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Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge -- San Francisco, CA

Looking forward to hanging out with +Joe Azure +Jonathan Goody +Ivan Makarov +Sly Vegas and anyone else headed out to the Marin Headlands side of the bridge tonight. Should be a great night for shooting. Bring a good bottle of wine. :) If you're in the headlands tonight drop a comment and we can hopefully try to meet up.
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+Thomas Hawk Looks like I left a few days too early. He he. Have a good shoot out there tonight and nice shot here btw. ;-)
Nice! Wish I could be there! Looking forward to the pics!
It's amazing how many people love this bridge. You just can't say that about very many bridges in the world. Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps a few others. This is one of those things that someone just got right.
Absolutely beautiful. Noted that I need to see that in person one day 
A true artist! Thanks for sharing your visions...
Wah beuty this,where this me wants cam..............?!
Da bin ich schon mit dem Auto überweg gedonnert.
Well, it'a in San Francisco +William Beem , one of the most beautiful locations on earth.
not really it isn't expensive and its very beautiful
Ray Zzy
All of your pictures no matter what it is of turns out to be gorgeous. I think I just decided what I want for my b-day...a camera of my own so I can take gorgeous pics like you.
Very Nice ist's so Great 
i love the lights like that. it looks so professional. who took it?
must have been a difficult shot to take.well done.absolutely gorgeous
cool i want to live there someday I love San Franisco.
Gruß an die schönste Stadt die ich bisher erleben durfte
(just took a look at the LBL webcam in the Berkeley Hills. Looks like fog, fog, and more fog...)
Would so love to be there....sometimes I really miss moving from the Bay area to Santa Fe.
Great night shot well done
+Thomas Hawk - would love to go. Could leave Santa Cruz by 2 - just not sure where to meet up with everyone. Thanks. 
Beautiful pic! I've decided to stay clear of the crowds, but Happy B-day to the best bridge in the best city in the world!
I was there, but at the Moment not. Wish much Fun and a good Time! :)))))) Great Pic!
its such a nice,pretty n great pic
Amazing it looks a lot more different than when I went there
Absolutely spectacular. Been there & hope to come back to the City by the Bay some day... favorite Golden Gate Bridge.!!!
Beautiful. Love my new hometown. The Bay area worth every penny.
I was down there a weekend ago and the run they did was not fun nor happy, there was people running strip naked
No matter how many times I've visited SF and stand on the Golden Gate Bridge I still feel like a kid in complete awe. This was even before I started seeing all the amazing images on G+.
I will miss you s.f. making a new life in las cruces for now
Tommy, those younger boys are getting a whole lot harder to handle as far a as endurance goes, but you rock!
I am a Native Californian and looking at this bridge, driving over this bridge, parking at the look out Vista Point, and viewing the sites at 360 degrees never grows old.
I was just there!!!
Beautiful pic, at night????????????????????
I wish i could have saw that it would have been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i used to live in san fran
i miss it so much
This is a lovely far most beautiful photo and view of the golden gate bridge!
49ers suck.They lost to the Giants!
Rode over it a few times...breath taking...scary in the fog!
I love the gorgeous light and lovely reflection! It's incredibly beautiful!!
wow i love this bridge it is beautiful!!! <3
Adam M
wonderful view!
Wowwww, das ist wunderschön bridge.
grats to the bridge!!!....nice photo Thomas...:)
What amazing color in this photograph. Wow.
Happy Anniversary Golden Gate, thanks for sharing the picture it's great and the colors are wonderful.
I was there a few years back. What a beautiful sight!
The sky is so lovely and the bridge looks like it's about to come out of the picture.
Love this bridge,, bay area d best..
i never get tired of seeing photos of the golden gate bridge
Lived there & it's a great reminder
thats a great pic, FYI its in san francisco
ANOTHER black square? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!
Landmark of San Francisco...75th yrs in service... Thank you very much..
That is amazing to look at.I like the bridge and how the lights reflect from the water.
wow! that looks so cool! i wanna go there some day... anyone wanna take me? for free?
San Fran's gone to shit these days. You wouldn't know it from this photo though.
y suicide????? but also really really pretty. great colors
I'm a native Californian - Bay Area - and always loved it. Take it and others around here for granted though. Had a 30' boat a while back and took pix of the underneath! Got the Bay Bridge too. Happy 75 th!
It's so so so spectacular,I'm obsessed with it
Didn't it "die" then get "resurrected", so which date are we taking about here?
the bridge looks exactly like the bridge that was destroyed in the movie final destination5 ... isn't it?
Vi Vi
I like it ! beautiful !!!
is this where the image above is taken? I didn't have a car in SF and was difficult to get over there
wahnsinn,ein tolles bild,gääähn wer hat das denn gemalt:*)?ich verneige mich vor dem kuenstler und maler,gääähnend alten,& möööph
+Klaus Martin ,sie waeren da jetzt gerne ja,vorschlag zur guete,knallen sie sich lsd rein (lsd is n gaanz harmloses medikament)und schließen sie ihre ungewaschenen augen und schnipp sind sie dort,aber aber lieber +Klaus Martin ,das habe ich gerne gemacht,wenn sie noch mehr aua haben dann ueberweise ich sie zu prof.dr.dr. +Udo Vetter er ist spezialist auf dem gebiet anal kanal untersuchung mit seiner zunge,gääähnend +Klaus Martin ,möööph:*)
+hermine granger ,sie gucken aber bächtig möse auf ihrem profilfoto,auch sie kann ich gerne an den stararzt +Udo Vetter ueberweisen,und gucken sie nicht so boese,ich bekomme aangst, gääähnend +hermine granger ,was fuer ein daemlicher name, möööph:*)
Love this exopsure!! Great light and color. Wonderful composition.Thank you for posting +Thomas Hawk  Allan
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