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The story behind +Tom Ryaboi's amazing photograph.
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"Keep shooting. One photo can change your life." :)
That's really cool, I hadn't seen these photos before. Lovely how everything came together and he walked away with a perfect shot!
That is an amazing story, and fantastic photos. Taking it and flipping it was the best move , it totally changed the perspective and gave it heaps of depth
What's so Awesome dude... ;)

Like This (y)
Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it.
WOW it makes me dizzy looking at it!! lol Great shot though.I would be scared silly
i have one beautiful place like that in my town, but in different version :)
Marty D
Shi** myself just looking at this pic. Looks beautiful though
i still didn't recognize it.i never been there.:D
W o W !!! Dude, you really know how to "get high" :)
wow...wish i can do the same
perhaps it could be u r last one
steven capricon:no..i mean i wish i can sit there and see the view from there..hehehe
Chan .P
Evolved trump.
hi resty ....
so u r also in the que to visit heaven
Wow, I will never leave my camera home again.
nagender joshi: hah..don't wish me die young..heheheh;)
good loking pepl are less in world.
so i dnt wish u die young
bt u r funny (cute) with ur expression.........
hahaha..thnx but no thnx..hehehe
really nice...............
Great...but a little bit scarry...
nice it :-)
odlicna fotka ali malo previse za mene
oh my word..... my stomach is in my mouth ..... just looking at this photo..... your very brave!!!
nice pics... now come back down from that ledge my friend lol
Awesome Mind blowing what a pic.... real good....
Holy lol,I'm petrified of heights but beautiful pics Thomas,thanks for sharing and kudos +Tom Ryaboi aaaamazing :))
ssssssssssssssss.............. :) i was wondering myself there!! :) :D
Amazing picture!! i want to read the story but it wont let me...
Great article, thanks for sharing as I wouldn't have seen it otherwise......
I was hoping you would have this up after talking about it last night. Very Cool!
+steven capricorn doesn't everybody want to meet God? And aren't they either way going to have to take a visit to him one day?
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