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Walk This Way -- Detroit, MI

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You find the most amazing places! Someday, I'd love to photo walk with you. 
It's all about learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
doskonala praca,- pewnie gdy to widziales, zahipnotyzowalo cie to miejsce?
I love Detroit(: its only like 2 hours from my house and me and one of my photo buddies was gunna jump a fence at one of the old factories and take pictures but it never happened /; too bad! there are so many places around Detroit that are just BEGGING to have their picture taken!
would you please explain to them Em that it is these environments where we feel safe.
+Sarah Perez I haven't been on a photo walk in about a year, sadly. I'm Canadian, from the Toronto area. 
The decay of Detroit is great subject for B&W photography. I took this photo in the late 1990s in downtown Detroit ... my father kept the car door open and the engine running ... we were in a well-known dangerous ´hood.  ... not a great photo, but I did win 2nd place at Worth1000's site, hehe. Since I was born on Kerchevel St. right smack in the middle of downtown Detroit, I can get away with saying this!
+Eustace James I'm sure Toronto will have an awesome photowalk for the 1 year G+ Anniversary on June 30th.  I'll be at the Denver one.  I love shooting Toronto -- especially with +Tom Ryaboi :)
very cool... I can also see what you have done and I love it... I think the black and white makes the pic.
+Thomas Hawk You need to make another trip.  detroit is around the corner, bring your passport and stop by for a night, theres some really cool things happening right now.
+Thomas Hawk Didn't you go to the Auto Show in Detroit.  If I remember right you were exploring some abandoned places.  Did you just explore a certain section of town or did you have a guide of sorts?
Usually strong lines in photography lead the eyes to the point of interest in the photo. However, in this photo, those directional clues lead the viewer right back to themselves. Nice to see that I am the focal point of this image! hehe...
+Tom Ryaboi I'd love to.  Alas my travel is pretty tied up for the short term.  Hitting Chicago this week, then Los Angeles, then Denver, then Los Angeles again, all between now and July 4th.  I've got St. Louis on the calendar in October and I still totally need to get to Philadelphia to shoot too!
+Mike Brouwer yeah, I took this shot when I was there for the auto show.  +Lotus Carroll and I mostly hung out with +Ed Serecky who showed us these really amazing and awesome places.  Ed's a wonderful photographer who has shot so much amazing work in Detroit.
Wasted space'
would make a great pet shop or doggy day spa LOL
+Sarah Perez Not at all, no. Although if you have a parent that's interested in photography as well, that would create an opportunity to get out and about with other local enthusiasts. Or there may be opportunities to set up a club or something similar at your school. 
love this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome....contrast ..shadows..great job
once one looks at B/W shots memories r showering so heavily as if they represent good happenings into one s mind.beautiful
i like were and how the arrows look like and wer they point
Been to the Boblo building you just mentioned a few times. Best to go in winter.
Photoshopped, but still a good composition. I bet the original looked great anyway.
"All things follow the path of the beam" - Roland Deschain
Love it! Looks like something painted on a test track instead of shadows and light. The mirror effect is fantastic!
ahhh great. i see this place in need4speed 3 ... haha
poor...I dont see what special is about this photoshop
Hello everybody I'm Osama how are u
The photographer who made this photo used mirror
is it me or is there a figure in the bottom center?
are you often referred to as Tomahawk? 
photoshopped the effect is a mirror in the center :( would be cool if it was not photoshopped
I dont know but without color to it, it still looks amazing.
That NIIICE. What building is it?
its beautiful. i wish i could do that
Ed King
Those are some killer shadows !!!
Looks like a happy place. I'll live there
ciekawe  i inspirujące, choć czy możliwe technicznie??
interesting and inspiring, though if technically possible?
Almost perfect. Are you a professional photographer? 
Detroit is scary. But this picture looks so sincere... ;'(
really good
I love those wonderful lines!  Awesome light and shadow and incredible patterns!
Some good still can come from my stomping grounds.
right place at right time
I think Detroit Just found a way to make some extra money. Photo tours. It seems like it's one of the best places to shoot desolate and abandoned buildings.
Look at it up-side-down  same thing!!
A diamond in the rough. I love this!!!!
The symmetry is obviously artificial, but neat effect..  
that pic makes me think on how the world reflects off the tv
Ciekawe zdjęcie, jakiś haczyk? Dobrze przerobione.
nice reflection, love the final image!
thats so cool its a whole bunch of arrows :) :) :).
I like that picture because it is bright and clear.
No words. Thats just dam!
I know the plug-in you used quite well...
Its all an illusion in your' imagination, you have got to be ahead of all the compotition, it's a dificult task to get the job done... In the end You feel like you are in a kaleidoscope, all dizzy, like you are seeing hallucinations, but its all real. some things you may only get to see once in a lifetime, so take it in and shoot, thats the art of it.
We usually show Europeans around the ruins they love taking picture of them.
It is NOT a waste of space. I cant stand people who just think "oh that would be a great PET SHOP.." um WTF! srsly!? cuz we need more of THOSE and not great architecture..RR! and +Frank Stonehouse I realllly need to get down there! and i THINK i might might might just try and get in the packard plant(:
What's so good about this ?
The city scape in my profile collage was taken from the 18th floor, I remember the floor you pictured but cannot remember the #. I did a visual hazard assessment for the city... another attempt by them to get owner to do something about the property
A monkey could have taken this photo
Wooaaaaaaah... where do you even find a place like that coughphotoshop
That looks scary and it kinda looks like it is in the forgotten
where did you get that pict
plz don't tell me you went THERE
who are come i am seeing this here,i donn.t need this garbage to read,
Was this is a building Frank Lloyd Wright designed? The columns are reminiscent of some in one of his buildings.
@Rob. I believe there is one Frank Lloyd Wright home is Palmer Woods. Most likely Albert Kahn
All your photos make my photos look pathetic. Nice pic by the way.
Now that's called some serious photography.
Great click..
Do you have any more Detroit photos I could see? That's my home turf. 
Amy Pg
that's good art.
This is a REAL nice B&W +Thomas Hawk The tones and contrast in this image are excellent. I really want to get up to Detroit to shoot. The abandoned buildings there are excellent.
Ha. I know exactly where that is at. :) Was there last month.
ahahahahaha detroit
is it notoriously shitty like its infamy would say
or is it just another part of american suburbia that for some reason
has been mocked and demonized heavily
Ed and I were talking about you this weekend Thomas. He's kinda secretive on who tours around. I didn't know he showed you around. I shoot with him all the the time.
This is incredible... I want this in my living room! Very inspirational, Mr. Hawk.
you guys are getting awfully obsessive over a grayscale photo with nice lighting position
i dont think i could bring myself to put such a grey depressing piece of shit on my wall
light and shadow... nice pic
Great perspective combined with good light and shadow
I'm flabbergasted.  Discombobulation does not deserve to be shown publicly on the internet.
Great shot to start with and a nice finish.
I absolutely love the structure of this shot.  Extraordinary capture. 
Dung ha
Yes! it's so great by the way you catch it!
it is great!!!!!!!!! a great picture. i love it!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic shot! Beautiful lighting, Love the symmetry and how the shadows form those arrows.
This is really awesome! love symmetry
The symmetry is wonderful here, like in my photo that is upload for +Ivan Makarov and Photographers for Good Foundation.
Thomas try more and more to special photo everywhere...I think to he is great person.
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