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An Average American $2 Portrait  -- USA

One of my current projects is called $2 Portraits.  It's pretty simple, any time someone asks me for money on the street I offer them $2 for their portrait.  So far I've made 141 of these portraits.

This portrait is a composite photograph of these 141 portraits.  I made it using's photo averaging program which can average photos from flickr sets.

More on this averaging program from +PetaPixel here:
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Hmm, looks just like me ... except he is more handsome!
Where's my two bucks?
whoa. This makes America look pretty damn bleak. What an awesome idea!!!! 
Maybe this is how the Shroud of Turin was made, too.  :)
Wow, that's a fantastic project. Love it!!
great idea, great shots and very interesting!
Forget the composite, the individual photos are much more interesting and thought provoking. 
Now this is a contemporary way of doing photography. I find it fascinating. It looks like a painting, but it's a photo comp. Bravo, Tom. It has a haunting quality.  I think you can take it in different directions. I would like, for instance, to see only a few portraits blended together.  Just keep going with it and you are onto something new and viable. People like what they are used to seeing, so don't let anyone dissuade you from experimenting with this.  I also love that you get the photos by paying homeless/street people to pose. And for those who request anonymity, this is perfect. What's really great about it is that it's a two-fer: you get to take "traditional" images and you also get to make them new. 
I had done similar work using imagemagick to do the heavy lifting of average/median blending.

For instance, here's all of the US Presidential portraits all at once:

I call it "Mr. Presidents" :)

I also did the same thing with most of the most expensive photos ever sold. The results were interesting...
Mind if I steal that 2 dollar portrait idea?
+Thomas Hawk Seems like a super cheap way to get headshots taken--just busk somewhere near you.
The longer I look at this image...I think I see Jesus!, but you need to squint!
Now THAT'S pretty wicked cool... eerie, too.
The physical embodiment of the "Universal Collective Consciousness", perhaps?
idee geniale!... bons coups de crayons!...
They bring such interesting stories to my imagination
I tried this once, but didn't get my money's worth...
Do you realize that you've just created a holy object? Last time I wipe my face on a hand towel.
This is awesome!
Tell me what you are doing, i'd love to link to it. 
Wow! Congratulations! Wonderful project!
wow! still doing the $2 portraits?   **bravo**
Wow. Truly amazing Thomas. I love the man with the sign "United Negro Pizza Fund." The guy gets an A for creativity, that's for sure.
maybe 200 dollars would be a more adequate amount to offer....? i mean all those faces put together publicly accessible, while interesting, compelling (and very sad) yes, but could be considered somewhat unethical and unfair to the individual.
going off of the flickr photos... is there any dialogue regarding a person's anonymity? 
Love all of them! You captured the spirit of each person! The expression and the smile the glint in the eyes of all of them.
Me gusta.
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