Last night on LIFE Through the Lens I highlighted the work of two wonderful Denver photographers that I got to meet this past weekend when I was in Denver, +Stan Showalter and +thomas o'brien.  Unfortunately, when I was showing +thomas o'brien's work I referenced it as +Tom Chamberlain's work (who is also a fantastic Tom who I also met in Denver on the same photowalk and a talented photographer).  The two many Toms thing confused me for a bit and my apologies to both of them.  Both are worth adding to your photographers circles and below is an example of the great work by +thomas o'brien  :)

And thanks to everyone in Denver who made my visit there this past weekend so much fun.
i think i just took one of the best photos that i have ever taken.  so excited to check out the +The Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk in denver this weekend.  
who is up for shooting some night shots in the city?

this is nine shots of a 27 shot panoramic (there are 2 more  rows of the sky I need to add to this)
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#panopoker mountains.  all in on this one, i have nothing better than this to pull out of the sleeve     +Astrophotography 101 group
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