Seriously, I Don't Appreciate That You Drew My Parents...!!!
ur age 1st real ha!
sorry, but this photo is sooo....sick and inappropiate
nice but understand our culture
help me plz
if u have facebook id so send me bcz first time use this
never mind them if they dont like it its nice pic ok...
if u want to be slim just go down lol...
well, I guess I don't understand YOUR culture then
atif suhail on face boob id so add me
i want chat with u xasey but how??? idont knw??
If you think this piece of art is inappropriate, you must not be familiar with art. If this is not your taste, that is fine. But inappropriate? Are you twelve?
Me encanta la pintura muestra la belleza ,de como venimos al mundo ,es una representacion grafica de adan y eva
maganda yung pic lng...
casey add me u bcz u dont show there my pl i am waiting
que linda a pintura ela e muitoooooooooo qriativaneee
tremendous beauty of artfull and biological sensible.
oh ok it fine to show a girl part but a boy ones f u and have a great day
this is nasty........ thomas your nasty
some people are too immature to appreciate art. They see nudity and think its not worth the framing.
Too make a strong point without intentionally provoking racism, when white people are painted without clothes there isn't much criticism regarding nude.
i stopped when i saw the artwork, a lot of powerful lovely gestures comes in my mind and i really admire the concept..
hmm.. so intresting. mb the author pay our attantion to men became effeminate,and women are mannish?
(my English not at the top level yet)
u people r jus weird n nasty true this is art but it expresses nudity in a way tht i dont wont 2 c it so ther 4 the public have probles with it
A photo of some good art does not a good photo make. Unfortunately I've noticed +Thomas Hawk doing that all too often. :-(
Dalia M
True dat! including Georgia peaches, let it rain!
hahahahha!! :D :D :D wat a fuckn pic... :)
This piece is famous down here. I think there's a companion piece, or there was. It may have been painted over already. I freaking love it.
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