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The story behind +Tom Ryaboi's amazing photograph.
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"Keep shooting. One photo can change your life." :)
That's really cool, I hadn't seen these photos before. Lovely how everything came together and he walked away with a perfect shot!
That is an amazing story, and fantastic photos. Taking it and flipping it was the best move , it totally changed the perspective and gave it heaps of depth
What's so Awesome dude... ;)

Like This (y)
Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it.
WOW it makes me dizzy looking at it!! lol Great shot though.I would be scared silly
i have one beautiful place like that in my town, but in different version :)
top markotop...
i like it
Marty D
Shi** myself just looking at this pic. Looks beautiful though
i still didn't recognize it.i never been there.:D
W o W !!! Dude, you really know how to "get high" :)
wow...wish i can do the same
perhaps it could be u r last one
steven capricon:no..i mean i wish i can sit there and see the view from there..hehehe
Chan .P
Evolved trump.
hi resty ....
so u r also in the que to visit heaven
Wow, I will never leave my camera home again.
nagender joshi: hah..don't wish me die young..heheheh;)
good loking pepl are less in world.
so i dnt wish u die young
bt u r funny (cute) with ur expression.........
hahaha..thnx but no thnx..hehehe
really nice...............
Great...but a little bit scarry...
nice it :-)
odlicna fotka ali malo previse za mene
oh my word..... my stomach is in my mouth ..... just looking at this photo..... your very brave!!!
Awesome Mind blowing what a pic.... real good....
Holy lol,I'm petrified of heights but beautiful pics Thomas,thanks for sharing and kudos +Tom Ryaboi aaaamazing :))
ssssssssssssssss.............. :) i was wondering myself there!! :) :D
Amazing picture!! i want to read the story but it wont let me...
Great article, thanks for sharing as I wouldn't have seen it otherwise......
I was hoping you would have this up after talking about it last night. Very Cool!
+steven capricorn doesn't everybody want to meet God? And aren't they either way going to have to take a visit to him one day?
that's in new york?! or in Washington D.C?! or where?!
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