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Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues -- San Francisco, CA
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OMG this is sooooo coool! is the resolution 1080p?
Really cool ! It's hard to do something original with those houses, and you did. Love it.
The composition and colours in this image really caught my attention. Very unique.
My favorite house.. is definitely the blue one.
+Abhik Dhar It's taken in San Francisco at Alamo Square Park.  Those are the famous "Painted Ladies", on Steiner Street.  I know this due to the fact that I lived across the street from them for 3 years back in my single days!  San Francisco is a great place for photography!
Ted Guy
leaning to the right what a pretty sight
Such a supebbbbbbb, like this residential format.
if the color of these house were same you couldn't recognize which house is belong to which one
Hop Luu
wow, blue sky, i always like blue sky with white cloud
Oooh love the colours... reminds me of the Bocap district in Cape Town... different architecture though... think I might need to visit San Francisco at some point!
I saw these houses last May this photo has done justice to them they are beautiful homes but this makes them even nicer.
I Would Live in The BLUE ONE Cause I Love Blue.
beauty...people wish to leave here....
I would live in the Pink one as I love pink or violet , if there is any ;)
jesse katie u r looking good in ur pic
Stood across from these only a few months ago, brilliant shot of the painted ladies. My photos were nothing like these !!
song xu
Sue R
hm... very nice picture
Fabulous! San Francisco? My friend is looking for a place to stay while at SFAI, she would love that yellow one :)
Pecak K
+++lovely colors+++
the angle and colors creates the interest here...liking it Thomas!..
what a amazing picture you've taken !! gorgeus !!
good angle- whoever took this
cool n make so relax when you see it...
wow that's a very clear and blue sky
it's a really beautiful view, the colours just awesome
+Thomas Hawk pretty as a decorated sugar cookie.  one of our truly gorgeous sf days that reminds why, for me, this is the only town on earth i could ever live in.
pretty colors. :O
Okay, they stole this idea from Amarillo Texas
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