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Last night on LIFE Through the Lens I highlighted the work of two wonderful Denver photographers that I got to meet this past weekend when I was in Denver, +Stan Showalter and +thomas o'brien.  Unfortunately, when I was showing +thomas o'brien's work I referenced it as +Tom Chamberlain's work (who is also a fantastic Tom who I also met in Denver on the same photowalk and a talented photographer).  The two many Toms thing confused me for a bit and my apologies to both of them.  Both are worth adding to your photographers circles and below is an example of the great work by +thomas o'brien  :)

And thanks to everyone in Denver who made my visit there this past weekend so much fun.
i think i just took one of the best photos that i have ever taken.  so excited to check out the +The Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk in denver this weekend.  
who is up for shooting some night shots in the city?

this is nine shots of a 27 shot panoramic (there are 2 more  rows of the sky I need to add to this)
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#panopoker mountains.  all in on this one, i have nothing better than this to pull out of the sleeve     +Astrophotography 101 group
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Diego T
very nice landscape
Otherworldly and spectacular! Great capture!
When will I see that here in Manila? OMG. 
Great show!  I was listening/watching while doing a little editing.
It is a really great photo which I've ever seen!
very good. this is such a fascinating shot. wow...........
it looks liike part of the sky is on fire
I just watched the replay of the show.  Thank you +Thomas Hawk for the nice comments, and for choosing to share my work.  

It was great having you here to see Denver, and hopefully some day you'll visit more of Colorado.  If your top 100 cities is based on population, there are two more to go in Colorado.  If on your Colfax drive through, if you got the any of the 5 eastern most pins on the map you shared of sites you wanted to see, you actually already have a little bit of Aurora (#55 on list on Wolfram Alpha).
One of the Great photograph I've ever seen!!! Hat's off Sir....Tapan from India.
Wish I didn't have a wedding that weekend or I would surely have joined you all.  Glad the photowalk/visit was a success!
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