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Someday You'll Understand -- San Francisco, CA
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Looking at this masterpiece, I understand completely!
This is very nice. There are so many photos of this bridge. This is a nice perspective and crop.
A view I have seen often . . . .
really enjoy this shot and it keeps me on it i.e I see m ore the longer I look
nice pict . wait, what did you mean of "you'll understand" ?
isso é ter olho clínico
wonderful...! I want to take photo, too.
hi Jennifer lopez iv love your song papi and i love that in the film jack your the teacher
Bridge and a ship, love it. Cool shot.
Amazin photo.....Missing SF so much!
wish I could understand the meaning of life
They look like tiny model train cars...
I was a tug boat captain and this reminds me of days, thanx.
give me a reason to not understand it. San Francisco, CA is amazing...
Am I the only one that can all but smell the pollution in this picture? I have been there and seen it.... great picture love the story it tells.
OH...MY...GOSH!!!! God bless the future of our children. We've done a royal job of cheating them, if this picture is any indicator of our mistakes and foolish consumerism. Imagine the decrease if most of Manhattan rode a bike. Ya right. That wouldn't look cool, now would it?
I was born near that bridge
No way I was born near SF also!!!! BTW GO GIANTS!!!
this makes me wonder what else "we" can build :) but its sad with all the pollution :( im a lil scared of what we might do to our planet and if we can keep it green and clean..but still a nice picture
Man, I wish I could understand Photoshop.
Wow, Thomas, this is super-awesome! Love the processing. Not sure what you did with it, but you did it right!
Very cool. Great capture. Interesting colors. what caused the reds and the aquas?
Fantastic framing and color treatment... Wistful and slightly haunting...
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