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Over the last three days I've posted three circles of 500 each of all of the photographers that I'm currently following on Google+. For the most part these are active, engaged photographes on Google+ and represent some of the people that you may want to get to know if you want to participate more in the Photo Community that has emerged on Google+.

The Google+ Photography Community is the most active, engaged, positive group of photographers I've ever seen anywhere on the web. I'm constantly blown away and humbled by the quality of the work that people post there day in and day out. More than just the work, the photographers that I've met on there, that I've hung out with on there, that I've hung out in real life with on there (HIRL), are such amazing people that I've been so fortunate to have gotten to know.

Alot of people ask me how they might get more involved with Google+. I'd say that you can start with checking out these folks and I think you'll find most of them are pretty easy to get along with and interact with. You can check out these circles here:

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (A-G, Part 1 of 3)

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (G-O, Part 2 of 3)

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (P-Z, Part 3 of 3)

Thanks to each and every photographer that I've gotten to know at Google+!
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Thanks +Thomas Hawk for the share and inclusion in the Photogs circles, along with the rest of the talented crew! I'm glad to be a part of this awesome photo community here on G+.
There's some really great people I hadn't yet discovered in here, thanks!
Awww... *blows kisses in Hawk's general direction* That is so cool!! I totally agree with you, this "photography community on G+ is blowing my socks off on a daily basis. I am now considering sock holders.
it's a great group to be included in and I found a bunch of new ones too.
Thanks for sharing! Lots of great people in there to follow!
The photography community here on G+ is one of the best communities of any kind I have found anywhere online.
No thank YOU +Thomas Hawk! If it weren't for you and the awesome DV2011 photowalk I would have missed the joy of being part of the Google+ community!
Agreed! This has become my favorite social networking site by far. Thanks again for all your inspiration and time to share and collect such talent. You rock :)
Agreed. G+ trumps all other photo sharing sites. And other photo sites only have a single focus (photos), while G+ has many different focuses (social networking, Hangouts, video, communications... etc.). 
Ricardo is running around like a guy chasing a balloon in a tornado --- Now I am giggling I am IN The Photo --- I feel humbled and honored to be mentioned in this post and in company of such great photographers in this photo and post. Thank you very much Mr. +Thomas Hawk keeps on running around
Hey, I'm in that picture! I can't thank you enough for letting me in this group. To show my appreciation further, new content is what everyone gets at least 5 days a week whether anyone pluses it or not.
Wowie wow wow! Thank you Thomas - you have been spurred me on on so many occasions, I can't begin to tell you. This was perfect timing today as I just had a loss in the family. HUGE HUGS for all this G+ love! See you in the Fall! :)
Awesome groups!! Circled a lot of great artists!!
Thanks for spreading the love man!
Thanks +Thomas Hawk for all that you contribute to Google+ and elsewere! I'm so humbled to be in your circles!
Thank you, +Thomas Hawk! You have always been so incredibly supportive of the photography community and I admire it greatly. That and you're just an all around kick ass guy who takes amazing pictures. :D
Thanks for including me +Thomas Hawk. Much appreciated.

I definitely agree. I have met some of the most amazing people on here. People I go shooting with, people I road trip with, people I "Hangout" with and hangout with. Google+ has been so awesome for me.
If the picture represents a list of your top favorites in order... then I guess I'm happy to be located just after your wife... I missed the top 10 but I'll take #11 ;)
Suck it #12 some guy named +Tom Anderson ;)
+Scott Jarvie haha Jarvie. This is a screenshot of the entire 1,500 circle rated by Google's relevancy algorithm. I'm not sure how that algorithm works exactly. Sometimes it seems spot on other times not as much -- like you should definitely be #1 for example. ;)
Thanks again for having me in there, +Thomas Hawk - I appreciate the oportunity to show my photos a larger group of people and enjoy it immensely!
I'm pleased that someone (er, I guess Google's algorithm would be some*thing*) has decided that I have relevancy
I'm getting a lot of errors trying to tag people in this photo. If you are in it and want to tag yourself feel free.
Good lord, I'm still living off your OG 1000 circle. Looks like it's time to delete and recircle.
Wha, huh? What was all that noise? Oh just another legion of potential vicitms fans lobbed over by way of +Thomas Hawk's ineffable influence.

+Karin Nelson I just don't wear them when I sit down at my computer!!!
+Thomas Hawk Thanks for the inclusion and I agree, great group of interactive photogs. Best on the web!
I couldn't possibly add anything new, so I'll just say -- thank you, personally Thomas, and thank you all,
awww shit. look. there's me. doing my laundry. maybe i shoulda had a profile pic that actually made me look cool? oh well, too late now :)

+Thomas Hawk, thank you for being such an inspiration to me and SO many others. you regularly make me want to shoot more, try more, do more and just BE more behind that lens of mine. i can honestly say that i don't remember what things were like in my personal photo world before i started to get to know you. thanks for all you do, for so many of us, around this little joint we call g+.
LOL! go for it +Rob Mcilroy. BUT, do you mind if i let her know my hubby actually finished ALL that laundry so i could edit photos :) (true story!)
I have trouble managing my own circles sometimes, so I really appreciate how much effort went into creating these +Thomas Hawk. I had hangouts with a great number of the people in these circles and they are all amazingly talented, but more importantly, they are genuinely nice people.
I have circled them all, +Thomas Hawk. I have to agree the photography community here is, by far, the best!

Thanks for sharing. . .
Thanks for including me, +Thomas Hawk! Can I quote you in my essay for the Plus One Collection? "The Google+ Photography Community is the most active, engaged, positive group of photographers I've ever seen anywhere on the web."
I am in 100% agreeange with you +Thomas Hawk this is by far the best photographic community out there, there is so much interaction that I find it to be an excellent source of inspiration for my photography, thank you for getting behind it so enthusiastically.
I wondered why I was getting so many adds. Thomas, you are going to make me have to go out and shoot more ;-) Thanks for that!
Thanks +Thomas Hawk. You are a big part of why this community is so successful for photography.
Thank you Thomas ! You and the photog community on Google+ are awesome !
Crap, just when I thought I had circled all the kick ass photographers I find like 600 more in these circles! Thanks for sharing +Thomas Hawk!
I am so honored to be included here with such amazing company. Again, thanks +Thomas Hawk ! I hope the boost in followers that all of you kick ass photographers are seeing will only push you all to create even more kick ass content! Keep it up everyone! Now I've got some adding to do, myself...
Thanks all for such kind comments.
who DOESN'T love +Sandra Parlow!? she's the best :)

and hell. if +Thomas Hawk says i look cool doing laundry, then it's official. next time i hit the club...i'm bringing my laundry basket. ( *does 'the basket' -->just made that dance up. you're all jealous. i know.* )

okay. that's a stretch. even for me.
Feel free to check out my page while gathering "kick ass photogs" for the next edition - I've got you in five of my circles, so maybe I'll make it into one of yours one day... :-)
Sweet!! Thank you again for your efforts. I have found some great new photographers from your list!
thanks for including us, +Thomas Hawk ! :) the community here really is so vibrant, talented, and friendly! and so much fun to hang out with online and in real life! :)
Thanks for including me and thanks for sharing. I'm finding so many interesting photographers. I'm suppose to be working but I keep looking, looking, looking at photos on G+, lol. And so many good ones to 1 plus!
Without wanting to sound ungrateful (I am hugely grateful, thank you very much +Thomas Hawk) - I now have no socks. And RSI. Is this an insurance claim?
+Thomas Hawk I am a huge fan of your photos/ artwork and I appreciate you as a very talented gifted photographer. Thank you for the sharing other gifted and talented photographers! : )
You're awesome! Thank you, Thomas!

I'm hoping to work my way up to being included.

And will begin sharing with the group!
Cool, thanks Thomas for the inspiration, now I have a new goal: to get in one of those circles one day.
I want to say thank you very much for this list. I am enjoying the positive visit thru the day to see amazing, unique and intelligent photos from so many perspectives. The only problem I have with your list - I think my head might explode from the inspiration! Not a bad thing to assimilate.
+Rob Mcilroy Laundry? That's almost as hot as watching a man pushing a vacuum cleaner around or teaching a kid how to throw a ball! Pix Plz!
+mel peifer Let me know if you have some magic that will get red wine out of someones new G+ shirt in time for next week show :)
*shakes fist at +Julia Peterson*

nope. no tricks to get it out...i HIGHLY recommend tie-dying it now though :) (i'm not only a laundry ruiner expert...but ALSO a hippie artist :)
It's hard trying to do my circles so for you to do this is SPECIAL! Thanks again +Thomas Hawk
Thanks for including me +Thomas Hawk, I was surprised to see all the new adds and finally figured out what happened.
Thanks again for including me.
+mel peifer oh you make laundry sound so fun I think I'll join you!! Let's do it!! ;)
They got blown off, obviously. As I said, old fashioned sock holders are a must.
+Karin Nelson what do they call those things? calf braces? sock anchors? I like sock anchors. Lets call them that. #ImACoastalBoyArrr
+Gino Barasa well, the list itself is the 1,500 photographers that I'm following on Google+ broken down into three parts. The graphic for the list comes from viewing that circle by Google's relevancy algorithm (which is one way you can view it in addition to by first or last name). I'm not sure exactly how Google determines who is most relevant in a circle, but you would seem to rank pretty high. Are you stalking me or something?
+Julia Peterson Stretch fabric over a bowl, cover with salt and pour boiling water over it. Or make more spots to hide the first one.:)
+Deb Bonney I would open up your page to the public if you want to make friends and get started. I just went to your page and there's nothing there and it says you haven't shared with anyone.
+Rob Mcilroy I'm going to forgive you for talking smack about me due to the fact that this is such a special occasion.. Oh, that, and the fact that I am about to prove your theory about how I talk a lot. And NO you still can't come back over and eat my Canadian Bacon. That's off limits to you, big boyl

+mel peifer Sweetie, you could make any outfit, any where look hawt... you know it's true!

And lastly, +Thomas Hawk !!


What a relief it is to make your circle this time around. Not because I might pick up a few new circlers, but because now I don't have to follow through with my back up plan.

You see, just last night I was telling +Christina Lawrie that if I wasn't in your circle today that I was planning to fling myself over the edge of the Grand Canyon while visiting there next month. She suggested that I take a few shots on my way down, and I had delegated to her the task of finding my pancake corpse at the bottom, prying the pieces of my smashed camera out of my dead, cold hands and locating the card so she could post my final photos here on G+ as a farewell to all my friends.

Thankfully, I don't have to do that now. I'm sure she's happy that she's off the hook now too.

So thank you my friend, for circling me even though I do watermark most times - but hey - have you noticed that on my new stuff I WM MUCH smaller? That is for your viewing pleasure alone ;) Yeppers - every time I get my nasty WM out I think about how it should be small so that it's not distracting to YOUR eyes. See how you have influenced me? It must mean I like you a lot too ;)

Now, if only you'd hurry up with those photos of you in these hot pink butt Daisy Duke shorts you teased us with a while back.....
If you weren't such a glutton about it +Rob Mcilroy .... not my fault..... just sayin'........
Oh, hai! I AM in there! How cool! Figured it out when I saw my followers--thanks +Thomas Hawk for considering me worthy to be in your list!
+Sandra Parlow - It was a good back up plan. ;) I know you would have made +Thomas Hawk's list posthumously! I had already reserved a mule ride and a G+ photowalk for the SD card retrieval! LMAO!
+Thomas Hawk Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. To be included and shared is one thing but to be in company such as this is another!
Isnt' the lighting GREAT +April Gamel ??!! LOL!

+Christina Lawrie .. oh girlfriend.. I just KNEW you would come through for me in my time of need!! It's good to know that you were already on the job - you're a true friend!!
+Sandra Parlow - Damn straight! I had a plan and it was going to be such fun. I'll have to settle for the "Sandra Parlow Visits Phoenix Photowalk" instead. ;)
You could at least act like you would have been a little bit sad about it +Christina Lawrie !!!


I'm SO looking forward to it!!
Fantastic group; I'm honored to be included. Thanks for all the time and thought you put into this, +Thomas Hawk!
+Sandra Parlow I would have been sad, but I always approach such occasions as a celebration of their lives. Can't you see it? Thousands of G+ users at the rim of the Grand Canyon wearing t-shirts with you riding a moose and they are crying uncontrollably like the crowds crying for their Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il. ;D
OMG! +Christina Lawrie !! LOOOL!!

It almost makes me want to go through with it!!!

mental note - DO NOT go to the Grand Canyon with Christina....

Just in case though - make sure the t-shirts are lime green seeing as that's my absolute favourite colour. It wouldn't be a proper tribute without Lime Green Moose Rider shirts... ;)
+Thomas Hawk - Thanks for inclusion on the list (well below the fine people here)! Inspirational to say the least!

+Sandra Parlow - Where do I order these lime-green T-Shirts??? I want one.. or more!!! ;)
Thank you +Thomas Hawk for supporting this amazing community! Wish I could share some of this 07 Heller Estate Malbec with you. Cheers!
thank you +Thomas Hawk for including me :))) And THANK YOU for putting so much effort into the G+ community - it became such an amazing resource to connect with so many talented and interesting people :))) and +roma g and I owe you special thanks for organizing the death valley photo walk - there is no way we would have met all the awesome people that were there, had so much fun and made so many friends! thank you :))))
Thanks +Thomas Hawk for being a G+ ambassador. I had a G+ account for some time, but did nothing with it. Then I heard you on a podcast and decided to give it another look. If you have a few minutes and enjoy macro work, check out my stream. Thanks--Mike
+Sandra Parlow how could I not include you this time around? The Grand Canyon is much better for shooting than jumping. ;)
I'll keep that in mind +Thomas Hawk .. but now I have to watch Christina like a Hawk while I'm there.. oh hey- like a Hawk! ;)
+Thomas Hawk oooh I made the cut. It's nice to be categorized as something that doesn't have to with tech, startups, entrepreneurs, etc. :-)
Great work, now Im gonna enjoy Google +
Thanks for including me +Thomas Hawk I'm honored, gotta say I think Google have got this just about right. I seem to be spending more time on here than Flickr or the others, quite a community! Thanks a again mate:)
thank you so much for considering me worthy :D LOL
I hope to make your circles someday +Thomas Hawk but I do portraits, not HDR or landscapes or street photos.
I found me! Two over, four down! Hi, me! LOL
Seriously, thank you so very much, +Thomas Hawk, for including me. I'm humbled and honored to be a part of this group you've put together. I'm truly thankful for the wonderful community you've engendered here!
Thanks for putting me in your Kick Ass circles +Thomas Hawk! Very much appreciated, but good lord it is hard to keep up! ;)
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