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I'm currently in the process of reviewing my photographers circle on Google+. This is the circle that I personally view the most on Google+. I look at it every day and +1 a lot of photos from there. I'm probably going to share it again soon (once it hits 2,000 photographers). I shared it last when it hit 1,500.

I've been aggressively culling the circle and cleaning it up to make sure it's got the people that I want to see the most on Google+ in it.

Circle sharing is always tricky. Inevitably I will leave some people out. Some of these people get really upset about that. Feelings are hurt. I feel that sharing circles inevitably creates ill wil. People will always be excluded. I guess that's the price to pay.

Personally speaking, my circles simply represent photography that I want to consume on G+, nothing more, nothing less. These are not "the best" photographers in the world (or on G+). It does not mean someone is not a good photographer or G+ community member if they are not in my circle.

As I've been dropping people from my current photographers circle and adding new people I thought I'd share some of my own personal bias and criteria for my circles.

1. I have to like your work (totally and completely subjective).

2. You have to be active on Google+. I use the uncircle inactives extension and routinely remove people I'm following who haven't posted in the last month.

3. You have to regularly post your own work. It's great to share other's work and interesting photography related content, but I want to see your own personal work the most.

4. You don't clutter up your feed with "dumb stuff" (again totally subjective, but stupid jokes, memes, gifs, youtube videos, excessive reshares, excessive circle shares, resharing your own work constantly, etc.)

5. MOST CONTROVERSIAL I dislike watermarks and signatures. This is NOTHING personal. I do have people in my circles who use them, but usually these are people that I know personally and tend to overlook it due to our personal relationship.

I totally get and understand all the reasons why you and your watermark/sig are BFFs. I get that people steal your images. I get that the personal branding is important to you. I just hate them aesthetically speaking. This is not an attack on you or your watermark. I get more crap from people because I dislike watermarks than I think anything else at all. It is my right to not like watermarks, just like it is your right to use one. Please don't give me grief over the fact that I personally dislike them.

6. I like people that mostly share their work directly here. I want to see big G+ photos in your stream instead of little thumbnails linking to Flickr or 500px or wherever else.

7. I don't like people who post too much. I think about 5 photos a day max feels about right. If someone posts like 40 photos in a row and floods my stream I probably won't want to follow them.

8. I like photographers who are positive and enthusiastic members of the community. I dislike photographers who are mean or rude or overly critical or negative. I've dropped lots of people because they are rude to other people. If you are mean to one of my friends, chances are you will not be on my list. I might even block you. I've also dropped people who complain a lot -- especially if it's about the same things over and over and over again.

9. I like people who actively contribute to Google+ in ways beyond just posting their own work. I like people who comment, and who hangout, and who go on photowalks, etc.

10. I like people who are fun.

If you meet the criteria above and I'm not following you there's a good chance that I just don't know you yet. There's also a chance that I'm just lame and have screwed up and haven't added you yet even if we do know each other. If this is the case feel free to let me know in a comment and I'll look at your photos (no promises, as I'm pretty picky about who I want to see on this list and nothing personal if I don't add you). Also if you know someone else who you think meets the above criteria feel free to point me to their profile as well.
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