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Thomas Hawk Original Prints

Over the years I've had many people ask me about purchasing prints of my work. With the rare exception I've turned down all of these requests. I'm not sure why. It's probably mostly been that I've been too busy shooting and processing to get around to figuring out a good way to handle fulfillment.

Today I've begun offering prints of my work for sale for the first time ever. This is a work in progress and it may take me some time to get it right, but +SmugMug (disclosure: who sponsor our +Photo Talk Plus show on Wed nights) makes it super easy for me to sell my prints and they give the photographer a very generous payout of 85% of the photo markup. It seems like a lot of the photographers that I admire most like +Trey Ratcliff and +Scott Jarvie and +Colby Brown are all using SmugMug to sell their prints. Its something that I should have done a long time ago and I'm glad that I've taken the time this past week to finally get this done.

To start with I'm offering about 5,000 of my images for sale for people interested in buying them. We'll see how this goes and I'd be interested in any input from people about selling prints online. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them.

You can find the prints that I'm selling here at:

Thanks to +Markham Bennett and +Katherine Cheng and their excellent team at +SmugMug for helping me get set up with this.
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Awesome! I really like how you color-categorized your images :)
Yeah - Finally - everyone go buy buy buy! Support your local internet artist so that he has more resources to bring more art into the world... the new economy of art and the internet is just getting started... we're all the architects of this new world... so let's start it out right...

Thomas - you know I want to buy that new one, yes... get me a link... and my credit card is in there! :)
Just looked, nice collection. I was thinking about smugmug for my videos. Keep us updated on your experience with them.
Timely post for me - I have been thinking about setting up a smugmug account to use for selling prints. I also would be interested in hearing from anyone selling prints online.
Cool. I have been thinking about signing up to SmugMug too but it'll have to wait as I can't afford it (all my money has gone on hospital bills for my wife out in Thailand). Would be interesting to put images out there for sale as prints. 85% is a great payout. Ah well it will have to wait for the time being.
Okay - where is it - "Love Like a Sunset" ?
Congratulations, +Thomas Hawk. This is big. Great timing with the start of the year of the Water Dragon! Big things will happen this year. I just feel it. Very good things. Change is in the air, and it's all good :-)
That's an amazing amount of keywords considering you tagged each one. Kudos for doing it right.
Welcome to smugmug... its a great bunch of folks to work with! And you are right... they make it easy!
I see keywords but is there a place to search for keywords or am I just missing it?
Oh no. Another great collection to browse. You've just added one more time sink in my life.
Well done +Thomas Hawk :) Congratulations and thank you for releasing your self into the world in new and challenging ways :)
Congratulations, +Thomas Hawk! I love the clean design of the layout, and the colour-coded photosets. Super cool :)
Thomas you have been absolutely a dream to work with!!!
Great call Thomas, I have been using Smugmug for several years and they are great, easy to use and fair in their share of profits.
Hmm. I'll have to check smugmug out. Someday I might sell something too!
This is an incredible collection! Though I can’t afford to purchase one at this time, I’m learning a lot by studying them. Do you have any advice for someone just starting a second career as a photographer?
+Thomas Hawk - Awesome choice and glad to see you as a "Smug-head" (is that a word...). I have been nothing but impressed with their customer service and support. One of the best choices I made this past year for my website to have smugmug handle my portfolio and online store. question though. You are selling sizes that need to be cropped for the size you specify. Is this the norm? I've been looking at setting up a Smugmug myself and didn't consider allowing for crop.
+Thomas Hawk good for you! And I do know you'll do well as you have the viewers. Small point though: if you speak to brick & mortar consultants you'll find that 15% of gross to a landlord is hugely unrealistic hence others take less traveled roads. Don't get me wrong though, researched for 2 years & signed up. SM has done more to earn the value then all available 5 years ago. Best. Glad you got out and are hawking your fine wares... (smile)
Shutter On!
Are these the ones you thought would look best framed? I'll take a 5x7 of the little girl with R2D2 plz for my piano :)
i am waving my shiny Loonie in the air...
(remember what you said about selling me all you prints for one Loonie? hmmmm?)
About time TH, next you'll be telling us your finally joining Myspace (if you do, hit me up on Bebo or be sure to email my AOL account)
Congrats. You are going to make some serious cash for sure I think!
So can you make money off of the trial account?
WOW! +Trey Ratcliff sweet! ya got it at cost ... ya'll must be an asset or an assistant... well deserved either way.
Okay I just bought a pro account.
Congrats on getting an outlet going. I am really interested in how SmugMug pays off for you? I have considered it the past but for most of my work (high school and kid sports) I have not wanted to charge much which makes it difficult to justify the extra expenses.
Sweet! Good luck Thomas! Hope it goes well for you. I was at SmugMug for a cpl years, then moved to 500px. Smugmug rocks in customer service, but I didn't have the knowledge or $$ to customize my site. I've been debating on going back since 500px no longer offers the option to sell prints.
ok so I've decided to also create a much smaller collection of images that I've published to G+ that I feel are my stronger fine art photographs. This will be a much smaller collection. Because I'm sourcing this collection from images I publish to G+ I'm going to call it my G+ Collection. :)

It's been a lot of fun today setting up my photos for sale online.
+Billy Wilson yeah a firefox extension. It moves photos from flickr to smugmug and super fast.
+Thomas Hawk... AWESOME DOT COM!!!
I LOVE the color-categories... and just lovelovelove that the world can now custom-enjoy their own little slice 'o Thomas Hawk goodness!!!
Now I see the search box. I swear I didn't see it before.
Ed King
+Thomas Hawk Awesome - your work is amazing and inspirational - Last night I actually was looking for some photography videos on You Tube and came across your Google video - good stuff and thank you for everything you do to inspire the photography community
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