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I Don't Make Mistakes She Said -- San Francisco, CA
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Love everything about this on Thomas.  Visual euphoria
This is amazing. You're a great photographer!
I've been here... Huge metal ball in thelobby
Ain't that lobby just cool?   Great shot - love the way your eye is drawn to the detail of the elevator floor.  
Cool here is a shot i took. Neat I recognized it. Sweet shot btw. SF is so inspiring.

Cool! Ok well let me share this with my photo circle... Need to get back to SF
Nice shot. The elevators look like lanterns.
P Cerda
Love, love, love it!!!!!
nicely taken in black and white..
Brings back many memories. Cool pic!
Must be a high building. I like the composition. There was little light, it was certainly not easy
no ventilation yet, can ppl live in that building...?
It could go either way, are you a mistake in her life? Things that make you go, hmmm? :)
nice pic! i really love Black n White pics...
I love all of the lines. It's a lovely picture.
I love all of these perspective shots +Thomas Hawk, but I swear I have to sit and breathe deep on each of them until my head quits spinning. Excellent job!!
Very good shot.A picture for the brain.
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