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I Don't See You Through the Windshield -- San Francisco, CA
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I really like this one. Great lines and depth.
Very good perspective, dof, lines and composition, all together a perfect b/w.
I am not going to ask how quickly you had to get up and roll out of the way...or run! Great shot, and I can hear that ringing cable car rolling towards you!
Brilliant shot! Perspective, DoF, tones. Everything works for me. Oh, and the subject too :)
Nice Thomas. I'm curious - is the blurring due to DOF or did you use some other technique like a lens baby or do it post?
Perfect +Thomas Hawk really love this one.the the 2 dimensions of the same road, closer and farther ...down and up, closeup and distance! And that trolly! Must share! Happy Saturday!
Brilliant treatment on this, Thomas...
+Sandra Parlow Tip for figuring out whether tilt-shift was done in post or not: If something blurry is at the same depth as something that's in focus, it did not come that way out of the camera. So in this case, the building and signs to either side of the trolley are blurry, whilst the trolley is not.

I'm not saying this is bad; it's just an easy way to tell whether something was tilt-shifted quickly in post, or whether a lensbaby was used to capture it.

Obviously it's possible to replicate the true effect in post, but that's a time consuming process.
I love the street cars in SF. That used to be my commute, up and down California everyday. Was the best commute EVER.
I never once passed that way
when I visited one of my brothers
and it is the memories of my life
not necessarily because I passed a second time

because I'm Indonesian
This is an outstanding photo. I think black and white was the perfect choice. 
beautiful shot, I love the city by the bay.
Thank you +Braeden Petruk I figured it had to be post for that very reason - but I wasn't sure as I'm not very familiar with the tilt shift method - I've seen it on photos that are taken from above but not often in at a level view like this. I have a tilt shift setting in my camera but I haven't even given it a try yet... Shame on me.....
Son increibles tus trabajos!!!!!!
Great shot, captured two major San Francisco staples in one picture. Hilly streets and of course the street car. Love that city.
The top of the hill is not in focus. Can we have a discussion about that? :) This is one of my favorites from you. Thanks for sharing.
fantastic work Thomas ! love the leading lines and object in the vanishing point
light, geometry, composition and urban street mood - all perfect !
Your lens is like a time-machine. This is beautiful.
neo mif
все кроме природы
San Francisko... Beautiful... :) I want to go there :)
cool pic.. I work right there by 50 Cal
Anttu K
really nice as usual :)
Another brilliant shot, love it. :)
Love the perspective and depth of field in this shot. Great work!
Really like all the detail...
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