Over the last three days I've posted three circles of 500 each of all of the photographers that I'm currently following on Google+. For the most part these are active, engaged photographes on Google+ and represent some of the people that you may want to get to know if you want to participate more in the Photo Community that has emerged on Google+.

The Google+ Photography Community is the most active, engaged, positive group of photographers I've ever seen anywhere on the web. I'm constantly blown away and humbled by the quality of the work that people post there day in and day out. More than just the work, the photographers that I've met on there, that I've hung out with on there, that I've hung out in real life with on there (HIRL), are such amazing people that I've been so fortunate to have gotten to know.

Alot of people ask me how they might get more involved with Google+. I'd say that you can start with checking out these folks and I think you'll find most of them are pretty easy to get along with and interact with. You can check out these circles here:

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (A-G, Part 1 of 3) http://goo.gl/WGdFw

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (G-O, Part 2 of 3) http://goo.gl/1yiS6

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (P-Z, Part 3 of 3) http://goo.gl/6nLZE

Thanks to each and every photographer that I've gotten to know at Google+!
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