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There's Not Enough Room to Move Around in Here She Said -- Northville, MI
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That cloudy dirty window look with the sun coming in is simply off the hook! WOW! Insanely great!
Love the lighting in this shot.
Est quod transtulerunt photo? Curabitur aliquam ante vidi, sed vidi modo non recolit.
I lived in South Eastern Michigan for two years, on a mission for my church.

I quite enjoy seeing photography from around that area.
I wouldn't want to move! too cozy, much fun could be had here 
muy buena la imagen..
NJ arz
it looks post apocalyptic world scenario
Hi! I am from Ukraine. Me your pictures very impressive and nadyhayut.I also want to learn how to take pictures as you.
Northville Hospital? Did you also try to get in the tunnel?
maravilhoso seu trabalho....Digho sempre que "a lente de uma máquina é o reflexo da alma de nosso olhar"..e você coloca muito bem isso....Parabéns.
mqas que casa bonita essa, vou me hospedar ai no final de semana!
That seriously looks like a nazi zombie map from world at war
foto linda! pena que não é em são paulo, se fosse estaria visualizando três bonecos fumando crack!
Wow, this is beautiful. I can feel and even hear the history of this room.
a lot of drama and sincerity in this picture ;-)
Its like a scene from "The walking dead"
dear God, what is it?!
¡¡¡¡¡Super!!!!! :D, me encanta tu forma de ver el mundo.
Muchos éxitos.
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