America by Rails San Francisco G+ Photo Walk TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!

+Cassius Wright and +Jordana Wright are coming into town for their America by Rail Tour Saturday and what better way to celebrate than a photowalk (yes, yes, you've been photowalking SF all week, but you can never have too many photos of SF).

We will meet at the Vaillancourt Fountain at 4pm at Justin Herman Plaza. (Everybody saw +Sly Vegas' great shot from there this week right? )

From there we will focus on a lot of the interesting downtown architecture. Depending on how big the group is I can probably take people to some of my favorite secret San Francisco shooting spots.

At 6pm we will end up at my favorite Chinese Restaurant in the world Henry's Hunan at 110 Natoma Street for dinner.

After dinner we will make our way up to Union Square where Push Dance Company will be performing a free multimedia dance performance accompanied by video artist Ben Wood's multimedia projections on to the Dewey Monument in Union Square. Dancers lit by projecting light at sunset should create some unique photographic opportunities.

Come to the pre-dinner walk, come to the dinner, come to post-dinner walk, come out for drinks afterwards. Come to part of it, come to all of it. No photographic skill necessary. Bring your DSLR or bring your Android phone. ;)

After shooting that for a bit we'll hit a watering hole somewhere and have a few drinks. I hear +Amanda Blain is in SF on Saturday night too. Hopefully she can join us. :)

If you can make it Saturday add your name to this Schemer page here:
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