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I Got Your Letter Yesterday -- Miami, FL
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wow... beautiful... so quiet and peaceful...
Awesome shot. Love the feel of this one.
the clouds almost look like a face! amazing dude :-)
Beautiful pictures...great photography...
Lea A.
wow that's all i can say! you are so awesome...
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photograph and title!
such a beautiful place in a wonderful time.
Wow.. this is incredible work. The title absolutely makes the piece.
I love the contrast in this picture. I also like the title.....this image begins to create a story! Excellent work.
no this was some fun for my friends
wow Thomas, this is a gorgeous shot. sun setting with the sexy women
looking very nice....n feel comfort...
Awesome! Love the strong lines!
Great silhouette, Thomas!
how can we take that kind of pik??
Shadow of past life. nice moment picture
Very nice photo, i love the colors. It's just inspiring!
Thom .. pick me a Pic that a girl's Who Ready To get married..

Can u get it thom.. i am getting bored ba a single forever..
if you can't solve your boredom in your single life, marriage won't help you... sorry to say...
Your Photographed Pictures Are Breathtaking!
wow,what aa beutiful pic&scene,i agree with Maria
nim shi
so beautiful,i like
Absolutely beautiful silhouette.
oh great silhouette and colors, love it, so net on the blurred background
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