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Pain Cut Too Deep -- San Francisco, CA

Nothing to do with this photo, but just a quick update. Earlier this morning I posted about a camera that +Eric Harness had found in the Merced River that we were trying to find the owner of. He FOUND her! He's working on a write up. Hopefully we'll learn more tomorrow! :) Isn't the internet a great thing?
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Liz C
Oh my goodness... a spaceship!
it's nice ~ but Im afraid of height ~ so I feel afraid ~ but sure u can make it alive on me ^_^ great ~
Awesome pic & awesome story +Thomas Hawk. The internet is indeed a great thing when used for good!
Was in SF for one day! Fell in love with this mal!l
epañool ???? no ablan español ????????????
YESS !!!!! no ablan español nadie jeje ???
que nadie abla español o que ???????????????????
Great shot Thomas! I think it kind of looks like a galaxy.
the ultimate in esoteric inspired architecture! What building is this, and where is it??
Were you on Market and 4th/5th at around 6:45ish PM Wednesday? Saw a guy stop and take a picture with a professional camera. Wanted to ask if it was you and show my appreciation for your work...but was too afraid I'd embarrass myself. :/

So yeah anyway I'll tell you now: love your work! Haha.
It is very attractive, seems like concert hall.....isn,t it?
it is very attractiv , seems like concert hall------isn,t it?
it looks like space the final frontier !
parece una nave espacial xD muy buena excelente!
can't work out if i am looking up or down here :-))
kind of a cosmic feel to this one, a planet with its gas rings and surrounded by other stars or a vortex with everything sucked into the centre.
Great shot! Looks like it's westfield mall at 4th and Market...
Lol, took me a while, but I found out this was a mall.
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