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Light Box FAQ

1.  What is the Light Box Community?

The Light Box Community is a public community on Google+ where users can discuss various topics and also play a voting game with their photos.  It is open for anyone to join.

2.  How does the game work?

One of the sections in the Light Box is the Voting Pool.  Here members post photographs that they would like to submit to the game and have critiqued.  


BEFORE submitting one of your photos to the pool.  You MUST vote on 15 other photos in the pool or 100% of the pool whichever is less -- for each photo you submit.  If you do not vote on 15 photos or 100% of the pool, whichever is less, your photo will be removed.  If you continue to abuse the pool you will be banned.  It is helpful to the moderators if you vote immediately before you post your photo to the pool.  This way it will be more visible to us that you are a valid voter.

Once your photo is in the pool it will be voted on by other members.  10 saves before 10 deletes and the photo is eligible for the Light Box pool.  10 deletes before 10 saves and the photo is over.

3.  What do I do if there are not 15 photos to vote on in the pool?

Re-read the rules.  You must vote on 15 photos in the pool OR 100% of the photos in the pool whichever is less.  If there are not 15 photos in the pool, vote on everything that IS in the pool.

4.  Can I vote on more than 15 photos?

Yes.  And this is strongly encouraged to help keep the pool moving.

5.  How often can I post a photo to the voting pool?

You can post one photo per day.

6.  Does one photo per day mean per calendar day, per 24 hour period or what?

We don't need to get that technical.  Just abide by the spirit of the one photo per day rule.  If you post one Friday night and Saturday morning, that's just fine.  Just use common sense here and stay within the general guidelines of one photo per day.

7.  What do I do when voting is done on my photo?

When voting is done on your photo you can either remove it from the pool yourself (preferred) or you can wait for a moderator to remove it for you if you're not active and around.

8.  What is up with the "Photos 1 a Week Max Section?"

This is a place where you can post one photo per week that you'd like to share with the group without having it go through the game or voting process.  Think of this as just a nice place to post some of your best work that you are proud of for others in the group to see.

9.  What do I do if I suspect someone is cheating and not voting on the required photos 

Remember that people that are cheating are most likely not bad people.  They are just new people and don't really understand how the game works.  Be nice and polite to them but remind them that they must vote on 15 photos before submitting their own.  If they don't get the game try to get the attention of a mod by +mentioning them and hopefully the mod can remove their photo from the game or the Light Box if it is not eligible.

10.  Is the "default" vote delete?  

Some members of the game would like for the game to be very competitive and only have people vote save on photos that they think are really, really, really good.  Other members may have a more liberal attitude towards what they are willing to save.  Each group member must make their own assessment as to how they vote.

11.  Can I block someone and still play the game.

Yes.  If someone is harassing you on Google+ or making you feel uncomfortable, feel free to block them.  Hopefully we are all adults here and people won't take this game so seriously that they block people based on how they vote.

12.  What is the "Discussion" area all about?

The discussion section of the community is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a place for the community to discuss things.  You can discuss anything you want here -- photography techniques, the game and the rules, a photo trip that you are planning, who you will vote for for President, whatever you want. 

We would ask though that you not use the discussion forum for spamming self promotional material about your photography/blog/website/etc. or to promote your other groups that you are involved with.  Also please don't spam the discussion area with commercial offerings.  We have a special section for you to promote your other groups in called "Promote Groups Here."  If you feel like you absolutely MUST spam the Light Box with adverts for your other groups, please keep them in this section.

Also do not post photos in the discussion threads.  Photos will go either in the voting pool or the Photos 1 a Week Max section.

13.  Who are the mods of the group?  

You can find the mods of the group here.  If you have a question or are having a problem, try to reach out to one of the mods to help resolve your problem if it can't be resolved in the community threads.  

14.  Can I resubmit a previously submitted photo to the pool after additional editing?


15.  Something on Google+ is not working right for me.  My comments aren't showing or some other bug is bothering me.

Please use the send feedback button and let Google know what the bug is.

16.  Can I be a jerk in Light Box?

We'd ask that you be respectful of the other members in the group.  You'd be surprised how much fun being nice is.  This does not mean that you can't offer significant criticism on someone else's photos, we'd just ask that you try to be constructive with your criticism and keep it focused on the work and not personal insults at the photographer.  Likewise, fell free to offer your harsh opinions in the discussion threads but let's try to avoid personal attacks and the such.  Harassment and bullying won't be tolerated.

If you know someone really well and your bullying is more of a personal sort of performance art like +Gino Barasa's it might be allowed.

17.  Are there any "best practices?"

Yes, we'd recommend that when posting an image that has been voted on in the Light Box that you provide some indication that it's gone through the voting process.  One thing you can do is cut and paste all of the votes on the image from the voting pool onto the version in the Light Box.  Especially if you are new to the game it's probably important that you indicate on your qualifying Light Box submission that your image was voted in.  If not, a mod may think your image is just a mistake and it might get removed.
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Is there a way to remove a post from "Voting" without having to delete it?  That's where I get stuck.
I joined Lightbox thinking it was merely for contributing beautiful photos, but the "game" makes it so much more interesting! One question though: the hashtag #save  actually links to a children's charity community, so why don't we use a hashtag that isn't linked to something already? Also, I've noticed many duplicate #save  tags in comment threads where someone posting was typing their comment at the same moment as someone else, and so when a photo should be at #save10 it's only at #save5  or #save8 , etc... Are the mods accommodating for this inconsistency?
+Ronnie Ashley I think it's too hard to change it midstream to use something over than #save .  Maybe the children's charity might want to think about changing their tag?  ;)

Mods do count the votes, not the tags.  So if something is at #save8  and two #save9  comments show up we'll count it as #save10 .  The tags just make it a bit easier to keep track.
+Don Burkett unfortunately there is not.  If you don't want the photo deleted then just leave it and a mod will boot it out.
Thanks for the response +Thomas Hawk The conundrum .. If I wait for Mod to remove, then I can re-post to Light Box (provided it got saved) from my profile. If I do not, I have to delete the post and re-upload the image. Thing is I hate to put extra work on the mod's who already have a steady stream of stuff on their plates.  I'll bet as sharp as this team is, somebody has already suggested we give users the "Remove Post" capability. :)
+Jay Gould it would be fine to post this in the voting pool as long as you vote on 15 photos before submitting it.  :)
JC Dill
+Thomas Hawk   Can you explain the procedure for moving a post to the Lightbox after an image is Saved in the voting?  Does this require deleting the prior post and reposting (and re-uploading the photo) or is there some other way?  Thanks!  (Happy to have my first "save".)
Thomas. Can you explain how to do the #savex or #deletex. Is it just these characters in a person's comments? Cheers
JC Dill
Jim, yes, it's that simple - you add a comment to each photo in the pool (or the last 15, if there are more than 15) and give a helpful critique and then vote to #save or #delete.  It helps the moderators and others if you number your save or delete, so we can quickly and easily see what the total vote is and if the photo is still in play (if we still need to vote or if the vote has been decided) but numbering is not strictly necessary.
How do you know when you have commented and voted 15 times. 
If you vote 16 times before submitting a photo, does the extra vote carry over?
I second JC Dill's question.  I'm not sure I'm certain about how to move the photo to the Lightbox.  Sounds like it needs to be a new post with the old one deleted.  It would be great if there was a way to move it instead.  Hoping there is.  Hate to see someone go to the trouble of resharing the post or +1ing it and then have it disappear.  Just doesn't feel right.
Looking forward to trying this out. TY for a fun opportunity. 
Clarification request: I was told (on a comment on that "your 15 votes have to be the same day as your submit", and one of the moderators +1'ed it, which I assume was meant to indicate agreement with it.

However, these rules don't mention that requirement, giving the much weaker "It is helpful to the moderators if you vote immediately before you post your photo to the pool" comment -- which seems to me to be a recommendation rather than a rule (and is different from "same day" anyway).  And the short form of the rules in the "about" box makes no mention of this.  Whether or not that is the intended rule, could the moderators please clarify this one way or the other?

(To be clear, I'm happy either way; I just want to make sure I'm following all the rules!  For me personally it would work better to make a few thoughtful comments every day and post a photo once a week or so when they add up to 15, but I can understand that that makes life hard for the moderators. In the particular post in question, I'd done about 10 that day, and -- to be helpful to the moderators -- made note of the fact that some of my 15 were on previous days.)
+Brooks Moses I hope not. It takes some serious time to provide 15 substantial comments on a photograph and it's difficult to do before posting your own photo. And if they aren't going to be thoughtful, then why do it.

I learn just as much by giving critiques as I do getting them. I have been doing it as you have, spread out over an evening and morning or something.
JC Dill
I agree with +Ron Bearry and +Brooks Moses .  I suggest we allow people to spread out their votes and simply urge them to post a comment (for the Mods) after they upload their Voting Pool entry that they have posted 15 votes since their last upload.
Just posted a photo to The Voting Pool and it says that The Community can not see it because it may violete the policies. That I should edit or remove from a desktop. Can't we post from mobile devices? This is the first time I'm trying from an iPad. Thanks!
I agree that 15 crititcisms is a lot.  I would rather do 5 and not more than 10.  I like to take time w an image.  I don't want to rush through as it is not fair to posters.
That was great +Thomas Hawk Gives a ''general'' incite on what the LB is.  Good one with the  #11 
''Hopefully we are all adults'' 
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