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Yo -- Berkeley, CA
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kawaii lil thing^^
teng ou
what is this?
whats scary about this lil cutie? looks very interested :-)
what? something here pišeste stalnu blah blah 
That squirrel is completely fixated on you. Were you by any chance holding a McDonalds bag? Last time a squirrel looked at me like that it was to charm me out of my fries. Great Shot! Thanks for sharing!
+Cosette Colpetzer Did you feed the squirrel with fries? I ever thought they prefer nuts. They collect and bury them in my garden and sometimes forget where they have dug. I've got a hazelnut bush from that.

Maybe one day I will be looking out of my kitchen window and see a Big Mac tree growing in the garden?
hes lookin at us like
werz mah nutz!!!
...Squirrel!...I hope all squirrels in Berkeley aren't that creepy when I go there. Lol
Ottawa has a variation of squirrel that is all black. Here in the NE they are Red or Grey. It's a shock to see the black ones, but fun.  
She is expecting sth...
you are really an amazing photographer....squirrel looks so cute...:):) 
بعض اللقطات تجبرنا وتشدنا للنظر إليها لشدة جمالها
لقطة موفقة يا توماس شكرا
That is what I call a Kodak Moment
I can only imagine what he's thinking, "Ya got any nuts, if you don't, GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!!
Yo, that,s not a rapper, he;s not grabbing his crotch.
a photo of a squirrel gets 464+'s? No offense, but has the world come to an end and just hasn't reached NYC yet? WTF? 
Its a very interesting picture. Back off.
I just thought it was kinda offensive but true freedom of speech.
Not happy with these little critters.....ate ALL my tomatoes this summer......
+isabel hill , it wasn't sup. to be nice or mean. Just stating my opinion on the popularity of things on G+ is all. If someone other than +Thomas Hawk had posted this photo, it would not get NEARLY the amount of attention this one has. 
Just what I needed to make my day!:-)
im stupid i spelled squirle wrong i forgot how to spell lol
who are u and i am not called srah johnson i need to change that
Squirrel in Berkeley ... probably wants your pot... watch out!
This guy faced off my car over by Strawberry Creek yesterday, and he won.
The campus squirrels are the worst.
I remember the first time one of my Saudi students spotted one of these critters outside our classroom window.  Suddenly my lecture on evaluating essays became a lot less captivating . . . XD
AWWWWW squirrels are my favorite animal ever i love this picture!!!
ok so my friend i found baby squirrels in her back yard one climbed me like a tree and the other ones i steped on lol
so cute !!!!!! :) :) :)
o...m...g...iz a SQUIRREL!
so awesome i wish i could do that
actually7 there pretty smart when there arent roadkill
all that squirrel wants is your nuts ^O^
not until it pelts nuts or poops on you
♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡
Hw cute lol me n mii mom use to say gay squir lol
Ya"ll know what we call those things in the south?
Bisexual day what's next prev day
Neve c
omg a squirrel love it!!!!!XD
This would be nice to put into the christmas app and give a red nose and reindeer ears... I'll go do that... 
You did NOT just take MY nut!!! oh no you didnt.
Who run the world Squirrels
i wich tha have a animal tha samething
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