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Look who just bought a new MacBook Pro.  :)
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Honestly, I still think that all Apple products are over-priced. But good quality.
Geezus  glad I am not an Apple fan boy.  Way over priced.
Now that I'm through being clever at your expense: FOUR FRICKIN' GRAND for a LAPTOP??
Fuck.  4,000$ - Must be nice. - Congrats though, I've heard amazing things come from Apple
That is a very beastly machine. I am tempted to get one myself and it would be my first Mac purchase. I will not be cramming as much goodness into it as you though.
You know you shouldn't be revealing gifts to the recipient before you give them to me... oh, uh, I mean them!

And by them, I mean me...
Wow, the recycle fee is a rip off at that price point.
Did you buy it for the super high res screen? I have the early 2011 model and I think the screen is about as high res as you could want, any more so and things will start getting too small!
Yikes! 4 grand for a laptop? My exclamation is riddled with envy. Finally built in HDMI, but seriously, no ethernet? 
Nice one. Looks good and retina. Have fun with it. Over priced? Nope. Mine was $2k in 2006 and it's still going strong. Fair enough my parents have it now for e-mailing etc but it still works. How many of my friends PC's can say that? 
I guess those extra pixels come with a price tag. Gah.
In plain english, what makes the retina display so good? I haven't done any research on it at all.
It is alot of money.  For sure.  But I've maxed it out to the limit.  768GB flash memory is not cheap.  16GB RAM, the better processor, Apple Care, etc.  The base models run $2,199 and $2,799 for the upgraded model.

I buy a new computer every three years.  This is my primary computer that I will spend thousands of hours on over the course of the next 3 years.  The value of my time is worth the added cost.  I'm also doing intensive work on photo editing which is more taxing than usual computer work and need the power/storage/speed.

I think the base models are pretty reasonably priced actually for what you get.

Let's say I spend 13,000 hours on this computer over the next 3 years.    That's about 30 cents an hour to buy this machine.  My time is worth way more than that.
If you are going to put down that much money for a mac why not get the 17"?
Look who is buying 10 more shares of APPL today.  Then I will see how long it takes for me to earn back enough to buy that laptop :)
Ive got the 17" and I would recommend the bigger screen.
Considering 16GB RAM and 768GB flash storage, its not expensive at all.. This laptop will kick ass!
very, very green with jealously. Awesome! let us know how that bad boy kicks ass when you get it. 
for that price i could have stole 4 for u #ijs
+Thomas Hawk Do you know anything about Aperture and the Adobe products that they're making to take advantage of the retina display?  I'm actually curious as to how this machine will be like for photo editing.
$4000 for a laptop, katching for Apple, profit coming in!!!!!
NICE!!!  Enjoy, I was quite impressed with all the upgrades.  I know I won't be getting one of these but I'm enjoying the new 5DMarkIII enough not to care ;)
(similar wallet damage)
Not going to ship for 3-5 weeks, enjoy the wait.
Too expensive for me. I'll wait 'till it becomes standard.
I'm still looking at itemized list wondering where that free can of lube is. All joking aside, I hope you enjoy it.
Planning to take over the world with that one? LOL
You just spent almost three times what I paid for my car!
Ken Z
You wasted no time!!
Ouch..4 grand for a laptop!?
Look who just wasted thousands of dollars! Overpriced trendy gadgets that have 1/10th the software options of a PC.
I think a lot of people here are missing the RETINA display, huge SSD and RAM, thats not just a "laptop" thats a Godzilla-top.
Steve J
Bro I could of built you that for 500 bucks. :) Let me know next time.
Maybe made out of toothpics, find that SSD for that much and I'm interested.
Congrats Thomas! Hardest thing will be waiting the 3-5 weeks for arrival. Hope it ends up being sooner!
Drool! You sure now how to configure a system Mr Hawk!
Wow. I wish i was rich! I would get one right now!
Awesome!  congratulations.  that resolution is better than my iMac 27!!
oh, so you got one of the gold-plated ones...
my dad used to say stg about a "fool and his money....
+Matthew Miller It sounds like you know your way around them and that may be the case for durability for PC's, but for the average punter in the street who knows heehaw then my experience is it's nowhere near that long.

I personally can't go them & wouldn't even consider putting any money in to one. Horses for courses and at the end of the day whatever works for you is the right thing. 
Ouch, that's expensive. Hope you enjoy it.
I sit so expensive because you upgraded to 16 G of Ram?
J.D. Abbey, there is no difference in software now as Macs use intel and if there is a program you need that bad then you use Parallels, there are also programs that are Mac only that windows users want but cant, plus a Mac never lets you down :)
Wow, that's an expensive computer!  I know it will be amazing though!
When will you be commited Tom, I'd like to have your photo gear. ;P
It is expensive if you just think about it as a laptop.  When you start thinking about it as a tool though it's not really that expensive.  I need the best possible.  The revenue that this machine generates will far exceed the purchase price.

I would never pay $4,000 to surf the web.  But I'm doing very intensive photo processing and need the power.

It's also what I travel with.  I'm trying to document the 100 largest American cities and so I need something that combines portability and power.

+Doug Davis there is no 17'' MacBook Pro any more.  I'm on a 17'' now. I'd probably prefer the 17'' over the 15 inch but that matters to me less than it did 3 years ago.  Now I have a 27 inch cinema display that I can hook this into.  That's my primary photo editing screen.  

It will take some getting used to I think moving down from a 17 back down to a 15, but for what I really, really, need it for, photo processing, the smaller screen won't matter much for.
@Thomas Hawk I've had my 17" MacBook Pro for 3 years now and has been amazing, I've used it to create over 1000 websites and I'm now starting my own company using it:)
+Karin Nelson she's known this has been coming for a while.  :)  My rule with myself is that I get to upgrade my camera and computer once every three years each.  

This machine will make me far more productive with my processing.  
Ok, I retract : you did your homework. 30 pennies an hr is serious talk!
bch 12
Nice!  Congrats on the purchase.
I've got the same specs on an Alienware computer.
+Aaron Kirk I've given up on PCs.  Just too unreliable for me for my primary machine.  This is my third MacBook Pro purchase.  I've been very happy with the reliability of Apple products.  I also really like having the Apple Store as a resource where I can set an appt. with someone at a genius bar and have my computer fixed same day if something goes wrong.

For something for the kids to use or around the house, or to just browse the web, a PC is probably fine.  But I need something that will be more reliable and I'm willing to pay for it.  I'm sure PCs have gotten better in the last 8 years, but the quality was so poor in the past and Apple's was so good in the past 8 years that honestly it would be tough to get me to switch back to a PC.
Still using my (I suppose overpriced at the time) 2008 MacBook Pro 17" as my primary road machine. Super reliable. Runs CS5, Lightroom 4 just fine. Good choice, Thomas.
+Andrew Griffith this is my main machine for my photo work.  I only want to maintain one system for my work and need something that I can take on the road with me. 
Nice! 5 days is a killer wait for something so beautiful... you're going to jump the UPS man. ;) 
overprice and under power. My 2 year old i-7 windows 7 laptop is better.
i rather get a windows laptop and dual boot linux. lol cheaper, and more functionality.
If I keep working hard, maybe some day I'll have one Mr Hawk, maybe some day :-)
Almost 4k for a laptop? I'm speechless
Hi +Thomas Hawk. Congratulations on the new computer! I made the move to a MacBook Pro about 6 months ago and I am indescribably happy that I did. I spent well over $2500 and while that sounded like a lot to everyone I know it really sped up my workflow (especially when I'm working in Photoshop). The time I save compared with my old PC is so massive that I feel like it's already paid for itself.

Three quick comments:

1) I agree with everything you said about not wanting to use PC's. Even if they cost less money for more computing power and have more software availability I don't care because I use Lightroom and Photoshop (and some other programs) and they work great on my MacBook Pro and that's all I really care about. I lost way too many hours of my life troubleshooting my PCs and waiting for things to boot up. That's time I should have spent processing pictures...

2) I moved from an 18.5" PC laptop to a 15.4" Macbook Pro and the quality increase was so substantial that I don't miss the added size. I doubt that you'll miss the 17" laptop monitor after you get used to the new retina 15" laptop monitor (just my opinion).

3) Thanks again for including me on your 2000 Photographers on Google+ list. The number of people that have me in their circles more than doubled in less than a week and there's no way on earth that would have happened if I wasn't on your list. I was starting to think that I was never going to get noticed on Google+. It looks like you have some serious influence here. 

I look forward to hearing all about the new retina MacBook Pro when it arrives!
Every 3 years is our biz desktop rule. I'd love to flip the whole mess over to Apples but that would mean software changes, too. 
Nice.  I'll be doing the same, my first SSD drive, finally.
Congrats on your new purchase! I'm going to purchase the exact same setup! 
I need one, even if the only reason is that my granddaughter keeps taking my late 2009 MBP :)
+Thomas Hawk You wanna hook me up with your old laptop? Mine is on its last legs and is very old. 
OK, I will be the first to say, I'm a notorious Apple hater (though Mac isn't bad, as OSes go) and proud of it.... But even I have to admit, that system has really nice specs.
Late, Janice? You make it sound deceased LOL
jealousy, jealousy, now don't you go on rearing your ugly head!
+Thomas Hawk, I'm jealous! You'd think after spending that much on a computer, Apple would drop the $8 recycle fee.
I'm getting one too and can't wait
I'm jealous tell us how wonderful it is when you get it
I envy you! We will have them in a few months and the price will be at least 30% higher
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